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It was a series that was about the history of games, as in the host would talk about let's say the stealth genre's evolution over time. It's not All Your History, all the series would be is some guy talking and giving examples of how the games are grown. I can't seem to find it anymore and for the life of me I can't remember the name of the series. All I know is that it was on Machinima's Youtube channel. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have no idea and "Machinima" is dumb

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I have no idea and "Machinima" is dumb

What a helpful post. Why is Machinima dumb?

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@chocolaterhinovampire said:

I have no idea and "Machinima" is dumb

Yeah their COD stuff is but they actually have some good series like the one I'm trying to figure out now.

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@internetcrab: No that isn't it. Now I'm starting to wonder if this exists anymore haha. The show would have a black background in the beginning and a voice just talking, then have like 3 games the guy used as examples. I some of the topics were stealth, storytelling. I know the guy had a deep distinct voice like Brad lol. Thanks for trying though.