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I did the other day, freaked me out. 2 of the first 5 pictures are of me, and I don't even have that uncommon of a name.

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Hasn't everyone.. for me it's mostly links to other Liam Sherlock's on facebook.

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Yep, I'm a Welsh footballer who played for Oldham and Macclesfield (guess my name!). On the image search there's a picture of me about a page down dressed up for Halloween. You can't see my face so I'm okay with it.

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Far too many pages of my name, only two people with my last name (me & pops). That's what I get for having done TV, radio, newspapers and work on a big gaming site that focused on names rather than nicknames for staff.
Piece of cake to track my ass down ¨<

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There's an anesthesiologist with my name. He dominates the first few pages of results. He also has my middle initial. I don't like him. 

 I will crush you, old man!
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When I search my name in Images no pictures of me pop up but a picture of my best bud does... weird.

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There's a whole book series with a character with my name.  I've also used my screenname and found out someone used my art for their tattoo blog, they did credit me, they just didn't tell me they were using it.

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Yeah, a lot of the images are of my Display picture on steam, as I was a pretty infamous admin on a Gmod server back in the day... My 15 minutes of fame are truly dead.

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My name is pretty generic, and there's a relatively famous jazz drummer with the same name. So googling my name doesn't turn up anything about me other than a picture from facebook (amongst the dozens of other same-named facebook users). Searching for my name on Moby Games turns up a list of the games I've worked on, though, along with some that some other guy with the same name also worked on.

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Of course. Either to get to my website or blogs quicker, or to find something I posted on a forum years ago.

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I'm a chubby white dude, so I guess this is the polar opposite of me. Weird that we share a name.

 Not me.
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Picture of me, a book and in print my family tree 
not too surprising really considering I'm the only person in the world bar my great Uncle with my name.

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I'm unique. no results.

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I'm too paranoid to give out personal information or pictures on the internet, so nothing related to me turns up. I get a link to a dutch music site as the first hit.

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I got my facebook and the time I testified in federal court and helped get an escaped convict a few more charges.

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Yeah and I am now in the top 4 hits even pushing down the Director of The punisher movie ^_^ 
Cuz of my music .....

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I got my Facebook page

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If your name is dick then please dont post.

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i'm a 52 year old habitual criminal who was facing a 48 year prison sentence

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Judging by the first picture that came up under my search, apparently I am President Barack Obama.

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yep the first image that turns up is a picture of me drunk. The google results are for a french resistant fighter who first collaborated with the Nazis only to join the resistant before getting deported and executed. 

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I get my facebook, twitter, formspring, and GIantBomb. 

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I'm the president of Regal Theaters...not bad

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Yes I have, and on a "regular" Google search, there are only 3 pages of results... all of the are of me (mostly FB and Twitter). I'm the only person in the world who has my first/last name combination!!!

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Yep, and I am always greeted by Chip Esten : /

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Heh my last name must be unique I get my Facebook Twitter Google Account and the first image is clearly me and than the next few down are pictures I use constantly.

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When I search my name I get linked to my review of Toy Story 3 I wrote in my blog over at 1up when that was still a thing to do. Looks like some guy with my name in new zeland won a dance competition. Good on him. 
There used to be a scotish or irish doctor that always came up iirc, but he doesn't seem to show any more. 
If you want some real crazy trips, type in your username, or old ones you used, and see what you can find.

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The first thing that comes up on google is my website (which is my name .com, beating out some other people with other versions of my name registered). Unfortunately, I haven't updated it in forever. I need to put stuff on there.  
I probably will soon.

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I share the same name as supermans son, so I just get a bunch of pictures of that. 

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yep, and stuff appears. no photos of me though.

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I get my facebook, twitter and so on and pictures of my friends on google images. But I'm also an artist doing collages of animals, a singer and have my own fashion label.. not bad.