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Poll: How did you first find Giant Bomb? (592 votes)

Word of mouth 22%
Google 6%
Youtube 4%
Other 67%

For me, it was a friend who told me about it.

#201 Posted by Shortbreadtom (940 posts) -

I found it through the podcast. I just looked up video game podcasts on iTunes, and then found the website from there.

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ahh I was linked to the Dragon Age: Origins quick look from some other site and I've been addicted ever since

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@milkman said:

When Jeff said on his blog "hey, I'm making this website called Giant Bomb."

#204 Posted by Levius (1309 posts) -

I guess for me it was a two step process, firstly I started having to take a train to college so I started listening to a bunch of podcasts. On the Rebel FM podcast Arthur Gies recommended the Bombcast, so I started listening to the Bombcast but I didn't visit the site. Then a few months after I was on some site looking for Lets Play recommendations, I noticed the P4 endurance run and knowing the guys were pretty funny from the Bombcast, so I started watching it and I never looked back.

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Mine was way back when the 360 launched, there was some way to link your Gamertag info through or something so that you could display the gamertag info on other sites.

Or something like that.

I'm old and my memory sucks... so...

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@milkman said:

When Jeff said on his blog "hey, I'm making this website called Giant Bomb."

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I followed Jeff from Gamespot. He didn't see me because I hid in the bushes.

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I used to post on the Kevin Smith/View Askew message board and we were mocking Tony Hawk: Ride and someone posted the QL video. I hadn't laughed that hard in a while and started checking out the rest of the videos. Now I'm here daily and the VA board is long dead

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Was scouring through any and all Fallout 3 reviews, and stumbled upon Jeff's review. Never looked back since.

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I used to listen to a few gaming podcasts including Idle Thumbs, Rebel FM and even the 1up podcast with Garnet Lee etc to keep me sane back when I did mind-numbing, soul-destroying data entry work (days long gone by, thank ****!).

I think think it was E3 or PAX one year that the Bomb Squad were guests on the complete ****storm of a that was the alcohol fueled 1up podcast. They were really funny, gave old Garnet some real schtick and seemed like they knew what they were talking about.

Always on the lookout for podcasts to fill my days, I downloaded that week's Bombcast. The guys spent half an hour talking about some weird soda than a listener had sent in, going off on several tangents before even mentioning videogames but that's all it took to net them a new regular listener.

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Stumbled on the Quicklook of Forza Horizon on Youtube. After hearing they had a podcast I was in and have been listening and watching ever since.

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How do you not have GameSpot on that list? Jeff and a few others were my favs back in the GameSpot days, and when I found out that he got fired - it made me sad. Then, a few months later, he announced Giant Bomb....AND that's about it.

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Oh this question again, I came along with the rest of the Gamespot migration when GB first started out as a blog.

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When I was a regular in the IGN forums in 2009 (maybe? that probably lines up right), a lot of people would post links to Quick Looks. I would check one out here and there, and after a few months I realized that this website was awesome. That was around the time I got a Zune HD (yeah, I know) and was looking for podcasts. I've been in love ever since.

Prior to that, my only familiarity with any member of this website was the Penny-Arcade comic detailing Jeff's firing from Gamespot. The only time I ever paid attention to gamespot was when Greg Kasavin did a video review.

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I'm a day one guy. I stopped browsing Gamespot after they did their Hotspot podcast episode talking about Jeff's departure. Randomly in March 08 I decided to check Ryan or Jeff's Gamespot blog and they linked to the original blog website when it had a total of 3 or 4 podcasts on it.

#217 Posted by hanktherapper (405 posts) -

Follwed Jeff, Brad, and Alex on Gamespot. One day wondered what happened to Jeff and Google searched his name. Saw he was running Giant Bomb. Started visiting the site.

#218 Posted by two_socks (255 posts) -

My buddy sent me a link to the Rogue Warrior quick look and I've been hooked since.

#219 Posted by Viking_Funeral (2128 posts) -

Persona 4 Endurance Run, back in the day.

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Used to watch their stuff when they worked at Gamespot. When Jeff and Ryan started this site I started following this one.

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I looked up Jeff on Wikipedia when he was between sites.

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Twas way back when in early 2010 when Perfect Dark was my first XBLA purchase I made shortly after buying my ecksbawks. I was already fucking obsessed with the N64 version of the game, and eventually I watched the quick look of the game. I remember thinking the guys were pretty funny to listen to, so I listened to the podcast. That was around March, I think. My earliest memory of religiously following the site is listening to the four-hour-long podcast that happened on the day Halo: Reach came out. That was a fucking great day. By December I was seeing stars for Giant Bomb.

I'm getting really emotional thinking about this. God damn it, I love all you people. The internet is fucking rad.

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I think it was waaaaay back in 2008. Jeff, Ryan and Brad guested on the '1Up Yours' podcast; as a result I checked out GB a few days later.


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I randomly googled Jeff Gerstmann as I was curious about what he was doing since his departure from GameSpot. I just happened to do it the week Giant Bomb was announced.

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TIME's best websites of the year, 2011 I think?

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Word of mouth, and by 'mouth' I mean 'internet.'

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I found gamespot like 4 months before Jeff and the other guys left.

Ditto. I followed the Kane & Lynch stuff with Jeff pretty closely and kind of kept listening to the Hotspot, but then I went to sarcastic gamer (a horrible website in hindsight) got sick of them, and went and listened to a December Bombcast where they talked about a cereal bar and the Spike VGA's. I stopped following them shortly after that and didn't start again until mid-late 2009.

Twas a weird time, and I had a lot more time for podcasts back then.

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An E3 podcast of 1up Yours. I believe Brad's was on and his words were "Giant Bomb dot com. Buy a t-shirt." Googled it and that was the end of me.

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Followed the guys after they left Gamespot. Probably found out from either Jeff's blog or the Arrow Pointing Down podcast when they first announced they were creating a new site.

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Naughty Dog either on twitter or somewhere else were informing people of Uncharted 2 multiplayer on Thursday Night Throwdown. Been hooked since then, watching everything including going back and watching a bunch of old Gamespot videos.

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@milkman said:

When Jeff said on his blog "hey, I'm making this website called Giant Bomb."

And I never looked back.

#232 Posted by jkz (4079 posts) -

Following Jeff around on the internet

#233 Posted by xlab3000 (47 posts) -

by signing up for comicvine

#234 Posted by ScreamingGhost (229 posts) -

My brother had been a fan of Gerstman since Gamespot eventually telling me to go check out Giantbomb he'd been watching from the start but I didn't start until mid 2010.

#235 Posted by Mogarth (26 posts) -

Was looking at the top gaming podcast on itunes and saw the bombcast with Adam Sessler and I decided to listen because it was right after he left G4.

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4player podcast would talk about giantbomb on their podcast and i was curious.