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So I've been working on a blog/site while in college and I'm just wondering how I should go about getting noticed. I have a youtube, tumblr, blogspot, wordpress, itunes podcast, facebook, and a website and it seems like I'm getting no traffic. Most video views on my youtube channel was for my review of the Nyko Intercooler.

On a related topic - How do you continue working on your website while still finding time for school?

Thanks in advanced for any advice!

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Either clever use of tags on your youtube videos or putting titties in the thumbnail.

That was probably not very helpful.

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Try yelling real loud.
Also, titties.

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What videos are you doing on YouTube? I do Skyrim videos, then spam it on every Skyrim forum I can find. I've tried to get retweets from big guys but that doesn't work.

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Use boobies as your thumbnail.


Write down the URL on a bunch of pieces of paper, then walk around handing them to everyone.

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@believer258: i was thinking about making some photoshop fliers to pass out. Just wondering who actually looks at that stuff. I know I never do.

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SEO articles on google. Duh.

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You should hook up with other people like you, that want to be known. like other youtube guys.

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@Dagbiker: I have yet to find any youtubers, people in school, or any other bloggers that are actually willing to do a calibration. Everyone is out for themselves. I know we are at a time where the American economy is in turmoil and there are only so many jobs out there, but it's really ridiculous.

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Make something cool or boobs.

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@tadros: Thats too bad, you could try making t-shirts, or pins or somthing with a logo of yours, or your website on it, then sell them at cost.

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Persist and be good. My blog has been around for a few years now, with varying levels of (in)activity, but I have got a consistent group that will read when I have posted something.

The rest come in via tagging and/or google searches (side note: the amount of people that have found my website by typing Mecha Hitler, Red Alert 3 hints, and Team Fortress hacks into a search engine is staggering).

My views range from a dozen a day now, up to just over 500 a day at my peak when I was still doing the journalism stuff. If you are consistent and participate in communities and push yourself of there, you'll get attention.

The thing is you need to be forceful about it and need to be selling your shit constantly to be successful in that game, and it was my lack of interest in doing that that caused me to stop giving a shit.

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Cats and boobs, as many as you can find. Don't stop for anything.

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You need to add the tags "teen girl porn naked tits boobs breasts topless kittens" to all your videos. Instant 1 million views.

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Sex tape with a Hollywood starlet.

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Mass murdering tends to get attention

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Sex Tape or Walking arround the street naked whatever floats your boat.

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Be interesting, do it for years, and have some kind of controversy that makes a bunch of people see your work due to it being referenced all over the place. 
If you cant somehow happen to have a controversy happen to you sometimes doing a cross over with an established personality works. 
If the second thing doesn't work (cus you probably don't know anyone like that, or they ignore your incessant emails that you're awesome so they should totally do a cross over with you) then just keep doing your thing, until that one video/podcast/blog for some reason blows up (case in point, that dude that does that white trash guy- he didn't get a lot of hits until that one video about the re: girls). 
I think at the end of the day it's just persistence and luck. In any way you do it, it will still take years and dedication.

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I think Youtube should be your first, and safest bet. Don't try to be someone you're not. Don't try to cover shit you don't care about. Don't be an "avatar" for journalism, catering to the most cookie-cutter userbase. Don't try to appeal to everyone. Be yourself.
Look at the Giant Bomb guys now. They lucked out. OH boy, talking about video games sure is darn tootin' fun isn't it? NO. IT'S NOT. But these guys managed to turn that into something entertaining. Now they've got this giant... bomb on their hands that they don't even know how to control. All they had to do was be themselves. You tend to show your true colors around friends. Get to know people. Network. Collaborate. Do things you love to do together and don't pander to anyone. You know what people want to hear.
Follow your instincts, believe in the heart of the cards.

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Intern at a publication. FYI the Giant Bomb guys already had industry experience and contacts. The big plus (on top of everything) is that they could make entertaining videos and write well.

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@Sweep said:

Cats and boobs, as many as you can find. Don't stop for anything.

What about cat boobs?

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@Video_Game_King said:

@Sweep said:

Cats and boobs, as many as you can find. Don't stop for anything.

What about cat boobs?

milk them for as much as you can.

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Get noticed? Just that, not "be liked" or "be respected" or "have dignity"?

I'll give you the same answer I give people with regards to money: if you only want money, then you cannot be picky about what you do. Look around, where is there a need, fill it. Landscaping, maid service, roofing, who knows, just find a demand and fill it. Keep diversifying, don't get upset when something fails, keep pushing, and in a decade or two you'll be worth a million dollars (mostly tied up in businesses). But you cannot care about what you are doing, once you think like that, you'll pass up opportunities.

Now, if you want to do something specific, or actually like what you do every day, then you cannot expect to get rich, because there are probably too many people doing the same thing, pushing down your value (unless you are on the forefront of something, like dubstep). And that's fine, you'll enjoy yourself for most of the days of your life, you won't need to take huge risks (imagine telling your kids that you've lost everything and you'l be homeless), because your work is your reward.

I'm assuming you are asking how to be noticed while doing something specific, maybe something that the market isn't demanding because of a small audience, or excessive supply. If that is the case, then I just have to say it probably won't happen, Of course you may get noticed by chance, just like anyone can win the lottery, but you shouldn't plan on that. The only control you have is to do whatever it takes to be noticed, or just keep doing whatever it is you are doing because you like it.

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Sex tape. Do it!

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Sex Change.

Ever since I changed from a woman to a man, I can't keep them off me.

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Be one of those obnoxious assholes that can't speak more than four words at a time without jump cutting all over the fucking place.

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