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My name is Byron, and although most of you know me by the name next to this post, I'm also working towards an enlistment in the United States Marine Corps. I care a hell of a lot about the military community, which has been incredibly supportive and awesome towards me in my pursuit of my goal. These guys give so god damn much for our country, and they deserve nothing but for that service and sacrifice to be re-payed. So I've started a little fundraiser over on CrowdRise. The idea is that you give some money to the Wounded Warrior Project (I've already donated $50 myself), and I "get some" in the form of (hopefully a hell of a lot) of PT! I'll be doing everything from pushups to pull ups to maybe even a surprise event if enough is raised. If you love our troops, please, donate! If you think I'm a cool guy who probably knows what he's talking about, please, donate! If you hate me and want to see me punished through-out the month of December, please donate! I'll be doing these various exercises based on donations every day for the entire month of December. And don't worry, there will be footage (live streamed when I'm in a position to do it) so you can see I'm holding up my part of the bargain.

I don't expect much, but even $5 or $10 is awesome! Plus, if you donate at least $5 and include "GB" somewhere in the comment, along with your username on the site, you'll be in a little raffle to win a game on Steam of your choosing, or you can tell me to donate that money back into the cause shortly before December so I have to work for those dollars :)

Check out the page on CrowdRiser for more details on exactly what your money is going to do to me, and check out The Wounded Warrior Project to find out more about where your money is going! :)