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Poll: Have you ever faked part of or the entirety of your resume? (208 votes)

Never 72%
Once 5%
Sometimes 15%
Always 7%

Why am I asking this?....NONE OF YOUR BEES-NESS.

But seriously, I've been led to believe that quite a few people do this and that it's expected to some degree by managers.

#1 Posted by CornBREDX (6471 posts) -

When I was younger I was told that too.

I can tell you I've never gotten a job that way, but I also am not a liar so... if you're a good liar you may be able to get away with it.

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What resume?

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Are you kidding me? This is the dumbest thing to do where I come from, where we are all sane people.

So, no I haven't.

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I haven't, been i've never been all that interested in getting a job either so I guess there hasn't been much incentive to.

#5 Posted by InternetCrab (1581 posts) -

No, not at all. Jobs should only be given to those that have the capability.

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I'll make small things seem more impressive then they really are through wording but I would never outright lie on my resume. You may not get caught but it isn't worth the risk if they end up calling you out on it.

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You should NEVER fake or lie. What you SHOULD do is exaggerate and calculate what to emphasize and what to hide. It really isn't about what's on there as much as what isn't. :P

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I put surgery on my resume and now I'm doing open heart surgeries. Nothing bad came out of it, I hope all of my patients wake up though.

#9 Posted by Oscar__Explosion (2665 posts) -

Nope. That sounds like a dumb idea.

#10 Edited by Levio (1798 posts) -

No, but most college students are happy to cheat their way up to a higher GPA so that half of the resume is compromised already.

#11 Posted by HorseFactory (103 posts) -

There's a fine line between exaggerated facts & outright bullshit.

#12 Posted by TooWalrus (13323 posts) -

That seems... unwise.

#13 Posted by Icicle7x3 (1235 posts) -

Of course not, no need to lie about my many years of Jungler experience.

#14 Posted by HorseFactory (103 posts) -

Life, in general, isn't simply black & white.
There are grey areas.
Just don't be ass backwards about it, I guess.

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I told an employee I had experience with lets say 'x' I didn't, but I improvised it so well that I actually pulled of. I was 17 and I told them I had experience on a forklift, (even though I was just actually a dumb high school punk that never lifted a muscle before, and didn't want to start. Managed to do it quite convincingly and safely. It was a good chill warehouse job for 2 years.

Depends on your ability to pick up things and improvise. I can't judge your character so I don't really know what to say. Depends on the magnitude of what you're lying about. I hope you're implying like unskilled jobs, like entry level stuff. I would never lie if it was something a specific degree required, then again I would never apply to something outside of my experience.

#16 Posted by TyCobb (2000 posts) -

I haven't because that is dumb and don't need to, but I have seen plenty of people do it. I have seen people get a high paying job ($100K+) and know jack shit about some of the stuff they supposedly have experience in. The unfortunate side to it, is that if management at that specific company sucks ass, they can end up being there for years (still sucking) and cause the rest of the employees/team to pick up the slack to meet deadlines. These are also the assholes that have the CYA attitude.

Think of it this way. Your interviewer and/or boss is probably not the only one to see your resume. If co-workers see it or talk about it, then they know what your supposed skills are so you better be able to bring it if you don't want them questioning your supposed skills.

#17 Posted by villainy (648 posts) -

No because it's a terrible idea. Either you come off as a total ass during the interview and get turned down, get hired into such a brain-killing dead-end position that nobody cares about your qualifications anyway, or get hired into a company with such serious management issues that they'll hire whatever tool looks good on paper and wonder why they're always in the red.

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No, because doing so shows lack of ethics and lack of honesty.

#19 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (6270 posts) -

Yeah, I actually faked being a lawyer for years, but when somebody found me out, I had to go back to a Community college and get a degree for real. While I was there, I joined a study group with six other culturally diverse people and formed a very eccentric friendship with all of them. It was great.

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There's a fine line between exaggerated facts & outright bullshit.

Yup. If you aren't doing the former you are either the cream of the crop in your field or you are a dumb ass. The latter is a gamble. Roll the dice and see how shit turns out.

#21 Posted by supamon (1339 posts) -

Why would I lie about my capabilities when I can get a job just fine with what's on my resume?

You can "beautify" your past achievements when you're having your interview but to outright lie is asking for it. It will come back and bite you in some form or manner. Be professional.

#22 Posted by believer258 (12703 posts) -

No, I have never nor will ever outright lie on a resume.

Exaggerating my achievements, though, is something that I don't have a problem with. Stretching ethics? Maybe, but unless your resume is astounding, you should be aware that anyone who is in the running for the job almost certainly stretched their resume here or there as well. And if your resume is *that* astounding, you could probably get a good job just through the contacts you've, presumably, made while building up that resume.

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A fantastic question, however unrelated to video games - resumes are the final phase of adolescence.

Always be you. True? Who cares.

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Never. My favorite professor in business school said this about unethical behaviour: "You only have integrity once. Even if people forgive you for doing something dishonest or you move past it, you will never gain your integrity back for the rest of your life."

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I put sometimes but it's really more of a matter of semantics though, I've never outright said a falsehood, but I'll definitely alter the content of my resume to highlight features that focus on the mission statement/goals/etc of the company I'm applying to. That sometimes means stretching the truth a bit, Have I used your POS? No, have I used 4 others, sure! and I can probably work out how to use yours within an hour or two anyway. So you write that as familiar r with many varieties of POS. Once you have the interview you can explain yourself further, but being vague to get to that point is not the worst thing in the world. I'd wager I do it less than the majority of people, anybody who says they don't embellish at all is either unemployed or lieing to themselves.

#26 Posted by Chop (2010 posts) -

I've faked references before. Saying a friend is a previous coworker or something stupid like that.

#27 Posted by Zainyboy (128 posts) -

I haven't made any companies or jobs up, but I definitely maxed out my responsibilities to include the my entire job description with the stuff I hardly ever did.

#28 Posted by JazGalaxy (1638 posts) -

To legitimately answer the OPs question, there are a number of ways to verify information you put on your resume. so largely, it depends what job you are going for and how thoroughly they intend to check you background. For instance, it's apparently fairly easy to check your educational credentials and any business with an HR department is going to have someone who does that. Similarly, there are 3rd party background checking services that know all the aboveboard and underhanded ways to screening you that do nothing but that as a profession.

So, unless you're going to commit to it full force, just be honest.

#29 Posted by SpoogeMcduck (207 posts) -

A friend of mine who has had five jobs in the past four years, each time moving up, fakes her resumes in a way. She'll look at the job description and what skills they're looking for, puts down on her resume that she knows it, then studies up on the stuff so she can talk about it during the interview. Guess the interviews are never in depth enough to find that she only has a superficial understanding of the subject.

When I write my resume I'm the opposite and take off things I've done in the past if I think my knowledge is too outdated.

#30 Posted by Sploder (918 posts) -

I always write "I suck don't hire me" and employers are like "Oh man you're way too fucking modest based god you're hired"

#31 Posted by chocolaterhinovampire (1438 posts) -

One time I worked at a wing place and I quit because my bosses were wayyy too verbally abusive. So the place closed down about a month later and I figured I could just say I worked there the entire summer.

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I exaggerate. Talking up your responsibilities and duties, especially when you otherwise have little work experience, is something I found to be necessary for employers to even give me a second look.

Full on lying, especially if we're talking about making up jobs or experience in things you have no clue about is a really bad idea. One of my friends applied for a job, claiming to have a college qualification and was almost hired, but was surprised when they withdrew the offer after they realised he was lying. It doesn't exactly go over well.

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Nope, never had the need to do so.
I could see if what people orginally put on their resumes would be super pathetic and not even worth looking at then they would do it.

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My C.V. is, and always has been 100% truthful.

#35 Posted by stonepawfox (237 posts) -

i consider the amount of exaggeration i do on my resume lying, i think some of you people are just choosing not to label yourself a liar. for instance, i work in IT, and i know for a fact that whatever software they use at a place i want to work at (within reason) i can learn if i try, so anything i have any knowledge of or have ever touched/seen before i say i have experience with. i think it's lying, if somebody came up to me right now and asked me to make a heavily macrod excel document with a lot of formulas i would have some trouble until i remembered/learned how to do it, and if i had to earnestly use linux i would not be super great at it, but hey, you have to take these chances.

#36 Posted by Hunter5024 (6306 posts) -

I should probably make a resume.

#37 Posted by Gruebacca (653 posts) -

If I lied about my resume, I wouldn't tell you so in this poll and this thread. I'm not letting potential employers find my post here bragging about how I got the job with lies. If you want to get a career, you can blow up your achievements to make them sound more important than they really are. By the time they hire you they won't care if they find out your achievements were actually insignificant. If you lie, however...

@sploder: and then you end up on the front page of yahoo.com. It's great publicity. All the commenters will love you and want to be you for the next 15 minutes.

#38 Posted by pyromagnestir (4382 posts) -
#39 Posted by Ben_H (3597 posts) -

I am 100% honest on mine. No reason to lie.