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Poll: How do you eat a chocolate bar? (265 votes)

I break off the pre cut pieces and eat them one by one 66%
I take bites out of the bar regardless of the pre cut pieces 34%
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With my face!

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Break off the row (3 pieces usually)

Turn it sideways

Shine it up real good

and shove it up your candy ass

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you're talking about something like a Hershey's bar where it is segmented I assume. on occasions that i eat a candy bar, I tend to eat things like Snickers and Milky Way that are just a plain old bar. Those I cut into portions with a knife and eat with a fork (i am not a savage, dammit). I can't remember the last time i ate a chocolate bar that came pre-segmented. sorry, can't vote here, i guess.

What, no Seinfeld clip?

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If I can, I'll break off a column and eat it regardless of the segmentation or if there are no columns then break off rows. Sometimes the pieces are just too big for a single bite and eat it in two bites.

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@stonyman65: Cadbury, Galaxy and Kinder chocolates come to mind.

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@hamst3r said:

I rub the chocolate bar on my body and absorb it through my skin.

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If I ain't sharing it, what's the point of breaking it into pieces?

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@soapy86 said:

With a fork and knife.

You fucking savages.

Do you eat hot dogs with a fork and knife too ?

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Oh wow, I'm surprised by the results. Thought I was one of the few crazy people who took time to break of pieces and then eat them :P

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  1. Bite around the sides
  2. Bite the top off
  3. Eat whatever's in the middle
  4. Eat the bottom
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Why conform to their ridged structure, break the rules!

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I melt it down and make it into delicious confections.

I always wanted to experiment with taking various chocolate bars, those will multiple chewy layers of different substances, and melting them and mixing them to see how the taste changes. Does a Snickers tastes the same if you melt, mix, and harden it it again...for the sake of argument assume I fish-out the peanuts to crush them into paste, and reincorporate them.

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Pieces bitches.

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I break them off. I ain't no goddamn savage.

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@tobbrobb said:

I break off a row along the lines and then eat it like a breadstick, disregarding lines when biting.

Same here, but on occasion when I bite I do take into account the segmentation.

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@hatking: touché! That post made laugh my ass off!

I tend to throw the chocolate in the air, juggle it with my six shooters and then catch the individual pieces with my mouth as they fall back to earth. There is then a massive explosion behind me (I don't turn to look) as heroically grab and kiss the babe.

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@tobbrobb said:

I break off a row along the lines and then eat it like a breadstick, disregarding lines when biting.

Pretty much this.

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There's no option for hot-chocolate enema!

i would use a Irish cream coffee enema....i think it would flow better.

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I usually bite where the pre-cut pieces/segments are.

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I prefer really dark 75-80% chocolate, which means you just can't eat it all in one go, Thus I tend to break it. Though whether it breaks according to the pattern, doesn't really matter to me. I eat it on top of my breakfast or with or a good cup of coffee.

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Honest question here: why do so many people hate Hershey's? Personally, I'm not a huge chocolate fan in general, but it's not like I find it to be unbearable.

And I of course eat by the segments when I do eat them, and the segments definitely stretch to almost all chocolate bars.

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I do not remember creating this topic.