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Aaargh! I'm having a massive brain-fart and need to remember the name of this stupid game!

It's a really weird, cheap "space sim" where you (the captain) randomly decide to go on a final adventure. I think you have 30 days or something before you just die. Tons of weird crap happens (you find space yetis, get raided by giraffe pirates, etc.) randomly as you go. The combat, when it happens, is basically turn based and involves moving your fleet around in 3D space to get angles on the enemy ships.

I also remember it being really red....

What's the name??! Thanks bombers!

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Yup, it's Flotilla, Bojo.

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thanks fellas

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I loved that games combat but it drove me nuts how it ended the way it does. Wish they would have made a real game out of that combat.