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I have some really mixed feelings about Pitchfork media.  
On one hand:  

  • Their reviews are needlessly pretentious -- and sometimes downright annoying. 
  • They often seem to get off on trashing bands.
  •  I feel like they neglect a lot of great bands, while spending too much time focusing on a few mediocre ones (although they do pick some winners). 
  • There's a big focus on assigning numbers to stuff there; A practice that Gamespot and GiantBomb have consciously evolved beyond.  
But on the other: 
  • I really like Pitchfork TV. They have all kinds of great content there. 
  • They draw attention to a lot of great acts that might not have made it if it wasn't for Pitchfork (including several acts I love). 
  • They spend more time focusing on bands I like than most other music blogs (excluding Consequence of Sound and Brooklyn Vegan, who generally focus more on stuff I like)
I wonder if they are a positive or negative force in the independent music scene. For example, if people only have so much time to listen to music, and they spend time listening to what Pitchfork recommends, then they may miss out on music that they have heard of from word-of-mouth.  

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I read their news, that's about it. Don't pay any attention to their review section.

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No idea what they are, or what they do.