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#1 Posted by AcidBrandon18 (1069 posts) -

I feel that I did alright on my finals, but I always feel like I could do better. I always tell myself I could, but at the same time who really cares? My mentality was always that "C's get degrees" even though I'm more of a B student. I'm technically a senior, but still have a year and a half left of school and I feel like I've figured out this whole college thing. I almost never hit my page requirement for papers because I feel that the whole idea is stupid. Why should I have to add filler to my paper to meet some arbitrary page requirement when what I have already written answers the question just fine? I literally quoted Star Wars for one of my papers just to meet a page requirement. So I just take the grade hit as I'm going to pass the course regardless because I average a B on all the assignments up to the finals. I once had a course that only had a mid-term and a final. That was it. No busy work, no papers, just those two tests for the entire semester. It was some history class taught be this Russian dude. He had a thick accent that was pretty entertaining, especially when he talked about war stuff. Oh and the two tests had like six questions on them which seems insane to me. I think he gave everyone a C so long as they came to class and wrote stuff on the tests, but man is that whole thing kind of fucked. The whole school system is kind of fucked. The main reason I'm in college is because society tells me to. The likelihood of me getting a good job out of college is slim. I want to work at a broadcasting station, but am Majoring in journalism, but Minoring in New Media. In reality I should be majoring in New Media, but doing the switch would require me to stay even longer in school causing me to build up even more debt. I mean highschool doesn't even prepare you for college. I had a shit first year majoring in computer programming because I wanted to make videogames, but my adviser was terrible. He put me in an integrated clac-trig class that was 5 credit hours and an anthropology class that was in the 300 levels. Don't get me started on my first programming class with this Asian woman with a thick accent that knew how quantum computers worked even though they hadn't been invented yet. Talk about intimidating. Good thing I changed majors on something that kind of made some real world sense. ARG! Well, so how are your guy's finals going?

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All A's so far, though I'm just now finishing my third semester so its not very hard right now.

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Alright I guess, got a C in Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics, was really hoping on a B. I guess I am more of a C+ student with aspirations of getting on that B plateau.

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Last two today. They've been okay so far, one of them was total bullshit and 40% of it was never covered in class or in the book but my grade was high enough in the class that it won't matter.

Programming finals today! So I'm stoked and chill because those are my favorite classes and my best subject.

2 more semesters and I'll have a college degree! Woah!

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I want to work at a broadcasting station, but am Majoring in journalism, but Minoring in New Media. In reality I should be majoring in New Media, but doing the switch would require me to stay even longer in school causing me to build up even more debt.

I'm no career adviser, but I'd say good decision not going for the extra school (extra debt). All you need is that piece of paper saying that you have a degree. In my (and other people I know's) experience, GPAs don't really matter anymore. Especially because, in the field you're interested in, you'll probably have to put up with an internship to get your foot in the door.

Good Luck!

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I know I got 100% on two of them (Digital Audio & Nonlinear Writing).

I'm still waiting on the third (Global Issues and Population).

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Unless you want to go to grad school, your GPA is pointless. I want to go to grad school, sadly. Either way, my last final in Taphonomy is Friday. It requires an essay on a random topic covered during semester and a lab where we have to identify long-bones of herbivores and carnivores. If I get a B, I'll be extremely happy.

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Programs that don't have you write bullshit papers are pretty great.

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Some people just want a high GPA too. Nothing wrong with that.

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Good. Although I'm only half finished.

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I did alright, 13 years ago.

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I haven't taken any yet. My psychology class is online though, so whenever we take a test or quiz I just copy and paste the question into google. Nine times out of ten the correct answer comes up. Yes I'm a filthy cheater. I will almost certainly get an A on that one.

Japanese I've been studying my ass off for. The Final is worth 25 percent of the grade so it could mean the difference between an F and a B. The only thing I'm worried about for that is Katakana, I never memorized them as well as Hiragana or even the Kanji we've learned. Luckily that's easy to fix.

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My finals take place on the 18th and the 19th. The 19th is especially egregious. 4 hours of mass transit commuting for a ten minute final.

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Pretty good to not have to worry about that stuff anymore. Then again, project deadlines, bills and adult life more than make up for that minor lack of stress.

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I'm in the middle of finals week for my next-to-last semester of college. That feels really good to say, but Jesus fucking Christ am I ready for this to be over.

Unfortunately, this also means that my last Christmas break ever is coming up so I'd better make it count.

Anyway, all of my finals are loaded into the back end of the week. I've only had one so far, a Latin one, and I think I passed it. I think. Fortunately one of my classes doesn't have a final. I have one tomorrow morning and two on Friday. And then I'm free!

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As of 7:45 last night, I earned my Masters. I won't walk or have a physical degree until May because I went to a small private university close by that does everything at once.

My finals were okay. I always do well on papers and presentations so if I did average on an exam, I can still make a decent grade. One professor this semester always tries to fuck with us, telling us to focus on some chapters and then the essay questions will be on topics totally unrelated.

It's always a mystery to see what I got. Some classes I know I'll get an A in, others are on the border and it's a matter of time to see which side of the A-B line I fall under.

Don't care about GPA, though, because no one cares unless I went to a really good school.

#18 Posted by Disaya (292 posts) -

I am finally finished with this semester and my finals, I feel pretty good about all of them so far. The spring semester should be my last one, I'm nervous but I also want to get the hell outta school at this point. The only class I really had trouble with was my programming class, first time programming and it was intimidating. Good luck to the rest of you who still have finals to get through.

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Only had two this semester, which I took yesterday. I feel like I pretty much killed it on them. I really needed to because I pretty much stopped caring midway in the semester about one of those classes. At least this way I can get a decent grade.

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Pretty bad honestly, basically a heath problem I thought I had under control decided to come back at the worst possible time. Still I think that I'll pass all my classes at least so I'm not too bummed.

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Unless you want to go to grad school, your GPA is pointless. I want to go to grad school, sadly.

Well, it depends. Most resumes that come across my desk have a [College][School][Major] [GPA] and [Year of Degree]. If the GPA or Year is missing - we are likely to question it.

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Only took my Philosophy final so far. I'm worried because we didn't have a lot of time to finish it. I knew the material, but I simply ran out of time. It was a list of 16 quotes by philosophers. You choose 10 you recognize and then identify who it was, what school of philosophy it falls under, explain the philosophy itself, and then finally apply that philosophy to a real life issue such as gun control or human cloning. It was a lot of fucking writing and I tend to be really methodical in my writing, so I didn't get to them all. I did really well in the rest of the semester, though, and the professor offered me a letter of recommendation. I'm not too worried, but I despise getting B's.

Anyway, my other finals are tomorrow...so...uh...yea I better go study some more.

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@acidbrandon18: I find your apathy and ability to blame every problem you mentioned in your post on a third party extremely powerful. I am sure that is going to work out wonderfully for you.

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Monday exam: 106/100. Felt good about last night's, too. Two down, two to go.

#25 Edited by MormonWarrior (2797 posts) -

Done with 3 out of 4. Feel really good about the ones I've done. I have a corporate finance final on Friday that I don't feel terribly ready for though sooooo....yeah.

But hey I'm graduating one way or another so who cares?

#26 Posted by AcidBrandon18 (1069 posts) -

@ssully: I'm sensing some sarcasm?

#27 Posted by wjb (1754 posts) -

@detectivespecial said:

Unless you want to go to grad school, your GPA is pointless. I want to go to grad school, sadly.

Well, it depends. Most resumes that come across my desk have a [College][School][Major] [GPA] and [Year of Degree]. If the GPA or Year is missing - we are likely to question it.

Interesting to hear. I guess it does depend, though. The only time someone needed to know my GPA was when I applied for grad school. Usually it's just the university, major, and year in my experience.

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No finals, only final projects... I'm in grad school, and my research methods final project is about to kill me. I think I'm getting nostalgic for actual final exams.

#29 Posted by alwaysbebombing (1827 posts) -

I have 3 A's right now. I'm a Political Science student so it's all research papers for me. I'm only my last final paper for my final semester in school, it's my National Security and Terrorism course.

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Rewriting parts of my masters thesis. 2 days to go and I am completely stuck with writer's block.

Decided to take a break with some Hearthstone, only to lose one arena game that I was about to win to a d/c and another to a mage with 4 flamestrikes.

I'm not sure which of the two things I'm more angry about.

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I have three classes left, all with final papers due. Together I have a combined 18 pages left to write, 5 more for Thursday, 3 for Friday, and 10 for Saturday.

#32 Posted by PandaBear (1484 posts) -

Oh that kind of finals. Don't worry kids, nobody cares about your grades after a while. There's plenty of people scooping human feces out of your local public pool with degrees and other qualifications.

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Just gave a presentation for my GIS class final. My next final (White Collar Crime) is in about 3 hours (am in the library studying) and I have one more at 8am tomorrow (Urban America). I'm in my 3rd year now. Wish me luck duders!!!!

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All of my finals are next week, and I'm not particularly worried about any of them. Biology is just the 4th test, it's on evolution which I already know pretty well, its not cumulative, the essay parts are take home and I can boost my grade with a 40 point extra credit thing. Then for Ethics I just have to turn in my last paper, I've written my previous ones the night before and have aced them all, so that's in the bag. Film history I just have to do some review and I'll be good, it goes over a lot of old stuff that I still remember. Same with Mass Media, I just have to read up on the last few chapters and I'm good to go.

It's never tests or papers that get me, it's like those assignments you're supposed to work on consistently throughout the whole semester and small assignments that always fuck me over. My ethics class and biology class are mostly tests, so I'm probably looking at A's in those classes. Film and mass media have a lot of little assignments and quizzes and stuff which have most likely brought me down to B's. But that's still not bad at all, especially since it's my first semester in college.

#35 Edited by Colourful_Hippie (4803 posts) -

2 down, 3 more to go but I'm not worried because the first two were the harder ones. Fuck yeah for being done with Spanish, I'm glad to finally be done with that foreign language req

#36 Posted by ArtisanBreads (4492 posts) -

I have full academics and I'm using a FAQ for the questions so I think I'll be fine.

#37 Posted by DetectiveSpecial (472 posts) -
#38 Posted by SSully (4616 posts) -

@ssully: I'm sensing some sarcasm?

A tad. I apologize for being a dick, that was a horrible response on my part. Just try not to blame others for your problems. It's a great way to make you feel better or justified, but a horrible way to find an actual solution.

When I first came to college I also tried my hand at computer programming. After the first class of my math class I freaked the fuck out and almost switched majors. Luckily I stumbled into the head of the Computer Science department and he talked me down. During my talk with him I blamed past teachers for my incompetence at math. He told me how that isn't the way to approach a problem like this, and advised me to take some lower math classes and work my way up. I am graduating with a Computer Science degree in May.

#39 Posted by Belegorm (901 posts) -

My finals start friday and actually go till next week; probably the only school that finishes the semester on Dec. 20th.

I suspect that I'll do well in my Greek and Spanish finals, and okay in my Philosophy finals (taking a class on medieval and early modern philosophy, and another on the rise of atheism in philosophy).

I'm just happy I'm through my papers for the semester, though I still have a presentation before finals.

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I always felt like there was an abnormally high amount of amazing grades in these kinds of threads.

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@aegon said:

I always felt like there was an abnormally high amount of amazing grades in these kinds of threads.

Either this is a smart community or the American education system has low standards. Depends on your mood.

#43 Posted by Sinusoidal (2162 posts) -

I give this over-sized block of text a C for illegibility.

The "Enter" - or "carriage return" - key is there for a reason!

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I go to a technical school and I don't have any finals; boy howdy, let me tell you that it is sweet.

#45 Posted by Divina_Rex (365 posts) -

Feel great about my O Chem final. Of course, I had a 103.5% and I don't need to do too well to get an A.

I think I'll be okay for Calc 2 for engineers.

Sucks that my GPA matters in order for me to get into med school.

#46 Posted by TheCableKid (242 posts) -

Finished Research Paper

Finished Java Final

Finished Graphics Track Portfolio

One more test.... and then freedom

#47 Posted by SMTDante89 (2723 posts) -

Had a three page paper due in Sociology and that's it, easy enough.

Philosophy Exam was today, that wasn't bad since we've had the test for a week to go over and decide what two questions and five definitions we wanted to use and study them.

English is Friday, and that's the one that worries me because it's the only thing keeping me here now. I'm going to be studying for it for most of the day in the hopes that I get at least a B on it, then I shouldn't have to worry about it.

I walk on Saturday for Graduation, so here's to hoping that I can finally get out of here after five and a half years.

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I'm a photography student, so these last few weeks have consisted of a barrage of assignments in lieu of any actual exams. That being said, I've been working myself to the bone but I've managed to finish everything and my break starts on Friday, so I'm happy. I'm less happy about how intense next semester is going to be.

#49 Posted by Korwin (3318 posts) -

By waking up in the middle of the night sweating after a stress dream, 11 years after finishing school.

#50 Posted by mjk0104 (222 posts) -

Having finished about a month ago, with no exams and some relatively easy assignments, pretty good :) That's the degree done, passed with a 76 WAM, now to actually do some real work...