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I used to be the photography nerd in High School . Since I went to school in the 90's I have never actually used a digital camera (I do have an iPhone though), and after high school, life got in the way of my finances and they always ended up being spent on something else. So now I have the money to spend and I want to pick up a new camera. I was originally thinking about a DSLR, but I held the Sony NEX-6 the other day and I feel that a smaller camera is more enticing to me. From what I read online, the NEX-6 is a phenomenal camera, and the only real complaints are the lens selection. Well, this sounds like an instant turn-off to me because, from my experience with film cameras, the lens is more important than the body.

So this is why I am crowd-sourcing ideas from my go-to forum online. Does anyone have any experience with mirrorless cameras? Are there any other options that I should be looking into? Is the lens situation for the NEX line of cameras really that bad (I have no intention of buying a 300mm + zoom lens, and I feel like I should be alright with an 35mm prime with an f 2.4 instead of an f 1.8)?