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I can get only one of those and I really liked both trials. Help me decide pardners.

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I would say both, but Super Meat Boy would probably last you longer.

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Most critics have been lavishing far more praise on SMB - Comic Jumper is funny but, as a game, it just doesn't hold up as well as SMB's frenetic platforming mayhem

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Shadow Complex.  
Just kidding. Haven't played either of them, but Super Meat Boy seems like it has more content. 

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Super Meat Boy, find a friend with Comic Jumper. SMB is longer and is ultimately more fun to actually play. Comic Jumper's really fun to watch, but actually playing it is sorta boring at times.

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Yeah, Super Meat Boy is definitely a better game. Comic Jumper is pretty funny, but damn if it isn't repetitive as hell.

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Comic Jumper is funny but has bland gameplay. Super Meat Boy is funny and has ridiculously fun gameplay.

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My vote goes for Super Meat Boy as well, even if I really enjoyed Comic Jumper. The content for 800 points is really a LOT in SMB, but remember that you'll hate the game as well. I was almost in tears several times due to being so frustrated...but in a good way I guess! :)

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Super Meat Boy 
even though they're both good, Comic Jumper is extremely repetitive with some redeeming humor 
plus SMB is cheaper this month

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Super Meat Boy all the way man.
Comic Jumper has some pretty funny moments, but it's pretty repetitive. And even with all the upgrades it's kinda hard to feel like a superhero. 
SMB however has variety in it's level design, is cheap until November 1st, AND has a great sense of humour. 

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I think i'm gonna pull the triger on SMB. Thanks for the help folks.

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Go with SMB. It's a very addictive experience. 
EDIT: Glad you were able to decide.

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You chose wisely.

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Both are great but Comic Jumper is not a good game. If you enjoy the gameplay of Meat Boy then that's the best. But I see you already made your decision. Hope you enjoy.

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It's a wee bit one-sided.

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Super Meat Boy, and while your at it some padded walls.

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I only played the demo, but I already think SMB is one of the best games I've played this year.
so good choice.

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Comic Jumper wasn't that great... and certainly not worth the extra you'd be paying for it.

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Do you hate yourself? If so Super Meat Boy... 
Actually, either way Super Meat Boy!

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Bought and loving super meat boy, i mean he's made of MEAT <-- nuff said

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Easiest decision ever.

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super meat boy's the right price right now so get it fast. I'll probably get Comic Jumper if it goes for half off at some point.

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Its really hard to say it depends on the type of gamer you are, if you want to laugh or you want to do some crazy platforming. I would say comic jumper is really funny but the gameplay is very so-so to the part of just wanting to get to the next funny part. super meat boy seem luck a great nod to retro gaming which is great to see and it can be very hard to the point of you doing somethihng over and over just to make it to the goal. Good thing is the level are not to long so you won't feel too cheat. 
So yeah in the end if you want to have a good laugh and can get over some repetitives gameplay get comic jumper, but if you want a good retro trap down memory lane and do so hard platforming while seeing some familier faces and scenes get super meat boy. Also it may be worth saying super meat boy is 10 bucks right now(will change in november) so that may help in you choice