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i've recently been thinking about a movie that i saw as a small child. all these websites and not one has helped me in any way with this! it's a movie with animated animals, this is a pre-2000's movie. i don't believe it's disney in any way shape or form. i have a vague memory of it so i'll try to describe as best as i can. it's about a character set in some grungy london type place, very dirty dark city looking place, and a baby was just born i believe. well the main character has a mentor whom i believe was an monkey/ape, who was always holding an umbralla. one part the character was calling out to their mentor and the mentor/aquaintance was leaping building to building singing and giving advice. i hope someone has a vague idea of what i am talking about! this might be a 70-90's animated movie. please help!

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wow its taken you a lot of websites to get to this point, i wonder if you will find the answer you seek here

was it shrek 3d?

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@tarsier said:

was it shrek 3d?

Really? Did you even read OP?

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An American Tail, perhaps? I'm just guessing.

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I have no idea...maybe you should add more exclamation points to the thread title?

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Grave of the Fireflies.

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Definitely Space Jam.

*actually reads post*

... Yep. Space Jam.

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@erhard: I can't be racist, I saw ten minutes of a Tyler Perry movie once!

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@shagge said:

@erhard: I can't be racist, I saw ten minutes of a Tyler Perry movie once!

Isn't that a lot like saying "I'm not sexist; I saw fifteen minute of Bible Black".

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Only if it's starring Tyler Perry.

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@thunderslash: That looks like it, how many other animated movies has a monkey mentor with an umbrella.