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Just was wondering how many people have done these two things.
Would you do them again?
Were you on your own?
Was it alcohol induced?
Were you hyper with friends and did you go a bit mad?
No dont lock it is a perfectly sane poll about how Giant bombers behave  outside the Internet!!!!!!!!!!!!

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inb4lock, and Neither.

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Neither. I still have my dignity.

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I did as a dare when i was in college,it was a nightime streak and i remember turning around a corner into the headlights of a car that was picking up a load of people,the pubs were just closing so there were lots of people around,i just turned around and walked slowly back and as soon as i got out of sight i ran for my life,i dont like to talk about it.
Thankfully nobody where i live now knows about it,

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Both and I am naked right now.  

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Skinny dipping ftw.

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Haven't streaked but I mooned a bus once. Got some really nice reactions too.

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I've done both. I think I was drunk both times. As a matter of fact, I was wasted both times. On what, use your imagination.

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I suppose this counts as skinny dipping. At the age of thirteen I was abducted by a close family friend and forced into the grave robbing trade. I would stay home, chained up all day and ravage the home of the dead by night. The man lived on a boat house to keep a low profile for he was a wanted fugitive and one night I planned my daring escape. It was a rather calm afternoon and I was not wearing clothes for reasons I would rather not get into for they are a tad to graphic for this website. My abductor was by the stove, waiting for his water to boil. He then turned to look out the window and I saw my chance. I snuck up behind him and poured the scolding hot water all over his balding scalp. I stood speechless as he collapsed to the ground and screamed in agony as he clinged at the melting skin. I looked around and saw a knife sitting on the table, I grabbed my weapon of choice and began to plunge it into the ribs of the man who I had so much hate for, words could not describe it. I stopped after what seemed like an eternity and wiped the tears away from my face, the nightmare was over. I broke through the door and swam to shore where I found an old man fishing innocently. He treated me as his son and wrapped my naked body in a blanket from his car. That was the only experience I have ever had with skinny dipping and I pray to god every day that it is the last.

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@i69edUrGpa: Dude.. No.
I dont even want to post any more. Totally ruined my mood jerk!
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Yeah but would you do it again?

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uh duh, what did you expect te result of this 2 be

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Did a nude run down the street while drunk off my tits one New Year's in high school. That same night, I also managed to accidentally make a tree catch fire by throwing a sparkler at a mate as he scaled the branches.
Just say no to alcohol, kids. Or at least say no when I ask for a sip of yours.

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Went skinny dippin'...a couple times.  It was great.  Never streaked though, cuz I'M NOT CRAZY!  ;)

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i feel sorry if you said you did neither. 
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I wish I had the balls to go streaking. The guy who does NFL is the best.

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I haven't done either of them.

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Yup.. both

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[B] in a Lake Windermere in England. It felt great, totally natural and really quite liberating. I would never streak though, the idea of doing so seems juvenile to me.

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I've gone streaking....not skinny dipping

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When my class graduated we all did it :o (Skinny dippin , that is)

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Yes and yes and in both instances I was extremely drunk.

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I'm about to go skinny dipping in my shower.  I'll let you know how it goes.

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Skinny dipping way back in college and yes, alcohol was involved.

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Streaking. I was drunk.

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Dammit I hit just skinny dipping only I remember now I have gone streaking naked game of basketball we were all trashed, First time I got drunk to lol.

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@Food said:
" I'm about to go skinny dipping in my shower.  I'll let you know how it goes. "
this made me laugh. 
Lol is so nerdy i have to start using it.
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i went skinny dippin before in my pool. nobody was around so it is all good.

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@RetroIce4: I don't see why talking about streaking is so super offensive that it has to be locked.
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When I was a teen I did both and no I wasn't drunk, crunk, or high. God, I was such a retarded little punk back then. I wouldn't do it again today though.

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@Cerza: Yeah but did you have fun?
If you did i think it was worth it.