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I have.

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Thank you. Seriously.

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I have not.

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For sure. Bathroom work breaks man.

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I don't even remember the last time I was near a toilet.

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I was like half asleep after a few too many BREWS.

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Have you ever stayed on a forum so long that the threads become so weird and pointless you fell asleep?

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I used to. Then I realized that 30 minute shits to avoid work are a waste of time.

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I used to read books/comics while in the toilet so i have, but stopped when i learned thats how you develop Haemorrhoids (piles).

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Basically every time I go (Crohn's disease isn't fun).

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What dinner meals have you prepared in the bathroom lately?

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No I haven't because my feet are important apparatus and I need them to traverse various obstacles. If I am in the middle of a resting period, whether it involves defecating or not, I make sure to stimulate the feet apparatus. Gravity acts in such a way that it pulls the blood towards those special appendages. It is often the case that blood cannot achieve escape velocity and make its way back up to center mass. I don't have any certain rules to live by, or even a guiding principle which I hold dear to my heart, but even I know that blood stimulation is an important part of what it means to be a living creature on a gravity-laden planet such as this one.

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Yes I have, and it was the greatest. Reading way too long on the toilet is a privilege of being home alone a lot.

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I've fallen asleep/passed out on the toilet. So yes.

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Yep. taco shits.

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Why is this not a poll? (no, I get in and get out. Also, well done)

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No, and I hope I never do.

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No i have not.

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@believer258 said:

I used to. Then I realized that 30 minute shits to avoid work are a waste of time.

For you maybe.

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Yes. Love to read on the toilet.

Shame you didn't make this a poll. I need hard numbers on this.

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No, but I'VE fallen asleep on the toilet.

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Yes. And also I've fallen asleep on the toilet. At work.

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Yup. When I used to read a book, magazine or play a game when on the shitter I would get focused on what I was doing and forget that I had stopped needing to poop and just be sitting there. The burning/numbing feeling that creeps up your leg when that happens is always what jars me out of it and makes me realize I need to get up.

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@beeftothetaco said:

No, but I'VE fallen asleep on the toilet.

@isomeri said:

I've fallen asleep/passed out on the toilet. So yes.

Was alcohol involved? How does this happen?

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Oh I totally forgot. I have fallen asleep on both of my arms and woke up thinking they were completely paralyzed. I couldn't move my arms at all and literally thought I had killed them by cutting the blood supply. It took a couple of minutes but they eventually started working again. Damn that was such a weird/scary thing that happened to me.

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No, you are doing it wrong.

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No I crept in, crapped, and then creeped out again.

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Yes and I also used to leave wild indents on the top of my legs from my forearms.

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This happened to me a couple months ago, but I actually fell asleep before my feet did. I woke up 30 minutes later and my feet were absolutely numb. When I attempted to stand, I fell down immediately. It took me a couple minutes before I could walk properly again,

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@believer258 said:

I used to. Then I realized that 30 minute shits to avoid work are a waste of time.

I envy you.

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Due to popular request this thread is now available in poll form here.

edit: welp never mind

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...and I'm going to step in and say we have enough hard data on this topic as it is for a video game forum that doesn't exactly need to be discussing our defecation habits en masse.

Thanks, all. No, really, thanks.