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So, I was reminded again that Univision and ABC's strange Mexican love-child is finally launching its strange TV channel. It sounds like a super-young centric news channel aimed at young people that like colorful articles that look like blog posts. I imagine mun 2, ala The Verge, but potentially without the music videos.

They're off to a good start so far. One of the exciting stories that catches my Hispanic eye, actually made me wanted to read it.

Fusion TV: Assassin in Clown Costume Kills Mexican Cartel Leader

The article has a black border, enticingly violent and colorful background for my mind, and colorful tags on the bottom, focusing on engaging Cartel issues that are abhorrently interesting to read.

Meanwhile, I tried a looking at how CNN and the brand-new touch-brought-to-you Fox News compares. On Fox News, I found a slightly interesting article on politics, fairly boring an interesting image in the background. I guess reading Giant Bomb with the transparent dark-image, I've gotten used to.

On CNN, I found the same exact Cartel story, with no interesting image to focus on.

I dunno. These white on white backgrounds just aren't as interesting nor eye-catching to read. The image tags and colorful design language sort of just works, really. GameSpot sure learned that.

Anywho, website design language. Do y'all ever read say CNN? Do you care about website-design language? Or do they just not have articles and stuff that you wanna read?

In the meantime, I'm gonna go ahead and see if Fusion launches on Time Warner in the next-week. If not, back to the same ol.' Reading The Verge like if they actually gave a shit what I think. I'll also be interested in seeing how these Fusion comments turn out too..

Oh, and I guess Univision's almost-controversial Jorge Ramos is on board Fusion. Eh, at least he knows English.