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how do they work? "watched topics" implies that i want to watch a specific thread. But when i click "watched topics" in the side I see "1825 results" which is apparently every single thread i've ever commented in. I've never pressed the button (which i just noticed was there)

is that the way it's meant to work? cause i thought it was a "hey i frequently comment in this thread but sometimes it leaves to a distant page # so let me "watch" it to have quick access to it"

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Yeah, for some reason it'll automatically watch threads you've been in leaving the "watch topics" section completely unmanageable. Currently says I have 2,528 results. I only ever actively watched a couple dozen.

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I wish I knew the answer to this myself. I just kinda assumed it's busted.

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That's still in beta, that's what.

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The real question you should be asking is what are the mods up to in their topics?


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i wonder what the pepsi topic is?

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