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Hey las bomblas,

There are two tools @patrickklepek has mentioned/written of in the past that I could really use at the moment, can you help me track them down?

The first was a service he uses to transcribe interviews into text. I've got a ton of interview footage that I would prefer not to slog through atm. I think he talked about this on a bombcast a few months back, but Im not sure.

EDIT: FOUND Also, in one of the Worth Reading columns of the past six months, he linked to a tool that lets you do some pretty cool polygonal/hexagonal based designs/illustrations. Anyone remember when that was so I can download the tool?

Lastly, if you want to comment that me looking for someone else to transcribe my interviews, and also looking for someone else to find the damn service for me, makes me a lazy asshole through and through, I am 100% prepared to accept that criticism.

Thanks fellow Giant Bombers, you're my only hope.

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What would Jim Lehrer do?

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Hexels is the name of the program.

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@philedius Right, great, thanks a ton.

Jim Lehrer would throat-punch Anderson Cooper to get the scoops.

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@videorob: I believe Patrick talked about using TaskRabbit to get people to transcribe his interviews. Or maybe he said that his wife used TaskRabbit at her job, but he used something else for his interviews? I forget the exact conversation from the podcast.

And yes, the hexagon tool is called Hexels.

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Shoot him a PM or tweet him. It's worth a shot