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Poll: Have you ever thought about pouring a load of powdered sugar directly into your mouth? (89 votes)

Y 43%
E 38%
S 35%
!!! 79%
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You've gone too far this time.

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How else would I keep my mouth super dry and super sweet? You know, for the ladies.

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Back in the day.

Me and my friends would mix kool-laid with sugar in a bag, then shake it up and make a sugar candy. That shit was strong, but good. Anyway to answer the question no.

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I tried that once, and this is all that happened...

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How else would I keep my mouth super dry and super sweet? You know, for the ladies.

I have just the line for this, but I'm going to refrain from using it. Out of respect for the ladieeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, yeah.

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No, but I've thought about someone else pouring a load directly in my mouth.

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Already been done. I used to make frosting with confectioner's sugar and lemon juice... then just eat that. Ahhhh those were the days.

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No, but I've thought about someone else pouring a load directly in my mouth.

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Sounds like a really good way to choke to death

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How big a load are we talking? Like one sugar packet? Or like half a bag of sugar? When I was a kid, I ate a couple of sugar packets by themselves. It's not as great as it seems.

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Well, people already beat me to the semen jokes so nothing more to see here really.

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Yes. Right now as a matter of fact.

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Well i don't believe i actually thought about it, otherwise i would have made better decisions

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That just seems like a sweeter, less dangerous, similarly stupid alternative to a spoonful of cinnamon.

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Only all the time.

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Think it? Im fuckin done it son !!!!

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when i was a little kid i did it once, it's not as good as you'd think, i coughed most of it up.

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My friends and I would do that in middle school all the time.

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Nope. I've never had cavities, and I'm not about to start having them now.

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Is this a euphemism for doing cocaine, or actual powdered sugar?

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Implying that I haven't already done that.

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This seems like a good, fast track to diabetes.

Or asphyxiation.

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Wait ... now I do ...


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Fuck that I did it many times. I also did cake mixes , breakfast drink mix, Equal sweetner packets , and coffee creamers packets of kool aid mix. Jiffy mix.

I don' think about it I do it./

Brown sugar is better than powered sugar I also did that hard during the sat-day long block of morning cartoons like tazmania and phantom 2040/eek the cat/blinky bill. then I would hit the powder sugar during the other channel of cartoons I taped on the VCR at night.

This all happend many times in childhood or last week. mostly while playing games. I did it once a week as a kid now I have to slow down so it is once a month.

The coffee creamers kool aid mix totaly happend while playing super metroid yoshi island marathons back in 1994/1995 because I wanted something to fucking snack on and all I could find was liquid and powered coffee creamers I brought back from a dennys filling my pockets.

You see those fucking yoshi apple shasta soda pops I washed it down the brown sugar with those while playing SNES/genesis games.

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Did it once. Terrible idea.

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My friend likes to chug chocolate syrup straight out of the bottle.

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