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Sorry if this is the wrong place, but I did not find anywhere else that was appropriate for it.

During a game of Cards Against Humanity last night with the Bigger Blacker Box, I found a hidden card inside the box.

Has anyone else found this card?

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Oh man YES

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Holy shit, where in the box is this?

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Fuck, I totally have "Biggest, Blackest dick" in my search history now.

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Confirmed. The silver lettering is a really nice touch. It's in the lid of the case. Just run your fingernail along the inside of the top of the lid and you can feel where the card starts and stops.

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Amazing!! That thing was an interesting test to try and remove without damaging the card.

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Damn! Awesome! I'm blown away I didn't notice anything. Now to try to surgically remove it without damaging the box too much.

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That's incredible.

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Cool, but where's the GB CAH cards?

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I could have sworn I opted in to be e-mail notified when this thing was available. /sigh

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Oh man, that's great! Definitely getting this out later today. What did you guys use to safely get the card out without damaging it (and obviously to a lesser extent, the box)?

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@smtdante89: I just used the nail file part of a pair of fingernail clippers to dig into the lid until I got under the paper part. Once I located where the card was, I just marked about half an inch up for where I could make the cut.

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Yeah, my girlfriend was ready to kill me because I got too excited and after trying to pry out from the edges I dug right in.

Now she wants me to recover the entire inside of the box. =/

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@bushpusherr: Yup, that's what I ended up doing too. Did a bit more damage to the box than I'd like, but it's not like I'm expecting it to look perfect forever or anything so that's a very small loss for a very large gain.

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If it's not video game related, it usually belongs in Off-Topic or attached to an object/concept/whatever. Gonna go ahead and move this to Off-Topic.

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The box has a sort of tear away false paper bottom that covers the card. You can basically remove that entire false paper bottom without damaging the entire box. Might just take some work to get all the paper out, but you won't damage the box at all if you remove that paper.

Also this is amazing, god damn Max Temkin and co. Now I can't wait for the next expansion they release with a hidden card with gold lettering that says "A biggerest, blackerest dick."

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I would have never found that, god damn them they are awesome!