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Yes. A few pistols, shotguns, and some old 30:06's.

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Interested but all the ranges and clubs nearest me are still over an hours drive. A lot of them aren't accepting new members and indeed don't seem very inclusive which is kind of a bummer.

I believe there is one range which allows non-member, non-permit holders to walk-in and shoot so maybe I'll check that out sometime.

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I've fired a couple of guns. A FNP 9mm, AR-15, M249 SAW, and an old Mossberg 12 gauge.

If you have never fired a gun before, I would suggest to at least try it once. In a safe environment of course. Who knows maybe you will enjoy yourself. Whether you enjoy the experience or not, you will definitely gain a new respect for guns.

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Yup, I actually found it pretty relaxing firing at a tree trunk in an empty lot years ago with my cousin. The ear ringing is probably the most startling thing though.

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All the time, I shoot sporting clays at least a couple times a month. It's a lot of fun.

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Yeah, a lot as a kid. I don't really like it.

It's one of those things too many people do without respecting, and when I do it that's what I think about the most. About all the things that can go wrong and all the ways people treat what they are doing as an afterthought. It reminds me of driving, now that I'm thinking about it. Or operating power tools or heavy equipment.

It's like concentrated responsibility.

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Also, does Japan just...not have guns?

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Yes. My hunting rifle is a Remington 700 chambered to fire .338 Lapua Magnum. I also got my old Winchester Model 70 that I got from my dad after our first hunting trip together that fires .308 and an old shotgun that I use for duck or pheasant hunting. When I go visit family in the States sometimes we go to the range. One of my uncles has an AR-15, an OLD Colt Peacemaker from the 1800's, a Colt 1911, and a Winchester Model 70. My dad just has a Remington rifle and a shotgun since he hunts.

So I've been around weapons, and I know how to use them and treat them. All my guns are in a locked safe, not a cabinet, that requires a 10 digit number to open. All ammo is in a separate locked cabinet with a deadbolt and combination lock. I'm not a gun nut. I do hunt, I do sometimes go to the range to work on my targeting only so I can kill the animal I am hunting as quickly and as humanely as possible, but other than that nothing much else. I'm not in favor or opposed to handguns or "assault weapons" being in people's hands, I'm rather indifferent to it. But I will say this, educating yourself about guns is a hell of a lot safer for you and the people around you than being ignorant. That doesn't mean that you should get one if you're uncomfortable with a gun, but you should educate yourself on them instead of the knee jerk reaction of, "Shit. These fucking things kill. They are bad." A gun IS a tool. It's a tool for killing, but it's still a tool. Unloaded and idle it's no more dangerous than a hammer, but if it is loaded then you should know how to react around them.

I've seen people at ranges where they just got their first gun, and guess what it is. A .50 caliber Desert Eagle. They pull the trigger and the gun damn near knocks their teeth out. Those are the people you need to watch out for. The uneducated idiots.

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@MariachiMacabre said:


@MariachiMacabre: Stooping to the level of somebody who doesn't like things that serve no purpose other than to maim or kill.

Thats a pretty tall step my friend. Would you like a ladder?

No. I actually don't really like guns. But starting a thread with an attack on those who do is stupid.


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@Icemo said:

I fired a few shots with bunch of different guns in the army, including this 7.62 RK 62

Same for me. Also some rifles and shotguns while hunting or shooting skeet etc. But I don't want a gun in my house. All of the hunting gear is at a safe location elsewhere.

I don't really see the point of owning guns for "self defense" unless you live in the Kongo or Yemen. I'm not ready to kill anyone over a burglary and can't honestly imagine why someone would burst into my house with the sole intent of hurting me.

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Once I'm out of school I intend to become a registered owner, but at the moment I have never shot one.

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  1. went to a firing range as part of a bachelor party, we got to shoot some WW2 era rifles and pistols.
  2. as part of a police & community public relations program, one week we got to fire pistols in the police shooting range. One of the officers gave a demo and fired a shotgun and the kickback was intense, you could really feel the air pressure the blast generated in your lungs.
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Yes. I'm an owner of several fire arms and I go to my local range about twice a month, it's important not to get rusty.

I also have a conceal carry license, I used to carry a 38' snub nose special but I eventually moved onto a PZ Compact, it's a real nice auto that can fire virtually any type of handgun ammo. Only downside is it's double action on the first shot (which I hate) but that is easy to get modified.

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yes, pretty fun to shoot at targets. i shot .22 and neighbors hunting rifle.

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I am from England and I have fired a manual loading General Purpose Rifle as a cadet in school.

#217 Posted by Nev (598 posts) -

Nope. Not even a BB gun, and I even live in the South. Never cared for guns, even as a little youngster.

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@TooWalrus: Meanwhile, I look at it as being in tune with nature, noticing everything around you, witnessing one of the most beautiful things in the world all around me. I know that all sounds corny and cheesy, and it does get cold as fuck. However, even if you don't get a deer, you know at the end of the day that you were taking part in nature rather than viewing it through an internet window. Personally, though, I prefer active hunting over deer stands and such. There's something about being there, on the ground, going through the woods and the fields. It also keeps you a bit warmer since you are moving and blood is flowing.

As for the OP, I've fired a gun multiple times. Some has been for recreation, some has been for hunting, and some has been for warning shots to let someone know they should probably get the fuck off my property if they know what's good for 'em. Welcome to Texas, muthafuckers.

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The only time I will fire a gun is at zombies.

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Yes, I also own eight guns.

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@Giantstalker said:

@TwoOneFive: Well in Canada it's 00008, but yeah, non commissioned artillery

nice, i only glanced at the pic before...couldn't really tell looks just like a 155mm... I'm in the USAF, I'm a JTAC.

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No. England sorta doesn't have guns. Well, at least, most normal people don't. The upper class do, and some people have air rifles, like my dad's mate, but I've never fired one. Nor have I even held one, and I am happy for that to stay as it is.

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Out West, its nearly impossible not to unless you grew up in a major city and even then at least in the PNW its still seems impossible not to at some point in your life.

As for me I like to as often as time and money permit which neither have been in large abundance considering recent events. Oh well two months from now and everything should hopefully get back to normal and I can resume the hobby I love so much.

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yes! and i accidentally shoot my brothers thigh.

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@TooWalrus: The snubnosed .38?

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No. A Fake gun in real life, a real gun in fake life, and business guns in Second Life, but that's about it.

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@Canteu said:

@tunaburn: I didn't know rattlesnakes or coyotes broke into houses and threatened families. America is fucking cray cray.

And sure, I think something is dumb because I dislike it, and not because it is an extremely bad idea.

And the English drink tea, have fucked up teeth, kiss the queens ass and think Neville Chamberlain had the right idea. Its fun having fucked opinions, eh?

GTFO proto-Piers Morgan.

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Not a handgun but rifles, shot a bunch of cans!

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My dad had this revolver that he taught me to shoot when I was like 11. We went out to the desert a few times and fired at soda cans, but I was an awful shot so I didn't really grow an interest in the hobby, and he sold it when I was like 13. I kind of want one now that I'm older and stuff, but I have a feeling I'd never use it, so it would be a waste of money.

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When I went to Vietnam I fired a bunch of guns.

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@Canteu said:

@tunaburn: I didn't know rattlesnakes or coyotes broke into houses and threatened families. America is fucking cray cray.

And sure, I think something is dumb because I dislike it, and not because it is an extremely bad idea.

Fuck'en eh they do. You (but more likely your pets) could easily get into trouble with a coyote. Also they make guns called snake charmers to specifically protect against snakes. You get a lot of rattlers in California that like to hide under door stops or just straight up sneak in. Then you step over your door to leave and you're mother fucked. But I guess we're all inferior hicks who make up wild hick stories. Gun are tools for defense. From both people and animals.

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Wow. Majority answer of yes. That's sad.

#233 Posted by Canteu (2890 posts) -

@PulledaBrad: I have no idea who either of those people are. And tea is goddamn delicious.

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nah but i've fired a real gun in fake life

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I've fired a pellet gun once or twice but never anything of an actual caliber.

#236 Posted by deox (247 posts) -

Nope, never fired one. I can't say I've ever had the desire to either.

#237 Posted by Trilogy (2732 posts) -

Yea, once. It was a Winchester .30-30 lever action.

#238 Posted by hiono (55 posts) -

ive only fired an m4 and m16 and ive never hunted

#239 Posted by Schlookum (38 posts) -

I fired assualt rifles, pistols both automatic and revolver, shotguns, light machine guns, rocket launcher. but not never no normal rifle. I have no really big feelings towards them. They are tools.

#240 Posted by BrandonPckrfn (77 posts) -

M9, M4, M14, M16, AK's, 203, a whole bunch of shit the military let me fuck around with.

So yes.

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Nope. Never even touched a real gun.

#243 Posted by ArtelinaRose (1912 posts) -

Yup! Sig Sauer P239 and a Mosin Nagant. The Mosin is a lot of fun to shoot.