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Hello everyone. So I tried to install Windows 8 on a new pc with my old hdd. This hdd was divided in two partitions: C and D. I chose the C partition and formatted it (all backups were made) and everything was fine and dandy. But now my D partition isn't recognized by Windows and I have important stuff in there. I was expecting that everything would work like past Windows but nope. So now, I reinstalled Windows 7 and I'm recovering the files from the partition with R-Studio, because Windows 7 also doesn´t recognize it now (something with the file system that comes with Win 8 is new or something). Is there an easier and quicker way to solve this? Thanks.

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I think I've had this problem before. I don't remember how to fix it but if you boot into linux, you should be at least able to mount it and transfer everything over to the other drive. Try running check disk on the drive. In Win 7, go to my computer, right click the drive and go to properties. in the TOOLS tab choose error-checking.

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I created a duel boot with Win 8 and it sees all my partitions. Have you gone to the Disk Manager? what does it say about that partition.

In Windows 8 go to Start menu and type in "hard disk partitions". You'll find it in the "Settings" option under the search.