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It's that time of year again, and because I'm completely irresponsible with my money all of you have an opportunity to benefit.

Just post something in here. It really doesn't matter what the hell it is, but I may or may not play favorites with you if you post something especially funny. What that means, I have no idea yet. Anyways, post something here and you'll get a free game from one of the past few Humble Bundles! I may or may not be leaving for celebrations up to the 28th, so you've a long window to get yours in.

All codes are Humble gift links, out of a total 14 games, so have fun. Oh, and happy Holidays duders!

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Spring Break?

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Something especially funny (sorry to be that guy)...

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I love Christmas!

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Erm, erm, I love you!

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I hope this counts as something

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I wish you all a merry christmas :D

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Let's see if we can get more people to notice and post on this thread.

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I don't need anything thanks, happy holidays everyone!

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You are a generous man and I want to give your belly lots of tiny kisses.

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Merry Christmas duders! :)

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I too would offer to good denizens some free sh... puppies, but I am broke.

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Am I too late?

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Puppy is only funny if we edit it in afterwards!

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Happy holidays!

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I don't want a present but to just post a message of べーりメリークリスマス! (very merry Christmas)

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@mb said:

Puppy is only funny if we edit it in afterwards!

You know, you've probably created more work for yourself by saying that. :P

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@mb said:

Puppy is only funny if we edit it in afterwards!

You were the one who created this monster.

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came for the title, stayed for the gifs

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VIDEOOOOOOOOOOOO GAAAAAAMES. Also, links are out in the wild. Return the PM if anything goes askew and I'll get around to making sure you've got something to make up for my incompetence or whatever the issue might be. Honor code, folks! Just be aware that I'm still on holiday vacation and likely won't look at your PM's for another few days. Sorry!

Hope everyone's Christmas was jolly, or had a happy belated Hanukkah, and I have no idea what the timeframe for other holidays around this time are? So... have a good one?

@mb said:

Puppy is only funny if we edit it in afterwards!

B-but... inside jokes?!

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Cool I won a couple of games. Thanks duder!