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It's New Years Eve! How will you be spending the last hours of the year?

I'm heading out of 2012 how I came into 2012, hammered!

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I just got a new translation book and I'm working through it. Some interesting stuff. Much more interesting than the difference between a 12 and a 13.

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Working a miserable thankless job while the worst types of people in the world act like assholes and make it even worse?

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Sitting around at a small family party. It'll be boring but it's better than sitting here all day doing nothing so I'll take it.

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The same thing we do every night, Hizang... try to take over the world! playing video games and watching stuff... (maybe getting drunk while doing this...)

Edit: Okay, I decided to go with the Trenched TNTs and a bottle of 4 Orange Vodka...

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The day was never an event for me so nothing special. Think I may order a pizza from a local place and watch some more episodes of a TV show I'm watching. That I'm gonna do this afternoon however, so who knows tonight. Probably just keep doing nothing.

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Playing video games!

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studying :(

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The family and I will be watching a lot of movies together and bond in the greatness that is Die Hard,

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Probably the same thing everyone else my age is doing: getting with some friends, getting drunk, and counting down from ten.

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Drinking my annual New Year's Beer and playing Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge. (This may not be a good combination of activities.)

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I was going to go to a party or something, but my head is kinda bugging me (sinus infection?), so I'm just going to CHILL

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With my family. New Year's Eve is my younger brother's birthday.

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I'm going for fondue!! And watching people drink because my prostate's inflammed :(

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Video games!

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Watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special, probably reading. No idea what else yet. Nothing planned.

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Dinner out with family, then board games, then family time again until Midnight.

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Having some people over and getting into the vodka.

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Falling asleep with my girlfriend, celebrating nye seems trivial to me.

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Tearing down my parents kitchen, followed by XCOM.

Of course I had to get up early to start tearing down the kitchen so I may just fall asleep while playing XCOM.

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I'm at my in-law's house. We usually have a big Russian new year's, which means a lot of drinking/eating/dancing/toasting and watching weird Russian television programs, but I think we're going to have a mellow evening this year. From what I can gather, that means all the same things but with fewer people. LOL.

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Jack shit.

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Prostitutes........... and Far Cry 3

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Getting inappropriately close to my hot cousin. Tonite.

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I'm gonna do laundry and other house-cleaning chores.

Then I'm gonna read a book (Foundation, Isaac Asimov)

Then I'm gonna watch a movie (maybe; this and the book are switchable)

Then I'm gonna play more video games. Maybe wrap-up Dishonored.

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I was invited to one of my friends place, she was going to invite a lot of our mutual friends and it was going to be an awesome night, then this morning I felt not urge to go since I've been out drinking every weekend since September, I needed a BREAK, so I'm sitting at home with the fam, drinking a few beers, watching Jersey Shore (it's horrible, stupid, moronic TV, but damn it it's entertaining) and then I'll probably play some games later, perhaps fire up some XCOM. It's weird, a few years ago I hated this evening, but now that I have a broader group of friends I've stopped being so conscious about it, maturing is pretty awesome!

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Going to see the Hobbit.

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@Gamer_152 said:

With my family. New Year's Eve is my younger sister's birthday.

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@MikkaQ said:

Probably the same thing everyone else my age is doing: getting with some friends, getting drunk, and counting down from ten.

This. Hope everyone enjoys themselves, whatever you're doing when 2013 hits.

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Drugs whooo

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My sleep schedule has been horribly off these last few days and I haven't been getting anything done, maybe I'll finally start playing one of the games I got on the Steam sales.

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Twilight Zone

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Going to a friend's house where our kids can play together, and have a few adult beverages. The days of drunken lewdness are over to me. I still have to wake up with a baby in the morning regardless of how drunk I may be.

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@artofwar420 said:

Getting inappropriately close to my hot cousin. Tonite.

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home alone in my apartment, where I am likely to get blitzed and play some of the games I recently bought on Steam until I pass out around 9 or so.

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Going out with a group of friends, going to one friends house in the country, having some target practice with rifles, and then watching movies and playing games with them til the morning.

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My tentative plan is to blast through the first two seasons of Archer, get mildly drunk, and mow down a Totino's and some Lil Smokies. Heart attack, here I come!

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My tentative plan is to blast through the first two seasons of Archer, get mildly drunk, and mow down a Totino's and some Lil Smokies. Heart attack, here I come!

Have you seen Archer? If not, you're in for a treat. An incredible inappropriate, offensive treat.
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@Sparky_Buzzsaw: Fuck yeah lil smokies

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Gonna play some games, maybe read some, watch a movie, do some pushups, I dunno. I don't enjoy alcohol or the company of drunk people so for me this is just an evening like any other.

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At a friend's house party hopefully ingesting copious amounts of vodka.

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I was gonna go out, but then I lost my wallet so have no i.d.

Far Cry 3 will keep me company, though...

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Dinner then drinks at a friends house. Lots of couples. I think I might shave first.

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It's kind of a lame life holiday if you don't drink or have a girlfriend. I'm going to get some pizza and play Mario Galaxy, maybe watch a little anime while I'm at it.

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Was supposed to be going out but all my friends decided to be selfish and have children this year so its just me and my girlfriend and my old buddy Jack Daniels. Happy new year when it comes!

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Never ever considered New Years Eve an event for me, wiping computer for a brand new year, sorting out what stuff I'm going to watch/listen to/play/read for January 2013. Might watch another episode of It's Always Sunny.

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Alone and eating penuts.

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Chewin' bubblegum.

But I'm all out of bubblegum.