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#51 Posted by tbk (113 posts) -

@rorie: Well it is just a bit sad if you have to leave one dude/dudette behind all the time due to party size.

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@rorie: Okay! I think Twitch Archives automatically? If not there should be a setting for it I think.

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@rorie said:

@amyggen: I don't know! We'll be streaming it through my twitch channel, and I don't know how to archive from there. So unless Twitch does it automatically there may not be an archive.

You have to change the setting so that twitch archives it, it's off by default.

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@amyggen said:

@rorie: Do you know if this will be archived on the site? I won't be able to watch most of it live, and the Twitch archive is such a pain in the ass. Really want to watch this madness!

These days you can just link straight to a "bookmarked" timestamp with Twitch, and it's a very simple 20 second process to get your Twitch archives onto YouTube anyway.

However, for the best archival quality @rorie, you'll want to be recording a local copy through OBS as well as streaming out to Twitch. OBS now has a start/stop button for each type of recording. Which is super nice.

I'm going to watch The Wind Rises on Saturday morning, but I'll be sure to...(supply) drop in and shout at you about Baldur's Gate 2 and David Warner.

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@fattony12000: Double-Layer DVD+R was a childhood favorite of mine.

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Can't wait to hear some NWN2 commentary.

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@pocketpope42069: @ajroo: I could tell your conversation was going to lead to some really fun places, but maybe try to hash it out in a PM or something rather than in my forum post about a stream for charity.

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My face is prepared for this right now. How do I keep it prepared for another 2 hours? Some coffee and some snacks, that's how.

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@rorie: I wasnt trying to cause an issue or distraction from whats important here. I was just hoping to help people understand why what youre doing is important. I apologize if it seemed like i was starting trouble.