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So I'm not the biggest fan of Obamacare to say the least, but this isn't intended to be a political post, just a weird observation/curiosity and maybe portent for the near future.

For those who aren't familiar with the system, the crux of it is that every American citizen pay (hopefully with subsidies for those who can't) for insurance, thus guaranteeing that insurance companies have more stable revenue, allowing them to be able to cover more risky patients, i.e. those with preexisting medical problems. Without a certain number of citizens "buying in" the system won't work. So I was a little dismayed to see this enrollment e-mail in my gmail spam folder!

(and before you ask, yeah, it's really from healthcare.gov)

Maybe I can buy insurance with the $200 million the IMF is holding for me because an African prince left in is his will.

As I said, I don't like the law, but I at least want it to be fully implemented so that we can see the results. But if folks sign up, but don't select a specific plan (as I did) and then see an email asking them to finish it as spam, it doesn't bode well. Especially because Google filters out spam in some situations based on user feedback.As you can see in yellow up there, it says "Many people marked similar messages as spam". That doesn't mean that they didn't trust this one specifically, but if people are getting similar fake emails, they're way less likely to trust the legit ones.

You'd think the Feds could have some sway with the biggest email providers asking them to just not filter out real messages from the government. Especially when this kind of communication to individuals is crucial in the success of the system.

Oh well, not the biggest deal, but just another weird bump in the weird road of this weird law.

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Luckily I am on parents healthcare till i think its either 26 or 28.. few more years till i need to get my own OR until I get my new job here in the next couple months then I am willing to pay for healthcare as its 100% better then what my current job offers. I dont want to Pay for others to have healthcare if I myself dont want to pay for my own yet, also is complete trash that we get Fined for not having healthcare soon. Would be great if it was set up to where we all were actually benefiting from it and wanted to sign up vs having to do so as it is not helping the economy much at all with making people spend more when there isnt enough to live on for most as it is.

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Single payer is just the most economical choice, once you've decided that health and well being is a privilege of being a citizen of your country. I'll listen to someone who doesn't believe it should be a privilege, or that the expense is more than the benefits of a healthy population (I disagree), but I just can't imagine how a single payer system is not more economically viable for the taxpayer than this skeezy oligoply business going on here.

If there are economic profits to be made in health care, they must be reinvested into health care or put back into the taxpayer's pockets, not into the pockets of private shareholders. American citizens are the shareholders in American health care.

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I've had 6 family members sign up this week. They all said they had no issues. Seems like it's a much smoother experience now than it was at launch. It's just a bummer that the law was compromised until it became an ugly half-step towards actual progress.

In other ACA news, apparently Rick Santorum compared it to Apartheid? So that's pretty stupid, poorly-timed and blind.

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@mcshank: I dont think it would work if it wasn't required. If people could roll around with no insurance and they get mortally wounded in a car accident the hospital HAS to take that person. If they dont have insurance guess who eats that cost? The hospital which is then passed on to us by charging ludicrous prices for everything. This makes people be personally responsible for themselves.

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America is the last bastion of no universal healthcare in the west. I hope it works out for you guys in the end.

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America is the last bastion of no universal healthcare in the west. I hope it works out for you guys in the end.

As long as people on the Right preach about it being "exactly like Nazi Germany", it probably won't. Because apparently they don't remember much about WWII or the Nazis.

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