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My UN is slickwillyjj b/c slickwilly was a nickname I made up for former president Bill Clinton and the JJ part stands for James and James as my father and I share this account and where both named James. Also, My first choice "James" was already taken.

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I am a toilet

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I honestly have no idea, it's been following me around for about a decade by now though.

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It's a combination of Bono and Orbitz: a Canadian soft drink that was released briefly here in the US in the late 90s. It's a clear liquid with these floating balls:

My brother laughed at it thinking it was pronounced "boner bits".

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Long story short, when I wanted to use Bob Ross as my xbl gamertag on 360 it was taken. They suggested several 'similar' names, and EarlessShrimp was one of them. I found it so bewildering that I had to choose it.

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I looked in the mirror.

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People changed my last name to beardsley because i have a beard.

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In contrast to the believe of most people (at the least the ones I know) the name doesn't come from Harley Quinn of Batman fame, instead it comes from a Shadowruncharacter. Which doesn't makes it less geeky... I guess...

I just liked the sound of it and till today it was never taken on any site/service...

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I'm Asian.

I dunno, I made this username for what seems like forever ago at a LAN center.

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It popped into my brain pudding.

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Robot Chicken

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I followed the Kingdom Hearts thing of ow they name Nobodies by taking the original name, adding an 'x' and then mixing up the letters.

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@SomeJerk said:

I looked in the mirror.

Well said.

My username is my nickname amongst my friends. Supposed to be Patrick (my name) + Batman, hence "Patman". I know, super creative.

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From Zeno Clash, Animasta is the one to the far right middle

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I didn't have to.

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@WilltheMagicAsian said:

I'm Asian.

I dunno, I made this username for what seems like forever ago at a LAN center.

I love your name.

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Because he is the greatest WWF Champion of all time.

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Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (EU) for PlayStation
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My friend used to call himself Zurg of off the toys story 2 movie and so I took that and innovated on it and BAM that's how I got it

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I kept trying all of my favorite comicbook characters and obviously they were all taken so in frustration I tried the stupidest comic character I knew of at the time and viola Kidavenger

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I really don't know...

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It's my real name.

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I wish to remain borderline anonymous.

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I was really into Paper Mario at the time, so I used 'Koopa'. I was also really addicted to playing Mother 3, and I figured the whole Psi/PK *insert move here* thing was cool, and went well with Koopa. Thus, PK_Koopa was born.

Still, if I could change my name, I'd change it to AuxiliaryBro, since that's what my best friend named me.

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My name is Talicia and I like Dragons, pow.

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Many moon ago on a cold and windy night there was a young boy who awoke to find himself alone in a forest. Cold and afraid. As the night went on the boy began to succumb to the wrath of winter when he began to dream of being at home in his warm bed, eating some of his moms delicious cooking. However, as the night went on the boy became weaker and weaker until finally he was about to give into the bitter cold of the night when he was startled awake by the howl of an approaching pack of wolves. Terrified for his life the boy sprang to his feet and began to run away as fast as he could, but because he had spent so long in the cold his limbs underneath him began to wobble and fail him as he desperately tried to run away only to fall to the ground every few steps.

Just as the young boy started to feel the numbness leave his freezing limbs and he began to pick up a pace he stumbled on a branch hidden under the frozen snow and crashed to the ground with a deafening thud. As the the boy cleared his vision and looked up he found himself face to face with the ferocious pack leader snarling and gnashing its razer sharp teeth at the boy as drool ran down the sides of its mouth like a waterfall in anticipation for the feast it was about to make of the boy, and its dark blood red eyes began to glitter under the moon lit night. For what seemed like an eternity of staring at the vicious wolf leader waiting for it to kill him, the boy found that the fear inside him began to fade, as it was replaced with a desire to fight, to survive and to not die here. Becoming food for this pack of starving wolves was not acceptable. Suddenly the now empowered young boy found himself slipping into what felt like a primal fight or die state of being, as he began barring his teeth back at the pack leader. The boy began to growl and yell as loud as he could, showing to the pack that he was not going to be a quick meal for them after all, and that they were not going to make him their supper that night without a fight. Upon his sudden and ferocious growling the boy saw the leader back away for a moment surprised to see what it considered to be a weak and easy meal for itself suddenly fighting back. Seeing this moment of opportunity, the boy believing it to be his only chance to at least take one of them out before they all swooped in to feast on his frozen corpse, he lunged at the wolf. Biting down on its neck tearing through the flesh and fur with a desperate and primal instinct he didn't know he had he felt the warmth of the beasts blood splash out from the artery in its neck.

The leader didn't stand a chance once the boy bit into its neck, as a fountain of warm wolf blood splashed onto the dry snow and all over the boys face painting them a dark ruby red as it showed the startled pack of wolves in its reflection like a red mirror. Just as quickly as the young boy had lunged at the wolf the confrontation was over. The other wolves shocked at seeing their helpless prey killing their mighty leader didn't know what to do. Should they kill the boy? No matter how hungry they were they couldn't. Their traditions dictated when someone defeated the leader of the pack in one on one combat they had proven themselves to be the most powerful warrior of the pack and the right to be their leader. Hungry, tired and not wanting to risk losing any more members of the pack to usurp the strange new leader, the strongest of the remaining wolves, and next in line for leadership, picked the boy up and sat him on its back as the pack began its march towards their den.

As they started the long walk back to the safety and warmth of their den, the boy came to and looking down at the wolf carrying him said "Are you going to eat me now?" The wolf looked over its should into the boys eyes and with an evil looking smirk showing off a set of razer sharp teeth smiled at the boy and said "No little human, you have defeated or pack leader in fair combat. That means you are now our leader. We must now protect and care for you so that you can get stronger and do the same for the pack. " Still weary of what the powerful wolf and its pack could do to him at any moment, the boy asked politely "What is your name mighty wolf, so i may know whom to thank once i recover?" The wolf replied "We believe that only the leader of the pack has the privilege to have a name, so tell us what yours is so we may pray to our gods for your well being tonight". "My name is Nick" whispered the young boy, as he found himself starting to succumb to the effects of the cold and the adrenaline from the fight with the pack leader left his body leaving him feeling weaker then before.

The wolf looked down at the ground as it marched onward with its pack forming a protective circle around the injured newly crowned leader, lost in thought. Then it said "That was your human name little one, as long as you are with us you will go by the name Crusader8463 for that name sounds awesome". And from that day forward the little boy was known as Crusader8463. In the years to come the boy would grow up to become a man, leading his mighty pack of wolves through countless battles with other wolves over food and territory, becoming known to allies of the pack as the greatest of all leaders and to their enemies as a ruthless, ferocious and cunning leader whose name would only be whispered....Crusader8463....

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Factual Information.

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Some anime character...

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@Claude said:

It's my real name.

Stop lying Steven. We all know the truth.

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I thought it would be funny.

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Studied ancient Greek... picked an adjective I liked... done.

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No idea, but it has something to do with Counter-Strike.

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it's Dutch for "From the Future". i am not Dutch, but i am from the future. end transmission.

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Funny-sounding name from a random episode of The Simpsons.

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Cause I'm very likely older than you.
Now, get off my lawn!

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Favorite book as a kid. Also I have a big ass, my own giant peach.

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The brand of cigarettes I smoke.

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I'm a young socialist majoring in sociology, so yeah, quite the minority in North America.

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I took 2 random letters, and two random numbers, and put them together.

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My name is Alex and I like Michael Sheen (not just his movies but hut his name). Combined the two and put "ander" in the middle.

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I liked to shout the phrase "LEEEROOYY JEENKKINSSS" while bum rushing people in games. Come a few weeks later and my friend was showing me the Weezer album Pinkerton. My "battle cry" turned into "LEEEROYYYY PINKKERTTONNNN" and that ended up becoming my online name of sorts.

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it's my name but with raz just because

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its an Iggy Pop song

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@crusader8463 said:

@Claude said:

It's my real name.

Stop lying Steven. We all know the truth.

Haha, that's my brother's name. Here's a picture of me when I was 25. That was 22 years ago, fuck, I'm old.
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I ripped it off from a popular drink. It's been around for quite some time if I'm not mistaken.

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@Claude said:

It's my real name.

You don't happen to look like this guy, do you?

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It was a good movie. The special effects were great and the acting was impressive for a dubbed film.

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@Claude said:

@crusader8463 said:

@Claude said:

It's my real name.

Stop lying Steven. We all know the truth.

Haha, that's my brother's name. Here's a picture of me when I was 25. That was 22 years ago, fuck, I'm old.

You looked like a serial killer Claude.