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Let Nic Cage headcalm your nerves.

Fuck you, dude! That was not cool!

Fuck cool, dude! You was not that!

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Yesterday I had this zit on my nose and I watched this and felt beautiful again.

You made my day.

You made my life.

(You did not make my life)

I totally made your life.

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Anyone else have some legit things to post? I feel this thread has potential.

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When ever I feel down I just watch this and feel all great again.

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tunes always get me through the rough ones. here's 3 i always find uplifting

bit.trip runner - impetus. very underrated soundtrack.

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instrumental from a metal band i fancy. will make you feel like you can chokeslam a bear.

and finally happy tune from my favorite post-rock band. it just builds, and builds, and builds and...

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also- thanks so much for those. OG pbs represent. both those men were extraordinary.

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WWF Champion The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels
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WWF Champion The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels
Why is this working on me?  I'm so confused!
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