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Now I know this is not the best picture and I could probably be spending my time in much more productive/entertaining ways, but considering that Bioshock Infinite did not come in the mail due to the snow I have been racking my brain over this puzzle.

After failing to solve it using my own brain power I even took to searching for city names on the internet myself, lets just say I have put too much time into trying to solve this, one step short of manually putting in every combination. I have decided to ask the clever people if Giant Bomb to solve this for me so i can finally go to sleep soundly.

Apologies for the poor picture.

The picture normally gives a clue of the answer but this just looks like a generic city to me, the clue is a city with two words, four letters each using the letters below.

The letters are R Z E W K P T Q C O B A P N.


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@karlpilkington: What game is this? Are you sure there aren't any other clues? Do the pictures usually give you a hint? Is that a sun or a mountain in the background? The answer can't be something in a city, it has to be a city?

This just seems way too obscure.

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Cape Town?

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@caska said:

Cape Town?

I'm going to go with this guy, that looks like Table Mountain in the back.

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@caska: We have a winner! Cape Town!

Man, thinking of that blurry thing in the background as a mountain was the tip.http://images.nationalgeographic.com/wpf/media-live/photos/000/017/cache/capetown-view_1797_600x450.jpg

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Nothing to add really. Other than your user name is completely awesome!

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I don't expect Karl Pilkington wouldn't know much about African geography. It's just rocks and crawly things.