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Well well, day two and the spamming and trolling has begun. It seems that some users have taken it upon themselves to act as if they had the brain age of a four year old who has just learnt about sex. I understand that it might seem enjoyable to post on these threads, but please don't, even if you're insulting them, that's what they want, as, like a four year old, they only want attention and don't care how they get it. So please, please don't post in them, then we stand a chance of actually having them go away. Now I wait for the spammers to come here and mock me. To those would be spammers: We have been given an opportunity here. We can swear, we can post whatever we want, why not show everyone how mature you are by restricting yourself to swearing when necessary and not posting pornography.

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Highly agree with you. Leave that Asian guy alone and the time will come  when he is disposed off. Lets get some respect and sanity throughout these boards people.

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I also agree, I would like this forum to be fairly lenient and fun, but I don't want crap either. Don't feed the trolls.

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Yea we need ORDER

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I honestly don't care either way. this is fun. but it'll get old fast.

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Feeding the trolls is all you do by commenting or reacting to their posts and threads. Ignore them, i know its hard, and they eventually will get bored.

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i agree

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Agree with you completely.  Posted in a few because it was the sites first day, and seeing them on the front page pissed me off.  Hopefully, after a few weeks, most of them will lose interest in this place if they are ignored.  There will always be a few, but I hope the site doesn't resort to extreme moderation because I'm enjoying some of the less disruptive silliness (see hamburger page).  As long as the members who love the community keep providing new and interesting places to converse and they bring on enough mods to ban the spammers and attention whores, this place will turn out just fine.

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I agree, last night the forum wasn't like this when I went to bed, what happened :(

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WhySoSerious said:
"I agree, last night the forum wasn't like this when I went to bed, what happened :(
Yeah, wasn't like this ten hours ago.
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It feels like a real forum now, unfortunately.

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Meh It'll die down.

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I concur, I never thought id say this but we need mods!

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I agree man, whaddya say me and you send a volunteer pm when appropriate? are you up for it? I would be