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One of my favorite artists has become Warren Zevon which i had no idea he even existed until a few years ago. So basically have you dived into a artists music and become a fan after there death? And i mean that they passed in your lifetime as im sure we all listen to some older musicians that have passed before we were even born.

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Something about his music is really charming to me and i hate that i didn't find his music sooner.

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that is the most unique misspelling of posthumously that I've ever seen.

uh, michael jackson I guess (but that is limited to thriller and beat it basically)

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@animasta: Yea... i can never spell that word right... shoulda looked it up. Think i fixed it now, glad we can edit topic titles.

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@dudy80: but now no one will ever know what I was talking about!


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@animasta said:

that is the most unique misspelling of posthumously that I've ever seen.

uh, michael jackson I guess (but that is limited to thriller and beat it basically)

Pretty much the opposite for me. I was and still am a huge fan of the thriller album, but after his death I got into a lot of his later work which had really interesting and unique sounds as well as his old Jackson 5 and Jacksons era stuff. His voice was capable of some cah-razy things back then!

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Yup, Michael Jackson is probably the best example for me. I started listening to his stuff like the day after he died. I feel really bad about not giving him a chance sooner.

Most of my favorite classical musicians are long gone too.

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What about bands that where only one member has passed? Does that count? If it does then I guess bands like The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Joy Division, Queen and Pink Floyd come to mind.

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nirvana (kurt cobain), elliott smith (i was aware of his stuff and liked bits and pieces, but went hard after he passed)...i'm sure there are others but i can't recall them at the moment.

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of course! jefferson airplane, jimi hendrix, miles davis, nina simone, dave brubeck, the beatles. they're all dead right?

i guess paul mccarnety is working on destiny right now. and now i'm seeing that grace slick is also alive. well then.

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I think Sublime is the only band I was ever into where the death of a band mate pretty much ended the band. I was only 11 when Brad Nowell died and didn't start listening to them until my midteens. You can still hear their songs on the radio, which I find weird.

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Sublime and Nirvana come to mind.

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Nirvana for me for sure considering that I was in elementary school when their music was big. Also, not sure if this counts, but I'm a huge fan of Bill Hicks and that falls into the same category. Guy was ahead of his time.

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I died some time ago and really got into Talking Heads and Jurassic 5 over the last few weeks.

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Nirvana and Queen if that counts.

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Nirvana... I was really into rap(the hardcore stuff like Kriss Kross) back then.

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Nirvana, since I was born in '91. I suppose I gained a greater appreciation for Michael Jackson after he died as well, but I liked him before that.