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To a friend or on Ebay.  You could be giving them a really good deal at the time, but either the item breaks like a week later, or you forgot to give them something as part of the original deal.  Then all of a sudden your the bad guy even though both parties knew the risk of selling and/or buying a used item?  I sold a Sega Saturn on Ebay and forgot to ship the RF switch so the guy wants a full $46 dollar refund even though its just a $2 item.  He's saying it was fraud and I did it on purpose.
Have you guys/girls had anything like this happen to you?  You were just trying to help someone out, but from their perspective your the criminal. 

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Wow, that really sucks. Nothing like that has ever happened to me because I generally don't sell my stuff.

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@Gamer_152 said:
" Wow, that really sucks. 
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I was selling some sugar to some Russians, only for the cops to come bursting out of the woodwork. My entire crew was killed and my hand was crippled. Deal went bad.... very bad.

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haha yea it does, he opened up a "Case" with Ebay because I didn't respond to his message quick enough.  I don't think he understands that I'm not a business I'm just one person.  I have work 9-5 then hit the gym from 5-7.  I have a life, sorry I didn't respond in 2 hours.

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@Abyssfull:  I sold sugar before, so they could bake a cake....... it didn't go down like that though :p
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Ummm, no quite the opposite. When I worked @ a Gamestop a few years back I used to get great deals.  People would steal stuff and then bring it in to trade or they would try and trade in import games that we couldn't take.  Examples: 
-Lady clearly stole a Ps3 eyetoy and tried to trade it in for cash.  At the time, GS only had the SKU for the PS2 camera used, which I informed her of.  She didn't care, which gave her like $2?  I bought the used "PS2 camera" for $4.99. 
-Guy brings in a boatload of his DS games for trade and has a copy of Jump Super Stars.  I inform him we can't trade it, but he doesn't care and says I can throw it away...fat chance. 
Claimed that baby as mine!

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Can't you just send him the RF switch?

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@sammo21:   Thats different, thats people stealing from a business which happens all the time, I used to work at Blockbuster it was common.  We're talking about people personal buying and selling that went bad.
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@jackbag:   I don't have it anymore, I was selling my Genesis and the RF switches for Genesis and Saturn look the same so I sent both of them to someone else.  On Ebay I have 7 days to resolve the issue or he gets the refund anyways,  So I'd have to order a new RF switch from Amazon and hope it arrives on time, then pray that arrives to the Buyer on time.  To be honest I just want my hands washed of the situation.
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I guess it depends on the agreement you made with the guy who bought the item, as well as if you specified a money back guarantee if he was not satisfied. If you sold it "as is" and forgot to include the RF switch, I would think a quick apology and sending it ASAP would solve the problem. If he flew off the handle and filed a report to eBay, then they should just contact you about the situation. I believe eBay even states that it's usually a mistake on the seller's part and sending an email typically fixes the problem. I wouldn't really say this went horribly awry more than it was just a simple mistake. 

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@thehuntsmen5434: yeah, which is why I started my post with "no, quite the opposite".
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@coreytn81:  Well yea it was a simple mistake on my part, but the buyer doesn't understand that.  He saw RF switch in the listing, and didn't get it.  Thus I'm in trouble because I don't have it anymore.  It was over Ebay so the agreement was just that he agreed to pay 46 for what I said he was going to get, but he didnt.
This Topic wasn't made to discuss my Ebay problems lol.
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@sammo21:  Sorry I read your "ummmm, no quite the opposite" in a different context, my apologies.
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@thehuntsmen5434: why not just have amazon ship it directly to his address?
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Its too late I already refunded the guy! Stop asking!
your making it Worseeeeeeee

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@CoheedFavorHouse:  I'll have to remember that, it didn't even occur to me I could do that.