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#1 Posted by dagas (2949 posts) -

It's -21C or -6F in Sweden right now (and it's humid unlike Canada where I have lived for a while where -20C in Central Canada is like -10C here because dry air doesn't feel as cold). Right now I could do with some global warming.

#2 Posted by Atta (136 posts) -

-10C in Dresden, Germany. doesn't feel as cold though. 4 in my hometown though

#3 Posted by David (140 posts) -

Only -10C in Finland where I live but it was about -20C yesterday with a breeze so it felt even colder.

#4 Posted by pwnasaurus (1286 posts) -

damn i thought i was cold its like around -1 to 1 around here in canada

#5 Posted by GlenTennis (3146 posts) -

It's 36F, 2C here in California. I now feel super ungrateful for thinking it was really cold.

#6 Posted by ZimboDK (843 posts) -

Sunny and about -4C (25F) here in northern Denmark. Very nice compared to yesterday where it snowed pretty much all day.

#7 Posted by dougmansion (139 posts) -

50F (10C) in Southern California
The feeling is mutual...

#8 Posted by ReyGitano (2467 posts) -

48F in southern California

#9 Posted by GunnBjorn (2911 posts) -

It's -6°C (12.2°F / 267K) here in 's-Hertogenbosch (Capital of the province of Northern-Brabant, the Netherlands).    
#10 Edited by iSylence (345 posts) -

14°C, 58°F - It's 10:31pm at the moment. 
Edit: Palmerston North, New Zealand.

#11 Posted by Teptom (2047 posts) -
@ZimboDK said:
" Sunny and about -4C (25F) here in northern Denmark. Very nice compared to yesterday where it snowed pretty much all day. "
Exactly the same temperature here in Northwest Indiana. 
#12 Posted by FavoritoBandito (167 posts) -

  72°F In South Florida

#13 Edited by Diamond (8634 posts) -

60F and it's almost 5AM here.  Think about that.
Northern hemisphere too.

#14 Posted by dudeglove (8504 posts) -

-25 °C here in Moscow. Brr. (71.6°F roughly)

#15 Posted by CookieMonster (2460 posts) -

-1  °C in north east england, and theres a hella load of snow.

#16 Posted by B0nd07 (1703 posts) -

5am here in Minnesota.  Currently 17° F/-8° C.  With windchill, it feels like 1°/-17°, respectively, and winter's just begun!

#17 Posted by ZeForgotten (10397 posts) -

-12 °C and a fuck load of snow. 
Doesn't feel so cold since there's no wind right now in the tiny little town called Herning (Denmark)

#18 Edited by fetchfox (1377 posts) -

Brrr, sounds cold dudeglove (and its -13 °F, not 71.6). Right now its around -16  °C (3 °F)  here in Norway, but its in the middle of the day so its gonna get allot colder in a few hours.

#19 Posted by Lemoncookie01 (1642 posts) -

it's 33 °F in central California..

#20 Posted by Tsoglani (585 posts) -

1st day of summer in Melbourne, Australia, and it's pissing down with rain! Nothing new if you are from here.
It is 20C, and the best thing about this rain so far this year is that the drought has broken; after 10 or 15 years of rainless weather, I am glad we are getting a shitload of rain. 
Also, do you know that the same people that were complaining about not having rain, are the same people that are now complaining that there is too much rain? Crazy Australians I tell you, they are never happy.

#21 Posted by Jasta (2217 posts) -

-5 °C in Scotland at the moment.

#22 Posted by Purplie (38 posts) -

It's around -10C in stockholm, Sweden right now

#23 Posted by Everyones_A_Critic (6313 posts) -

Too fuckin cold.

#24 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8609 posts) -

3 under zero, and just about to go shopping.
Suicide mission is go!

#25 Posted by Blair (2532 posts) -

2° C In Toronto.

#26 Posted by Gamer_152 (14126 posts) -

It's apparently around -1C to -4C where I live. For England that's pretty cold.

#27 Posted by MattyFTM (14440 posts) -
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#29 Posted by HistoryInRust (6434 posts) -

 7° C   

#30 Posted by TooWalrus (13258 posts) -

It's about 30F here in Michigan, we've got a little snow falling. It's nice, I love this weather.
#31 Posted by CaptainObvious (3000 posts) -

Too fucking cold in Poland.

#32 Posted by wwfundertaker (1408 posts) -

-5 °C and a lot of snow in Glasgow, UK.

#33 Posted by Th3_James (2579 posts) -

5C where I am now. Having new windows put in ATM and I am in shorts with windows open, and I feel perfectly comfortable.

#34 Posted by Management (596 posts) -

It's -23C or -9F here in Oslo. 
I fucking froze my ass of on the way to school today.

#35 Posted by Grilledcheez (3974 posts) -

29°F here in Western Pennsylvania 

#36 Posted by EpicSteve (6500 posts) -

It's about 30F in southern Ohio right now, it snowed for awhile. Nothing is sticking to the ground though. There's no such thing as cold weather, just lack of proper clothing.

#37 Edited by Ashler (95 posts) -

-7C Luxembourg.

#38 Edited by wolf_blitzer85 (5302 posts) -

It's about 15F (or -9C for everyone else it seems) up in Minnesota right now. It looks like it's about to snow too....
I'm totally down to support global warming. Fuck Al Gore. My car can't handle another winter, especially when it gets real cold and drops to like -30F. The engine just slowly grinds to a start for a good minute before it kicks in.

#39 Posted by spudtastic (542 posts) -

It just recently chilled high 30sF daytime , 20sF nighttime N.E. Ohio, USA

#40 Posted by Phog_of_War (215 posts) -

3F in Fargo, North Dakota
#41 Posted by OldManLight (916 posts) -

28F with light snow in Columbus, OH 

#42 Posted by ThatFrood (3418 posts) -
#43 Posted by Extreme_Popcorn (842 posts) -

21C / 70F in the middle of the night in Jeddah. 
 I arrived here on Monday from Newcastle where it was -6C with a shit load of snow, got off the plane 8 hours later and it's 34C. My body is getting very confused with this rapid change in temperature.

#44 Posted by Animasta (14745 posts) -

not cold enough, 46 F at night :/ Las Vegas that is

#45 Posted by iam3green (14390 posts) -

i'm kind of happy that i live in warmer place. 
it's like 30F here in new england. it was raining all day with wind.

#46 Posted by SMTDante89 (2603 posts) -

Approximately 28F in West Virginia

#48 Posted by Wes899 (2134 posts) -

35  °F in Central Georgia.

#49 Posted by damnboyadvance (4061 posts) -

The highest the temperature has been today was 30F, cold enough for the snow to finally stick around!

#50 Posted by keyhunter (3207 posts) -

A hot -7 here in Edmonton. Up from -30C last week.