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Poll: How did you first find Giant Bomb? (592 votes)

Word of mouth 22%
Google 6%
Youtube 4%
Other 67%

For me, it was a friend who told me about it.

#151 Posted by razielrioux (134 posts) -

I remember looking up podcast in Itunes that talked about videogames. I saw Giant Bomb, downloaded it, took a listen and I have been a devotee to GB ever since for the past 5 years.

#152 Posted by leebmx (2236 posts) -

Need more options than that I think - I found out about it by reading the comments on the Jeffs review of Kayne and Lynch. When I heard that he had been fired I thought that anyone who can get fired for speaking their mind has got to be worth checking out.

#153 Posted by RVonE (4720 posts) -

I've been following Jeff and Greg (Kasavin) since 1999 or 2000, I think. When shit went down at Gamespot, I started following all those blogs that went up (or were revived) because of Jeff's termination. So basically I just followed Jeff to wherever he was heading.

#154 Posted by cutyoface (555 posts) -

I found the podcast.

#155 Posted by mosespippy (4650 posts) -

This poll seems kind of flawed since a good chunk of us came from the gamespot days. If over 2/3rds of the poll is other then it's a pretty incomplete poll.

#156 Posted by gbrading (2209 posts) -

I, I come from the Old Country. Day One member. In fact, I never left the Old Country. ;)

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#158 Posted by Divina_Rex (351 posts) -

Someone at Gametrailers posted a Quicklook of Dragon Age: Origins.

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Someone on the website posted a link to the New Super Mario Bros. Wii Quick Look in the forums.

#160 Posted by TechHits (1392 posts) -

How is the podcast not on the poll?

#161 Posted by Deadmanforking (581 posts) -

Jeffs blog/Arrow Pointing Down Podcast.

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I found out about it when Jeff left and then I think it was trending on Digg when the blog first went up and I remember bookmarking it then.

#163 Posted by Cretaceous_Bob (533 posts) -

I feel like one of the options on this poll should be "GameSpot".

#164 Posted by arg3n7um (71 posts) -

Heard about Gerstmann-gate on the old Gamespy podcast. Started listening to the arrow pointing down podcast. Have been following the crew ever since.

#165 Posted by ArtelinaRose (1866 posts) -

I don't remember how I found it, but I found a link to the Borderlands quick look. I started going semi regularly after that and decided to finally sign up a few months afterwards.

#166 Edited by Azurath (310 posts) -

NeoGaf's threads piqued my interest, until I finally watched a Quick Look and really enjoyed it. The next week I listened to the Bombcast and haven't missed basically any content since.

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Really seems "I've been reading and watching these dude's stuff since Gamespot" should be an option, no? For us old-timers.

#169 Posted by Nitrocore (369 posts) -

It came to me in a dream.

#170 Posted by Stensby1 (18 posts) -

I saw my older brother watching Ryan and Jeff doing a mailbag back in 09 or so. Thought the guys were hilarious so I decided to check it out.

#171 Posted by Freezer_Burn (207 posts) -

Persona 4. I was looking up stuff on it, and came across the Endurance Run. I watched it, and enjoyed Jeff and Vinny enough to start making my way through the rest of the site.

#172 Edited by Pie_Romancer (7 posts) -

Somehow I came across the Dead or Alive: Paradise quick look. I laughed my ass off through the whole thing and I've been hooked ever since.

#173 Posted by cloudnineboya (885 posts) -

found it through good ol google searching for a wicked gaming site got giant bomb instead.

#174 Edited by Karl (63 posts) -

@gbrading: I'm also from the old country and a Day One Giant Bomb member. I also haven't left the old country :P

#175 Posted by MikeJFlick (445 posts) -

I never liked Gamespot or IGN, but I heard about Jeff being fired and heard about Giantbomb being formed and started watching the site carefully since then.

#176 Posted by Happenstance (469 posts) -

I found it after searching for Video game podcasts on glad I did!

#177 Posted by hustlerlt (335 posts) -

I remember I was searching to watch something funny and interesting about video games. After watching a bunch of "hilarious" videos, I was starting to lose hope. Then out of nowhere on google I found GB. One of their newest QL's were for B-Boy. Ever since I saw that video, I was a fan.

#179 Posted by SunBroZak (1521 posts) -

TotalBiscuit has mentioned it several times, so I finally decided to check it out not too long ago.

#180 Posted by ToTheNines (898 posts) -

I can't remember.. Maybe a random google search on Jeff's name, to see what he was doing. All I know is I found it around 2009.

#181 Posted by Tomorrowman (164 posts) -

Some podcast called Arrow Pointing Down.

#182 Posted by Lazlow (117 posts) -

Followed Jeff from gamespot after that kane and lynch bullshit.

#183 Posted by soupnap (1 posts) -

I used to read Gamespot every day when I was younger. Just followed on from there.

#184 Posted by Mario2544 (91 posts) -

New Super Mario Bros Gameplay google search, first result was the quick look, all history from there

#185 Posted by HellknightLeon (467 posts) -

Whats Giant Bomb....

#186 Posted by Angouri (233 posts) -

@smcn said:

I used to listen to the Joystiq podcast when it was McElroy, Grant, and Kietzmann. They mentioned the Bombcast a few times so I gave it a listen and was hooked.

pretty much this. I remember Chris Grant telling stories of doing carpentry or home improvement (aka, Chris Grant's closest approximation to gaming) and that he enjoyed catching up on old bombcasts while toiling. He also spoke fondly of the tech of GB. So when Joystiq's podcast imploded (and engadget also imploded due to AOL being crazy), I jumped between gaming podcasts (mainly rebel fm and the cagcast). I finally caved and sat through a bombcast, only to see the error of my ways for avoiding them. After listening to the entire bombcast archive, I finally decided to check these "quick looks" (Wombat from the CAGcast mentions them frequently) and haven't left.

#187 Posted by Nivash (241 posts) -

I don't know exactly, but it was back when they ran the Deadly Premonitions ER. I probably got it linked from somewhere else so... word of mouth I guess?

#188 Posted by expensiveham (295 posts) -

Found the podcast on iTunes while browsing.

#189 Posted by gbrading (2209 posts) -
@karl said:

@gbrading: I'm also from the old country and a Day One Giant Bomb member. I also haven't left the old country :P

*high fives* :D

#190 Posted by Nekroskop (2786 posts) -

I think I was listening to the Mega64 podcast as usual in early 2009, when I heard Rocco mention Jeff and the gang having a new site called Giant Bomb. Having stopped going to Gamespot after "Gerstmann Gate" the year before I was curious what the guys were up to. Started listening to the podcasts and watching the quicklooks and was hooked. I signed up when the Persona 4 Endurance run was just starting up.

#191 Posted by konig_kei (703 posts) -

Listened to of duty podcast and a guy on it mention the bombcast, frequently, and after black ops came out i completely lost interest because it's shite so i couldn't care less about that particular podcast and i decided to check out the bombcast after that. THEN, after like 2 months of listening to the bombcast i needed more and they kept mentioning this jah-I-ant bohm dot com thing and now I'm here. On another note, if I did not have to make an account to get the premium content, i probably wouldn't have done it at the time.

#192 Posted by Everyones_A_Critic (6315 posts) -

2007 was six years ago. Fuck.

#193 Posted by d_breeze (227 posts) -

I read tv tropes and the Persona 4 Endurance Run was mentioned in one of the articles.

#194 Posted by ConfusedOwl (987 posts) -

I was a frequent poster on the Escapist. Someone mentioned it on there and so I moved here instead. Never regretted the decision.

#195 Posted by SycoMantis91 (33 posts) -

Through ComicVine.

#196 Posted by Akyho (1743 posts) -

When my friends started talking about Giant Bomb around me for a week, I then asked them "who the fuck is this Ryan? Who the fuck is Jeff!? What are you on about!?" They said "oh Giantbomb." I asked for an explanation. So I checked it out and been here since, all my friends are hooked to the site are subs.

Thing is they knew about Giant Bomb for two months before they told me. Also ofcourse knew of "Gerstmangate" which at the time I went "that fucking asshole? He admits to not even completing the game?! what kinda of useless reviewer would do such a thing!" Then I played Kayne and lynch..I have still not completed it since I just simply cant due to the same reasons as Jeff when he reviewed its a shit game and Jeff was right and I was the asshole.

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In '07 I started watching old game reviews on youtube and the better reviews were older gamespot reviews. I went to gamespot's official website and couldn't find the guy I liked in any of their videos (Jeff). So I kept watching the reviews on youtube. I found the Kane and Lynch review and I found out that Jeff got fired after making the review. Then I searched for "Jeff Gerstmann fired" videos and some black dude had done a vlog where he told people to go to Giantbomb dot com, a site about video games. It was apparently Jeff's new website(I can't find the video, it's probably still on Youtube). I made this account when the PS3 trophies were syncable but I've been visiting this site a bit longer..

#198 Posted by Sbaitso (573 posts) -

Followed over from GameSpot, though I only got really into that site right around the time Rich left, even though I'd used the site for reviews before I ever listened to the hotspot or anything like that. Just after Jeff got ousted from GS I saw his post about his blog, started reading that since I was into the points reports and that stuff before, and then this thing called the Arrow Pointing Down podcast got posted. So I haven't been following these guys for as long as some people on here, who go way way back, but I've been around for a while.

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When I read about the whole Kane and Lynch debacle. Wasn't much but a page and a few posts.

#200 Posted by Lazyaza (2225 posts) -

I'd been listening to podcasts for a few years already and when the whole 1up implosion thing happened with ziff davis I think was when I went looking for other podcasts in 2008 and stumbled upon gb's. Upon recognizing jeff and ryan's voices I was like "OH so that's where gerstmann went after the whole gamespot thing". And being a long time fan of gamespots glory days I figured well gb seems cool so I'ma stick around.