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I was checking out a video on YouTube when, of course, the all-dreaded "ad" popped up before the video. To my surprise, it was a 3-minute long ad. I figured it was just a trailer for some movie. Instead, it was this: a brand new animated Looney Tune short starring Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner.

Now, my first initial reaction was "why oh why did they CGI this?". However, upon a few more viewings, I found the CGI to be very well-handled. The cartoony nature is still there. The over-the-top expression is present, and it's overall just well done from a nostalgic perspective. At the same time, the humor is very much what you want it to be, even popping a couple of good laughs. The train moment in this one is particularly noteworthy.

There is also another one called "Fur of Flying", and that one was just as good.

What about you guys? Have you seen these yet? What did you think? Would you like to see more of these done in the same style?

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Is Mel Blanc doing the voices? If the answer is no, then I'm not interested. And I know the answer is no, because the man is dead!

I don't care what you say, if the "meep meep" isn't Mel Blanc, I'm not interested. Think of this point of view like Jeff (Gerstmann) and Megatron. I'm that stubborn about it.

So no. I haven't.

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I was never one of those "WWHY WOULD YOU DO THIIIS?!?!" people so this was pretty awesome to see. 

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Laughed out loud at the train gag. Pretty cool.

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Man, I love Looney Tunes. That was great.

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Animation was cool, story was alright, although I think there was something weird about them modernizing it the way they did. My biggest qualm was about the music, something was just off, maybe it was just too clean or it felt like music from something else. Overall it was fine, doesn't beat the classics (or at least my nostalgia ridden memory of the classics).

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Yeah that was pretty good. Why not?

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@TheFreeMan said:

Laughed out loud at the train gag. Pretty cool.

Indeed. It was a great modern twist to a classic old gag.

@Slax: Yeah, the modernization was a little odd at first. Give it a few more watches. It starts to just feel...right for today.

@MooseyMcMan: I can understand what you mean. Nothing can replace Mel. However, they definitely stay true to what made those classics great. You should at least give them a view.

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Saw the "Fur of Flying" one in 3D..pretty fun stuff

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That was really good. I was surprised. I thought it would be watered down, super mild humour with little violence, but yeah, it was quite an accurate portrayal of those skits.

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I am surprised I liked them so much.

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Thanks for this. I got a few surprising laughs out of the video.

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@jakob187: Oh there was definitely some good stuff. I thing that my big problem was with the segways. I miss the zany gadgets of old. Too be fair though, segways are pretty zany.

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Something about all that extra animation made it seem so much more violent then I remember er the oldcartoons being. Still really liked it. Here's hoping this brings about Space Jam 2!

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It's like Looney Tunes went through a rough patch and then got knocked up by Dreamworks, and this is their offspring.

My movie growing up was this, so I am definitely one of those crotchety old men bellowing about how the new kids always make too much noise and walk on my grass and leave bubblegum wrappers all over the sidewalk.

It tasted nothing like the original, which is why I don't (have to) hate it. It was a little faster than the old stuff, but it kept that snappy timing and exaggerated violence that made it endearing. Not bad at all...

I'd let my kids watch this new batch. I'd explain very solemnly and mark unequivocally the line between the old and the new, but I'd let 'em watch it.

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really slow pacing, bored me to be honest. which parts did anyone like?

rendering was nice looking though.


couldn't be bothered to make more than one car so they painted one yellow and another red? (was the same truck as well)

horrible animation on him going under the truck, is he going fast or slow? if he is going fast animate the head bob fast too.

not sure why they are being so slavish to a constant time.

why did the segway make the phone lines sink? if its because it fell so fast then animate it as if it has momentum, dont make it come to a complete stop from a drop.

why did the segway have hints of life for .5 seconds of the short? either do something funny with it or leave it out, no time for half baked ideas in a short.


doesn't seem like WB has any love for making cartoons.

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This show is actually pretty great. Not just the Roadrunner shorts either.

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@SoothsayerGB said:

There are ad blockers for video ads too you know. Man... is this 2005?

I'm sorry. I'm a human being that has patience and doesn't give a shit about ads one way or the other. Moreover, had I been using an AdBlocker, I wouldn't have known about this in the first place...

...so seems like it all worked out pretty well.

@stinky: I was too busy just being entertained to start picking apart at shit like that. = /

@crusader8463: Yeah, I did find myself going "man, that seems a bit violent". Then I remembered that the originals were just as violent and immediately stopped caring because CARTOONS!

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Well to me the true successor to Looney Tunes has always been Animaniacs.

Still this wasn't half bad.

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@JeanLuc: Animaniacs was super awesome. At the same time, it was also incredibly adult in its references and humor most of the time, almost to the same levels at Rocko's Modern life. Nonetheless, I now want to watch a ton of Animaniacs stuff!

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@jakob187 said:

@JeanLuc: Animaniacs was super awesome. At the same time, it was also incredibly adult in its references and humor most of the time, almost to the same levels at Rocko's Modern life. Nonetheless, I now want to watch a ton of Animaniacs stuff!

Very true. In fact the original Looney Toons were made for an adult audience.

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Played on the old Looney Tunes gags, and was still modern, very well done. I don't like everything about the animation (I think the characters are just a tad too detailed compared to everything else), but I think that the way things sort of bend and twist and don't have definitive physical properties is spot on, and the backgrounds and world are perfect. Will be looking up the rest of these, and I hope they do more with all the other looney tunes "skits".

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I didn't like the parts where you know it's supposed to be showing off the 3D. It was OK.

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But what if Jeff Gerstmann did the voice of Bugs Bunny?

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This topic sent me on a chase to discover if Wile E Coyote ever actually caught the Roadrunner.

I'm not sure how to deal with the answer.

Also, the Trix rabbit got the cereal 3 times.

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I think and consider Chuck Jones to be the best animation director in the history of animation...ever, and that includes anime as well as all animation from Europe. I have come to terms that there will never be an animated short as good as "Duck Amuck" or "One Froggy Evening" or "What's Opera, Doc?" or "Rabbit Seasoning," I mean I could go on....

No one is going to ever make classics like those ever again. Animation has evolved. So honestly I'm just happy that a new generation will even know who Bugs Bunny is in the first place and maybe these new cartoons will function as an vessel for checking out the oldies.

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@ZombiePie said:

maybe these new cartoons will function as an vessel for checking out the oldies.

They don't have to; Looney Tunes reruns air at noon EST on the same channel.

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Meh, it just isn't the same. Just about everybody involved in the classic Looney Tunes cartoons has either retired or passed away. The new ones don't have that same feeling and the CGI just makes it worse for some reason.

And as @ZombiePie said, you can't get any better than this.

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Wile E Coyote is a tragic hero for the ages, right up there with Willy Loman and Hamlet.

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The train gag was pretty funny, but there's really not a lot of creativity here. It's stylish sure, and the fact that it's CGI is totally fine, that's where all the talent is these days and to hand animate it would have been cost prohibitive. What bothers me most though is the fact that this is obviously supposed to be in 3D. Whereas I have no real problem with 3D (I think it's fine, though I've never felt the need to pay extra for a 3D movie) this pulls the same sort of tired 3D "throw stuff at the camera" tricks that annoy the hell out of me.

I own 2 DVD sets of Looney Tunes shorts, so two things are clear. 1) I'm an idiot and 2) Looney Tunes are awesome.

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@Video_Game_King said:


But what if Jeff Gerstmann did the voice of Bugs Bunny?

Not interested.

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