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#101 Posted by habster3 (3600 posts) -

Yes, I did. Loved it when I first saw it, and still love it several years later :D

#102 Posted by Mystyr_E (1224 posts) -

@KaneRobot said:

@MongoosePL said:

@Mystyr_E: Nose?

That don't rhyme with walls!

No, but this does.

<kicks mongoose>

#103 Posted by CornBREDX (6255 posts) -

This movie isnt really hard to find. Well its been a few years, since I got it on DVD... maybe it is.

Anyway, ya I've seen it a bajillion times. It's a classic.

#104 Posted by SoldierG654342 (1826 posts) -

@JJOR64 said:

Yes, I have seen it. It's been awhile though.

#105 Posted by wolf_blitzer85 (5303 posts) -

I loved this movie. That boss fight at the end really messed me up though.

#106 Posted by WizardShazam (135 posts) -

Count me as another one who saw it as a kid and was terrified by Christopher Lloyd's Judge Doom character. Took me years before I could bring myself to watch it again. Still an awesome film.