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#51 Posted by ki11tank (681 posts) -

i never was stupid enough to have my teachers or profs dislike me, i'd always ride the line of being to funny and entertaining to actually punish but was still an asshole.
my teachers loved me, i was at my high school about 1/2 the time it was open and still got good grades.  and no not because they gave them to me i just found it relatively easy and since they liked me didn't worry about my attendence.
i probably had one of the best high school experiences ever in the history of time, shit i remember parking in the faculty lot when other cars got toed and i'd get out of my 74 monte carlo right as the teacher were watching me.
smooth mother fucker right here lol

#52 Posted by ColinRyan (295 posts) -
@ToadRunner: I know. Rule 45: No smiling or any sign of happiness in a catholic school. My bad!
#53 Posted by Whisperkill (2969 posts) -
@Rowr said:
" I was playing halo in the class room while wearing my twilight shirt and texting my girlfriends on my iphone while drinking some bud light i stole from my step dad.  The teacher was not impressed! "
But i'm sure everyone else was.... M I RITE!?!
#54 Posted by handlas (2670 posts) -

I'm sure there was more to it than just "putting on chapstick".
Never once in my years of school was I sent out of the classroom.  Probably because I never acted like the jackasses that were always sent out of class.

#55 Posted by RetroIce4 (4392 posts) -

Sent my friend out of class. I wanted to tell him something and he kept on ignoring me so I decided to do the most friendly thing I could do. Tie his shoelaces together. Of course we were sitting on the ground. He got up and fell. The teacher asked why his shoes were tied together, he just shrugged. What made it 20x funnier was that he didn't untie the knot. He shuffled his feet to leave the room until the teacher got angry and told him to just untie it.

#56 Posted by crystalskull2 (437 posts) -

I was once showing my friend a finger technic and got kicked out.

#57 Posted by Jerr (531 posts) -

Turning pages.

#58 Posted by raven_squad (438 posts) -

I've was sent out for some harmless flirting with a classmate during the time when we were allowed to speak freely... it was ridiculous. That was my sophmore year of high school, German 2.  :P

#59 Posted by kpangel123 (1 posts) -

My English teacher sent me out because I was giving her attitude when everyone else was being disruptive and I told them to shush. She said to me 'shush and read that letter'. And I went 'You tell me off when they're being disruptive and I'm getting on with my work?' And she said I was coming cheeky to her so she sent me out. I didn't even do anything!

And before in Maths, I couldn't do my homework because my internet was off (we have it on our emails). The teacher said I should've done it in school. But I couldn't because I can't log into email in school. And he said I should've told her before, when she was off the week previous. So I obviously went in a mood after she cussed me down, telling me I'm immature. I didn't do any work the rest of the lesson and he sent me out for being disruptive when I asked if I could go to the toilet.

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Way to necro a thread but whatever. One time I got sent out of class to stand in the corridor for ten minutes for sneezing in that way where you don't go AH-CHOO because you hold it in. The nutjob teacher who moonlighted as our P.E. coach thought I was laughing at him for whatever stupid reason, which I really wasn't. I was actually genuinely upset.

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@ajayraz said:

friend got kicked out for another girls cell phone going off

heheh i remember that

edit: also how the hell did this thread even get necro'd? it's in off topic

#62 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4184 posts) -

Detention. Me? Nope.

I remember the school joke in high school was that Mr. Ballmo had this favorite goldfish he had in class. So someone just took out the fish and left it on his desk. He came back, saw the dead fish, and started crying.

And I guess this other kid got in trouble for cutting this lock some girl's hair, and she started crying. When asked he said, "I just wanted to see it grow back.."

I just don't think I ever got detention..

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I got detention for being a little asshole and I sat through detention singing 'I Believe in a thing called Love' by The Darkness at the height of that songs popularity. Teach was piiiissseeedd but he couldn't stop me or do anything to make my punishment an actual punishment. Tbf though that was the easiest thing he had to deal with, I went to a rough school. Another dude in my class got detention and, upon hearing that, punched a hole through the window of the door in our classroom and charged out like a fucking bull. I don't think that detention stood.

#64 Edited by Hunter5024 (5598 posts) -

Our school sold smoothies. This led to lots of smoothie shenanigans. For example, the time that we were trying to throw one at our french teacher's window, we would have hit it too, if she hadn't opened the window just as it was about to make impact... She came storming down, cursing in french, covered in smoothie, and demanding to know who threw it. I couldn't stop laughing, so even though it wasn't me, I was the only one who got detention. Which I never went to, cause I would have missed my cartoons.

#65 Posted by Ramone (2960 posts) -

I got sent out for farting in English. It was worth it.

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Senior year of high school. It was a magnet school that ranked pretty high in the US at the time (Science Academy of Mercedes, Texas). I was a lazy, awful student that managed An A-B average throughout my time there.

Anyway, I forget my wallet at home one day. My friend buys me lunch, specifically a 6" sub from Subway that the school would have brought in for some variety and an escape from the awful standard school fare. Immediately after handing me the sandwich after purchasing it we were pulled aside and told not to go anywhere by the vice-principal. They confiscated the sandwich. Meanwhile my friend and I are laughing while trying to come up with reasons a sandwich would be taken as evidence. 25 minutes later we are informed that we have tried to cheat by passing answers on the sandwich wrapper and will be placed in in-school suspension. To this day, I've yet to figure out how "HAM" written in messy sharpie by a lunch lady was going to help me on a standardized math test (basic algebra) when I was in Calculus.

There was another incident junior year where a young man had been harassing the sister of a friend whom I was quite sweet on (The sister, not my friend). Turns out he was a homophobe, and while I am not a homosexual I had earned the reputation through various actions. After whispering into his ear in my most erotic voice that he smelled like flowers and I wanted his stamen all over me he burst into tears, ran to the corner of the cafeteria, and began beating the back of his head on the wall. His girlfriend found the principal and informed him that I had sexual assaulted her boyfriend with my groin. I was allowed only to go to class and then report to the main office for lunch for the next two weeks while under supervision of campus security.

Also, that kid who burst into tears was beat by his father for being "scurred o' dem queers."

Edit: Damn. Didn't realize this was a necro.

#67 Posted by JJWeatherman (14558 posts) -

In the seventh grade I was sent to ISS (In School Suspension, unfortunately, not the International Space Station) by my science teacher for talking to a friend. I think she was having a bad day.

I was either a junior or senior in high school when a handful of friends and I got caught sneaking into one of the gyms during lunch and playing basketball, which resulted in some kind of prolonged detention-esque ordeal that I can hardly remember at this point. That's right, we were criminalized for wanting to play basketball.

Oh god, and there was one other time in the third grade where I got into some trouble and served some ISS time. I'd nearly forgotten about that. I probably blocked it from memory because I recall thinking I was in way more trouble than I actually was. I had an embarrassing crying episode and everything. Good times.

And there lie my only school punishments. Third grade, seventh grade, and twelfth-ish grade. I feel pretty okay about this.

#68 Posted by Zlimness (548 posts) -

Man, I wish I was back in school. So much fun.

I don't remember being sent out of class, but for some reason, I always pissed off my computer class teachers. I remember having a computer class teacher in 5th grade that wanted me to explain to the whole class what the different buttons in the Word tool bar did. I might have talked during his class, don't remember why he lashed out at me like that. Fortunately, being 11-year old in the 90's and growing up with computers at home meant I had far more experience than him with Windows. After explaining pretty much all the features in Word all he said was "That's good. You deserve a golf clap" *golf claps*. Fucking prick. I was never allowed into the computer room again outside of any classes after that. I guess that's counts as being thrown out, hmm.

#69 Posted by ALJ (10 posts) -

On multiple occasions in my AP Physics class durring my senior year I got thrown outa class because I kept correcting my teacher. (No offense to teachers but she did NOT know what she was doing) She insisted that I wasn't allowing her to teach and disrupting class, so she would send me out. In fact, a few times she didn't even allow me to enter the classroom! Needless to say, most of the students that were allowed to attend her class, FAILED.

#70 Posted by Tireyo (6409 posts) -

My teacher gave me detention for having a binder on my desk, because she didn't like the noise of zippers. I needed a pencil, so I just happened to be one of the many victims. =-\

#71 Edited by natetodamax (19191 posts) -

Oh my GOD the stuff I wrote on these forums when I was in high school. Jesus christ.

#72 Edited by Osaladin (2515 posts) -

I got sent out of my 7th grade english class because our teacher said, "we covered this already tomorrow" and I laughed out loud for maybe like a second. She obviously meant we covered it yesterday, but yeah. I got her back later that year by sticking my cheat sheet to the front of her desk where all the other announcement papers were. It was my most ingenious cheating method ever.

#73 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3050 posts) -

My friend pretended to pee in the hall in high school by squeezing a Capri Sun and got in trouble because he was "simulating a penis."

#74 Posted by Itwongo (1152 posts) -

Never got sent out of class. I did pull a fire alarm once on a dare. Oh man was that exciting!

#75 Posted by csl316 (8338 posts) -

In grammar school the teacher nearly kicked me out of class since I was sniffing my nose because of allergies. I had people rally to my cause, I wasn't just trying to annoy her!

#76 Posted by Everyones_A_Critic (6294 posts) -

I got suspended on my last day of classes of my senior year of high school for leaving early the day before. I had been leaving anywhere from 40 minutes to 4 hours early throughout the year and just so happened to have gotten caught my second to last day. It sucked because typically I would've gotten a day off school but since it was my last day before I started doing community service for the remainder of the semester I had to come in during my spring break and work with the creepy ass janitors doing dumb shit all day.

#77 Posted by innacces14 (735 posts) -

I was telling a joke to a friend back in 5th grade when my teacher was looking all depressed. A girl asked him if he was feeling alright. He sat down and gave us the low-down about life and how it's short. He then took a long pause and told the class that his mother died. I said the punchline for the joke right when he said his mom died and my friend lost it so the next thing everyone heard was "GET THE HELL OUT OF MY CLASSROOM". It's one of those stories that make my laughs turn to disappointing sighs.

#78 Edited by Intro (1206 posts) -

I've only been kicked out of class once in school. I had a food/nutrition class and the teacher was freaking out that another student didn't have a single dairy product all day and made a big deal of it. So I said, "Oh my god she'll be dead within the minute!" So the teacher kicked me out and two of my friends, neither of which said anything to deserve being kicked out.

I'll admit I deserved it, my friends shouldn't have gotten kicked out though lol.

#79 Posted by Clonedzero (4194 posts) -

Yet another unnecessary thread necro.

silly mods who don't try and prevent this nonsense.

#80 Posted by big_jon (5723 posts) -

I had a substitute teacher send me to the office once for fooling around with a friend, he also claimed that it was a racial attack against said friend. My principal knew better, we never saw that substitute again after that.

#81 Posted by Capum15 (4849 posts) -

I always wonder how these types of threads are necro'd. Google searches? Honestly clueless on this.

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In 11th grade English, at the beginning of each class we were given a short quiz based on the latest assigned chapter of the book we were reading for homework. Of course, my friend and I were too busy spending 8 hours a day playing Halo 2 when we were home, so we pretty much just blew off the reading.

Because we had no clue what happened in the book, we decided to just write the most ridiculous things we could come up with as the answers since the quizzes were worth such a small portion of the grade and we really didn't give a shit. So, after we turned in our answers, the teacher obviously realized what we did, and I guess she wanted to embarrass us, so she read them out loud.

She may have intended to embarrass us, but her plan backfired because everyone thought our made up answers were hilarious. Within a week, almost everyone was writing the most ridiculous answers possible on the daily quizzes, even if they had actually done the reading. The teacher wound up just giving up and stopped doing the quizzes, opting instead for a verbal "class discussion" of the reading from then forward.

I didn't actually get sent out of class, but the teacher was pissed off at the two of us for the rest of the semester.

#83 Posted by supamon (1333 posts) -

After numerous threads, I still don't understand why people would create an account just to necro a thread. Is this a bot spam thing or what?

OT: I got sent out of the class for being lousy at math. Yes, that was a thing with a particular teacher who had anger management issues.

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@natetodamax: I think we all deserve a cookie for putting up with it. ;D

Also WTF alias changing back again?? You can do that?

OT: Since I've blocked out most of my bad school memories, nothing is coming to mind (that I actually got caught for). In high school I gave one of my classmates a couple of cigars (yes, in the building) because he was a new dad. I probably asked my dad to get them for me...? This was back when parents would send their kids to buy smokes with a note. And vending machines.

For just being a dumb kid, I'll mention that I got suspended for a month from my favourite video game rental store: I phoned ahead to reserve Quackshot, and when I got there they didn't have it, and I threw a tantrum, kicking doors and everything. Soooooooo... feel free to guess how old I was in '91? (I'm not going to tell you.) I had video stores ask me to stop calling because I'd call every single day asking about new game releases. Now the worst thing in the world for me is pestering someone. :)

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Yet another unnecessary thread necro.

silly mods who don't try and prevent this nonsense.

I've never understood what the problem with posting in an old thread is. Just because a thread's old doesn't make it any less valid. This is why threads aren't all just locked after some amount of time, 'cause yo, they're still useful. If people still have things to say on a topic, why should they be forced to create a new thread to do so? It would be needless clutter that would only further split discussions between multiple threads.

Is there something I'm missing here? Enlighten me.

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@jjweatherman: While risking going off topic, it's a fair question and I fall to your side. Fundamentally it is something that more bad posters do than good posters, so it has a negative connotation. Some forum software does indeed have auto-locking based on age, and one assumes moderators get grumpy because their particular forum doesn't have that feature, otherwise they'd never need to worry about it and just devote all their time to locking duplicate threads. :) (teasing of course, that SL forum thread actually covers a lot of the arguments for and against having automated policies)

I've not seen a Usenet netiquette guide or Emily Postnews mention necroing, so I gather it's a recent webforum phenomenon given self-contained threads. Netiquette evolves over time.

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I don't remember much to the effect of bad reasons for being punished in public school, but one thing does spring to mind.

My High School was big on fire safety, we had fire drills every other week. After a point, some dudebros thought it was funny to run straight through a crowd of people towards a particular person, and full body knock em' down. So, this ended up happening to me, and I was thrust into a crowd of teachers & students, creating a sort of a domino effect on the people around me. I had a huge gash on my arm and was promptly whisked off to the nurse's office. After the nurse was done with me, I was greeted by the headmaster, who pep talked me and a huge group of kids on (basically) the importance of not being a dick. I was then promptly handed a slip saying I had an out of school suspension. Fun times...

Edit: Argh! The necros strike again.

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One of my friends got sent out of Spanish class for writing this once:

The teacher sat at the front of the class reading it for a few minutes too.

#89 Posted by benpicko (2005 posts) -

I remember the school joke in high school was that Mr. Ballmo had this favorite goldfish he had in class. So someone just took out the fish and left it on his desk. He came back, saw the dead fish, and started crying.

Did you go to a school for arseholes?

#90 Edited by HerpDerp (133 posts) -

@benpicko: I commend your teacher for being able to read/understand that, and I commend your friend for his mastery of the English language.

#91 Edited by TheManWithNoPlan (5363 posts) -

I never got in trouble at school.

#92 Posted by alirezatm (1 posts) -

We had a very bad maths teacher that was a theater actor too. One day I stayed near the teacher and saw the plot of one play. It was very hilarious that I told: "What is this?????????" He sent me out :(

#93 Posted by OtakuGamer (1226 posts) -

I wrote and gave in a piece of writing that contained racial slurs, huge amounts of swearing and had sex scenes at my drama class once. Not really sure what was on that paper and why I wrote it thinking about it. I was probably around 13-14 at the time.

I also put this claylike material on a light-bulb during science class and it melted and made this horrible smell. I was bored and needed amusement and yeah, got sent out for that one too.

#94 Edited by chrisphil1724 (61 posts) -

In the 10th grade, my teacher was going on and on telling the class why she thought Christopher Columbus was so smart; I was not very interested in this. So when the teacher ask "Any questions?" I replied without thinking "If he's so smart how come he's dead?" which is a early Simpsons reference.

I was only out of the class for 15 minutes because she, admittedly, was going a little overboard on Christopher Columbus, which in its self was a nice pun.

#95 Posted by Example1013 (4834 posts) -

wow, im getting deja vu reading this, weird...

#96 Posted by HatKing (5871 posts) -

wow, im getting deja vu reading this, weird...

Well, it is a three year old thread. Seems like a lot of this has been going around lately.

Also, a lot of the earlier posts in here kind of make me uncomfortable.

#97 Edited by Aegon (5467 posts) -

One time in 6th or 7th (maybe 8th?) grade art class, I was sitting at a table around the back of the class, where a computer was located. Someone was messing with the computer and I don't remember if I was talking to the person or not, but me and I think two others got sent out of the class because apparently the screensaver or wallpaper was some sort of porn.

We were told to go to the office, but I don't think we did. A girl came out of the class, found us and said something along the lines of how she knows we didn't do it.

#98 Posted by Samael2138 (232 posts) -

Fuck, where do I even start? In 2nd grade, I got kicked out for saying Christopher Columbus "farted" his way across the sea.

In 3rd Grade I got kicked out because a girl backed her chair into my groin and I said she "crushed my nuts".

In 4th grade, a girl stole my homework, erased most of my name, put her name on it, then turned it in. When the teacher and I figured it out, I told her, "If you weren't so stupid, you wouldn't have to steal my homework, and you would have done a better job erasing my name.", which got me booted.

In 5th grade I was kicked out for saying "crap", which is apparently a swear in Texas.

I was kicked out of 6th grade Spanish 1 because the only words I knew in Spanish were all curses.

I have lost count of how many times I was kicked out in 7th grade. I got into at least 8 fights that year. Our Junior High was literally on one of the corners of the local 4 way(which, if you don't know, is the corner where they sell drugs). I had PE after lunch, and half the dudes in my class were doing coke at lunch time , then coming into Gym all coked out and just beating the shit out of us. 12 & 13 year olds on cocaine are terrifying.

In 8th Grade I got a week of detention for wearing a flannel shirt tied around my waist(give me a break, it was 1994)

Freshman year I got kicked from English, when we were watching the 1968 version of Romeo and Juliet, at the beginning of the sex scene, I yelled out "Use the force, Luke!"

Sophmore year I was suspended for 3 days for "Terroristic Threat", because a girl said something stupid, and I replied with, "If you weren't so stupid, I would kill you, but I have more important things to do."

Junior year, I got kicked out of class because someone kept insisting that Brazil was a continent, and I said "you have the IQ of a bar of soap, and even the soap thinks you're retarded."

I graduated early and didn't have a Senior year, but almost got kicked out of the diploma program when all the guys realised that we had an only female staff, and that they legally couldn't look into or enter the boys bathroom, so we just started hanging out and smoking in there. At one point we walked down to the staff room, took a large folding table and some chairs, took them into the bathroom, set them up and started playing cards. Every 30 minutes or so one of the teachers would crack open the door and ask what we were doing, to which one of us would reply " I have diarrhea!", and then they would leave. We got away with it for a couple hours before they wised up and got a male teacher to come get us out. Good times!

#99 Posted by Brenderous (1098 posts) -

Goodness gracious I'm old.

#100 Posted by Basm321 (136 posts) -

I was in a high school class and asked to use the restroom. The teacher said "No"... So I said "I'm going to the restroom". When I returned she told me to wait outside until class was over... So yea... she didn't want me to miss a few minutes for a biological need, so she... ummmm... makes me miss the rest of the class? What?