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They're delicious for the first bite and then I'm good for at least a year. I feel similarly about marshmallows outside of hot chocolate.

#52 Posted by Hunter5024 (6358 posts) -

I am pro peep.

#53 Posted by NMC2008 (1248 posts) -

There's only one true Easter candy.

I agree but I also feel like I will die if I eat too many.

#54 Posted by captain_clayman (3349 posts) -

Damn yall are harsh on some peeps. I like em decent enough. That is, if I only have them once a year. Any more than that and I'd probably get sick of them real quick.

#55 Posted by Tyrrael (314 posts) -

Can't recall ever trying them. They never looked like something I wanted to try, and anyway I already have an easter candy I prefer.

I agree. These are amazing. I call them the "rich man's M&Ms". They're essentially the same thing, only the chocolate in these is much better. It's not that I don't like M&Ms, but yeah, these are amazing.

#56 Posted by Hamst3r (4881 posts) -

Peeps are worse than Candy Corn, and nothing is worse than Candy Corn...except for Peeps.

#57 Posted by RonGalaxy (3624 posts) -

Yeah, peeps are the fucking worst. Thinking about them makes me actually angry. I also disapprove of everything concerning cadbury (especially the eggs the eggs with the disgusting crispy center). They are the worst company, IMO.

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Oh, uhh, Peeps? They're alright, I guess.

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I love them. I'm currently in the middle of eating a whole box of them.

#60 Posted by Ragnar (110 posts) -

There's only one true Easter candy.

You're a monster. I like peeps, but more aesthetically than in reality. As far as candy goes they have a certain level of gaudiness that I appreciate. Also they get crazy when you put them in the microwave. Creme Eggs are just gross.

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I'll eat peeps. Peeks are fine, but I'm from New England and we eat Fluff...marshmallow is like a food group to us. Smores, Rice Crispy Treats, and Fluffernutters are considered meals to us.

Ah, the classic Fluffernutter... you haven't really lived until you've taken a bite of peanut butter, Fluff, and some Wonder Bread.

#62 Posted by UitDeToekomst (781 posts) -

I have to assume that - much like Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite and founder of the Nobel Peace Prize - the inventor of Peeps regrets (or regretted if he is dead, of course) the pain and suffering that he has unleashed on the world with his creation.

#63 Posted by ripelivejam (6063 posts) -

Love the hell out of them this time of year. I like them straight out of the package or even aged over a few days of being exposed to natural air.


#64 Posted by ottoman673 (785 posts) -

Peeps are fucking bullshit, so is all Easter candy

Except Starburst jelly beans. Those are the best.

#65 Posted by LandonRobinson (106 posts) -

They're gross. But I still love the peep microwave video.

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There's only one true Easter candy.

indeed until you find out (like I did this past Halloween) that they are no longer only for Easter

#67 Posted by mixedupzombies (155 posts) -

I like peeps and candy corn go fuck yourselves. Though candy corn is actually yummy.