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I plan on doing some travelling eiter europe or america this year, and was just curious on whether or not you bombers would do this in order to move around obviously the dangers are obvious but have you or would you ever do so!!

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Apologies for the error in the spelling of hitch-hiking!

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Always good to have a plan A.  Hitch hiking is rough and you probably don't want to depend on it as your sole transportation.  I know it's illegal to hitch hike in (most?) states, not sure about europe...but you may be more likely to be picked up across the pond.

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I would never pick up a hitch-hiker, I've only seen a handful of hitch-hikers in my life but I live in northern Sweden though. Don't know how hitch-hiking friendly the rest of Europe is.

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I'm not rape candy so I'd be fine. 
I might be prison rape candy, sorta. But American prison rape candy. Euros wouldn't be interested. I don't shave my chest. 
As for your question. If I couldn't afford a rental car I wouldn't go on the trip.

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Ya hitch-hiking isn't reliable.  I've never seen a hiker get picked up or even had the thought cross my mind of picking one up no matter what they look like. Though I have heard some stories from people I know that have hitch-hiked quite a distance. 
Also, I live in Canada.  It's illegal here, and I would also say safer.

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hitchhiking is illegal in most states. i would not expect to be picked up by anyone.

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chance of getting picked up for you will probably be small and there is an element of danger involved, but all in all it would probably be a neat experience just be smart and listen to your gut.

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I never have, but once me and my buddy picked up this drunk chick who needed a ride. A crazy mistake that was.

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Middle and Southern Sweden is quite hitch-hiking-friendly, in my experience. I've only tried it in Sweden, Britain and the Netherlands, but I have only good experiences (as far as I can remember).
I wouldn't mind resorting to it for a longer trip, but like others have said, might not be best as your only option, regardless of people's fears, it will probably be extremely time-consuming...
...But also: Fun!