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Poll: Have you gotten your wisdom teeth removed? (580 votes)

I still have all four wisdom teeth 31%
I've had one removed 5%
I've had two removed 9%
I've had three removed 4%
I've had all four removed 43%
I actually don't have wisdom teeth 4%
My wisdom teeth haven't come in yet. 3%

In honor of the ridiculous pain I'm in from having three wisdom teeth removed this morning, and the hydrocodone that is doing very little to stop the pain, I thought I'd make a poll on wisdom teeth.

If you've gotten your wisdom teeth out, what age did you get them removed? How did the procedure go? Did you get put to sleep? Used Nitrous gas? Used only local novacaine like a bad ass? And if you haven't gotten them out, why not? Do you plan on getting them out?

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I ain't letting no medical man take away my wisdom.

But no really I haven't, which seems great because the process sounds awful

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Local anesthesia for all 4. Got the bottom 2 out first, that was painful. Two out of the top a few weeks later. The top weren't bad. I ate a steak the day after the operation.

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I got my bottom two removed when I joined the Navy. I was 20 at the time and they didn't numb me enough in the bottom left quadrant of my mouth so I felt that one the whole time. :(

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Yeah I got them taken away like 3 years ago. The anesthetic knocked me out in seconds.

I don't recall it being very painful afterwards, but I did bleed a lot.

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Got knocked out and had them all removed a few years ago. Despite my intense worries over surgery of any kind (as well as the fact that, since I was on public insurance, I got sent to a sketchy looking oral surgeon) everything went well as far as I know and I recovered within a couple days. Didn't need any pain meds, either.

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Yes, all four. I think I was around 16 when I got them taken out. The actual procedure wasn't bad. I wasn't put to sleep, I just had novakaine so I could feel the dentist ripping them out but there was no pain. It was weird. However, the next few days were fucking hell.

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as a matter of fact, I think I need to have my wisdom teeth removed because of this massive toothache I had just last night.

weird timing on your topic :P

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Not yet, but once the time comes I'll be ready. Ready to feel the pain of the needle sticking my gums, and having my teeth pulled out. I imagine it will be bloody and nasty. Then feeling the after effects of my sore gums, sounds pretty exciting when I think about it. Even though I would have to drink soup for awhile. Anyway good luck man and stay strong and firm, like me...

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No... But I've heard it fucking sucks

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Luckily mine came in fine with plenty of room when I was 16, no need to have them removed.

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@living4theday258: It's about the same as any other surgery, recovery wise at least.

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Had all four removed. It was totally okay. I barely took any meds afterwards, whereas everyone else I knew kept themselves doped and up and miserable for the next week. I was conscious and doing things, and it was kinda like a fun vacation.

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None. Thank you braces and feel better soon duder.

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Nope, but I did have to have four other teeth removed and braces for years so I wouldn't have to.

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I don't have any. Took x-rays of my mouth and they just don't exist.

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Yep. Had them all taken out. Thanks to my mother and her stickler for attendance, she had it scheduled for the first week of christmas vacation. Thank god for pain meds.

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I have all of mine, no way anyones tearing them out! They're not called wisdom teeth for nothing!

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Got my top two removed. No room for my bottom two to come in. Every time I go to the dentist, he's threatening to rip into my gums to get them out if he has to.

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Need an eighth option:

I am a mutant and had eight wisdom teeth taken out all at once.

True story, I had some weird mutant extra teeth behind/below my wisdom teeth that had to be removed as well.

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Yeah... it was a terrible experience all around. There was something wrong with them (I forget what the dentist said it was) that made them extremely weak, so they started breaking. By the time I got in to have them pulled, one was just a painful, jagged spike. It had to be done in two separate sessions, I needed way more Novocaine than I should have, the roots were strong and hard to pull, and the second time, I got dry socket which is hell.

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I have them all and I feel the need to get at least three of them torn out. But I'm scared as balls about it so yeah. Hopefully eventually will muster enough courage to go to the dentist.

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I actually had six total wisdom teeth (typical four + two more on top). I've had four of them removed (local anesthetic only), but the other two are still in there.

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When I was still a teenager I had all four plucked at once. It was suggested so not to mess up my teeth after my braces were removed.

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I had all 4 taken out. With surgery. The anesthesia was pretty dope. I remember going to a muse concert later that night and i couldn't smile properly or feel the lower half of my mouth. I had to eat fluids and initially everything just tasted like blood.

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Had all four out at once, plus two more top molars (so total of 6 at once). They put me out and pulled'em all. I knew going into it that having teeth pulled was going to suck, so I just wanted to experience it once and be done with it rather than only get a couple done at a time.

They gave me hydrocodone for pain, but I stopped taking that the very next day. I'm the kind of guy who has to have a really bad headache just for me to take aspirin, added to the fact that I was super paranoid about developing an addiction and I got the fuck off those things as soon as possible. That night I threw up because I swallowed too much blood. Also the whole time I was worrying about developing dry socket. My diet consisted of mashed potatoes and gravy for about two weeks. The worst part about the whole experience for me though was the thirty minutes immediately after I woke up from whatever gas they used to knock me out for the removal. I wasn't in pain or anything, but that weird loopy feeling was something I never want to experience again.

Good times.

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I've had an impacted molar and a wisdom tooth removed so far. For some reason my dentist referred me to the dental surgery dept. at the local hospital (never told me why) I was rather nervous heading in, as it was obviously my first time. Didn't help the guy took ages to get prepped, to the point of the assisting nurse getting a bit pissed off. He either didn't jab me up correctly or not enough, because I could still feel it when he started working on the molar. The wisdom teeth was out in a couple of minutes, but the impacted molar took a while; all in all I think I was in there for about 30 minutes. I got a prescription for a giant box of ibuprofen from the hospital pharmacy, but I ended up using only 2 bags to see what kind of effect it would have. Aside from some soreness and the swelling, it wasn't all that painful. The giant ass needle he stuck in my palate was the worst part of it. Regardless, I have to head back in sooner than later to have the last two removed, and i'm not looking forward to it.

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My denstist suggested that I should get mine removed this summer so they wont mess me up when Im an adult or something. He said that theyre not messing with me now but they might later.

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Got them removed last Summer iirc. During Week 2(3?) of Air-Force BMT, everyone gets Dental X-Rays and stuff done, so they eventually got back to me like, "These teeth are probably gonna bother you at some point, so why not get it done now while it's free?"

Like any smart person would, 19 year old Flappy jumped at the opportunity and got totally fucked up. One of the assistants missed a vein in my arm, so she had to stick a needle in the other one while apologizing repeatedly. Once that got settled, I felt a cool sensation in my body and remember laughing like an asshat before passing out. Other than a single instance where I heard them drilling away at one of my teeth, I was KO'd.

The thing is, it only got worse from there.

I couldn't really eat anything outside of peanut butter and yogurt, so I was fucked (I was still a trainee at the time, so I didn't have the luxury of getting the good stuff). Blood going down my throat was a constant issue, along with numbness of the mouth/chin, hunger, swelling (I did sound like Kanye in Through the Wire for a bit, so that was cool), and overall lots of discomfort. Flushing out my gums to avoid infection was NOT fun. As a slender dude, losing 12 pounds was not cool at all.

On the bright side, the entire procedure was free, I got access to stupid amounts of percocet, AND I was still getting paid despite being a miserable, drooling wreck...

10/10 would do it again.

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I also have a weird mutant-mouth and had 2 teeth-like blobs located behind a couple of my wisdom teeth.

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My wisdom teeth are almost completely through now, and haven't given me any trouble. Had a little bit of toothache whilst the top ones were first coming through, but nothing major. I'm lucky, I guess. No need for expensive and painful dental surgery for me.

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got two of them removed 2 months ago, it was more painful to have it in because one of them was rotting from a cavity, otherwise i would have never taken them out. my healing process was painless though(no soreness or swelling), i guess i have a high tolerance for pain.

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I got one removed last year when I was 20. It was fine, I just got injected in the gum or something and then they pulled it out. It was slightly sore for a few days.

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I believe I was 17 when I got them out. I was put under. The T-3's they gave me backed me up real bad and I ended up having the most excruciating bowel movement about one week later. I haven't been the same person since

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I'd like to add a little advice to those of you who haven't gotten them removed yet.

Have them removed by an oral surgeon, NOT a general practicing dentist.

I said that I only got three removed today. My first removal went wrong. I lost all sense of taste in half of my tongue, which hasn't come back. Don't worry about me though, I may just be without it for a few more years. Nerve endings heal very very slowly.

This isn't to scare you all, just be safe and have a surgeon remove them and you'll be fine.

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@rorie: You are the worst X-Men ever

Had all 4 taken out at once and had no problems, feel better duder.

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I was 18 when I got mine out. Was about to start college and the week before my dentist recommended I have them removed. I underwent the surgery without any complications, except that all four of them were impacted and in full contact with the 2nd molars. Removal involved lots of 3rd molar shattering to get them out. I had no swelling until a week after the surgery (first day of college), but I never experienced any pain.

Believe my mother used all of the pain medication for her own ills.

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Four pulled all at once. I was 19 or just about to turn 19. Procedure went fine. Honestly don't remember if I was put under, which I guess means I probably was. I don't remember much about that day at all, really, except after it was over I remember the bleeding carried on a bit longer than the dental surgeon warned me about so I ran out of gauze and for about a half hour or so I just stood over the sink in the bathroom drooling blood, because you aren't supposed to spit since they might break the sutures.

I think I recall some talk that they cut my teeth in half and pulled out the halves, or something along those lines.

You mutant extra toothed people need to be rounded up and locked away! Maybe experimented on, for science.

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All 4 removed, wish I could've kept them cause I'm missing 5 adult teeth but they didn't come in very straight and had to be removed and get several tooth implants

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All 4 in one visit, local anesthesia. It wasn't so bad except for the sound and being awake for the yanking, but my bottom left was really stubborn and had to be broken into pieces to get it all out. My recovery was normal, but the first night after the dentist's stuff started to wear off was terrible. Especially the 20-30 minutes it took for my take-home pain meds to start hitting me, only to find out they weren't hitting me hard enough. Thankfully that was the only time I needed something stronger than ibuprofen.

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Got all 4 removed when I turned 30. They were all really impacted.

I had them removed by an oral surgeon. It was a multi-step process. He X-ray'ed my mouth and gave me a consult.

On the day of the surgery, they knocked my ass out. Ruptured a vein in my arm putting the needle in; it was bruised as hell. I woke up an hour later as if I had woken up from a nap. I was so scared of the pain, I went home and took the pain killers (which just really screwed my stomach up.). I only took one pill before tossing the rest. I had no pain. No ache. I just had a weird phantom tooth sensation for a few days.

The most terrifying part? The oral surgeon asked me as I was going under, "I'm taking out the front teeth, right?" and before I could answer, I was out cold.

I just had to keep the sockets clean. A week later, I had a check up and that was that.

I guess the worst part was my face was numb for HOURS after the surgery. I went in at 7am and that stupid tingle sensation did not go away until the next morning.

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I don't see an option for "Other" or "I had a dentist transplant wisdom teeth from the left side of my mouth to the right side because my molars were removed before they grew through my jaw".

Technically I've still got all 4 wisdom teeth, they're just all on the right side- 3 on the bottom, one on the top. Yay science!

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I have one wisdom tooth, hasn't hurt yet, but it's hard to get the brush that deep to clean it.

#44 Posted by SuperTess (149 posts) -

I had a dentist who really wanted me to have them removed (he said they would push on my other teeth and make them all out of whack) but they don't bug me and my dental insurance is pretty shit so I'm keeping 'em. I also apparently still have a baby tooth.

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I think the horrible aftermath of removing wisdom teeth is greatly exaggerated. I remember having my wisdom teeth removed and having little or no pain afterwards. All that wasted Vicodin.

#46 Posted by OneKillWonder_ (2010 posts) -

The last time I went to the dentist, which admittedly was like 12 years ago, I was told I had no wisdom teeth, so I thought I could live without worry. Almost two years ago though, one started coming in on the right side. Nothing ever developed from that, though. It's still just peeking out of my gum, and it hurts every so often, but that's really about it. Hopefully that's all that ever happens with it, because I'm terrified of getting them pulled.

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I've had my bottom two removed. My top two grew in just fine though since I got two incisors extracted when I had braces.

#48 Posted by believer258 (12814 posts) -

I had all four wisdom teeth removed at the same time earlier this year, over spring break. The painkillers eased the pain of the wisdom teeth, but they gave me a terrible headache so I stopped taking those two days in and just played Persona 3 all week.

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I had one removed, and the next few days sucked. The other three seem good though.

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I have had all four removed, and I was awake for when they did it. Just had my gums numbed up real good. Honestly I didn't think the process of having them removed was that bad. It was the rest of the day that was annoying, what with having to constantly switch out gauze pads, and being unable to open my mouth to talk or eat/drink normally.