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Poll: Have you ever used a floppy disk? (708 votes)

Yes 98%
No 2%

Any kind of floppy disk will do. And by used, I mean used for its intended purpose :P

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I didn't realise that I would be such an outrageous outlier: I have never used a floppy disc. I am twenty-one years of age.

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@jasonr86 said:

It's really sad to me that this is a reasonable question.

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@jasonr86 said:

It's really sad to me that this is a reasonable question.

I agree entirely. I find it to be an awkward question, like, of course we have, but I haven't really thought about how young some may be.

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I used to stash downloaded game walkthroughs on them for some reason. This must have been when I was 8 or 9... not sure why. I think I figured that one day I'd need them and wouldn't be able to find them again. I was a weird kid.

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Yup. I just love the look of those suckers.

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I have. Remeber I got a super cheap PC Gamepad that came with a floppy disk.

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Hell yes I have used floppy disks for games, homework and other things in the past. I think I even used to play some child learning games on some 8-inch floppy disks when I was young.

Edit: So I found the game I remember the most, from the 8-inch disks, Donald's Alphabet Chase. Oh memories.

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@wrecks said:

Every size + Jaz + Zip disks.

Don't forget Syquest 44's, 88's, LS120 floppy disk, and optical disks

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No, but I've seen my mom use them when I was younger.

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Of course!

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I'm in the 3%. Was Doom on a floppy disk?

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I was born in the 80's.

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I'm 30

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I cannot say that I have. I maybe had as a kid, but I'm not sure. I do remember being in possession of floppy discs, but I can't say I ever used one. I'm only 17, don't judge me.

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Quite a bit. They were a pain, but I miss them. I still have a few laying around from those days.

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The last time I used a floppy disk was my freshman year in community college back in 2001. The next year I had to buy a Zip disk to save my graphic design work. When I transferred to a four year university in 2004, I switched to USB thumb drives and CDs to save my work. I remember using 5 1/4" floppies when I was in elementary school somewhere around 1988 to 1990. I don't remember the exact brands, only that it as an IBM and an Apple. Mentioning this make me feel old but I do appreciate that technology has changed for the better.

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I used to all the time because my family never updates their technology *sigh*

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Yes still have my Windows 3.1 and some game on stacks of them.

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Yeah, in elementary school.

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Yup... all the way back to 5 1/4"

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When I was a kid I'd play Oregon Trail in school and use a floppy to save my progress haha

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I don't remember using them but I'm sure I have.

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Born in the seventies, so 8" was before my time. 5 1/4" were common and got my first in school where they were given to students to store their work.

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I'm 23 and I still remember moving files from computer for computer for school using a floppy.

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Isn't this practically "Are you above this age?"

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It hasn't been that long yet. So many people used them in school.

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When I consider the age polls I've seen on the forums that skew toward most users being in their late teens to early twenties, I find the numbers here to be a little hard to believe.

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I don't believe I have - I've seen 'em, touched 'em, and I know we have backups on floppies at home, but I've only used CDs / DVDs.

Did games come out on floppies for 95/XP? Because that's why I didn't use them.

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I was afraid to vote in case the result would be a 50/50 split or something like that, in which case I'd feel super old.

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Of course! I used to use them all the time to play games. I remember the first PC my family got without a floppy drive, I was just like "Damn, how am I going to play Monster Bash now?" :P

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I remember getting Designasaurus and a bunch of other games on 5.25" floppy disks.

A few years later I'd get DOOM and a few other games on 3.5" floppy disks.

Not too long after that I got a bargain bundle of CD-ROM games with classics such as Robocop 3D and Isle of the Dead.

I remember using 3.5" floppies for backups of important files. Zip and Jaz drives too.

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Yes. I needed to turn in a thing in middle school. 1 paper, 1 floppy, never before and never again.

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Thank god 97% of you have... I was dangerously close to feeling old.

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I use only the floppiest of disks

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@koolaid: Eh, you'd have to be pretty young to have never used a floppy disk. I'm 16 and I'm pretty sure most other 16 year olds have at least used them once. Or maybe I'm just weird, haha.

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@koolaid: Eh, you'd have to be pretty young to have never used a floppy disk. I'm 16 and I'm pretty sure most other 16 year olds have at least used them once. Or maybe I'm just weird, haha.

I guess it depends on how young you started using computers and so on. My dad was way in to computers in the 80's and there were always tons of them around the house and as such, I was messing around on them from a really early age. One of my earliest computing memories is of loading a program from a cassette tape to play on an Amstrad and I'm 25. So thank you for being 16 and having used floppies, it makes me feel less like an old man.

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I have. I don't remember why, but I know I have.

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Weird. You'd figure there'd be some 90's kids here to talk about their floppy-free existence.

Yeah, we had floppy disks around our house. My Dad used them, but I never did. By the time I started using a computer myself, flash drives were commonplace.

I'm 20, btw.

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EVERYONE is going to say yes, just for cred. Of course we did. Floppies arent that old

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I'm not old enough to remember 8 in. disks but I've regularly used both 3 and 1/2 and 5 and 1/4 floppies in the past.

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I was using floppies as late as 2005 for a photography class, we were using some pretty ancient cameras... Not mention that in kindergarten a lot of the really fun pc games were on floppies.

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@jasonr86 said:

It's really sad to me that this is a reasonable question.

I don't think we're that far removed from when 3.5 discettes were a regular thing. It seems to me you'd have to been introduced to PC's during the last 10 or so years. Is that a long time? Now if the question was about 5 1/4 floppies, then I could understand.

I used 5 1/4's, 3.5's, Iomega Zip discs and even cassette tapes in my Apple 2 days.

I expect in a few years people will be asking the same question about CD's.

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switching floppoes always felt more risky than opening CD trays I felt.

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As I'm in my mid-20's, floppy disks were the only way to transfer school work (excluding emailing them myself as an attachment).

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At work, we daily use floppy disks to brand serialnumbers on Lenovo motherboards. There's a USB-key version of it, but I haven't gotten it to work.

I've installed OS/2 from floppies. Man, that's a lot of plastic.

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For maybe a couple of years in primary school.

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Damn, I miss my A:\ and B:\ drives.