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This is an age old question (which has probably been asked here before), but I'll ask it again.

Personally I go back and forth between a moka (Stovetop, Bialetti) or a longer Aeropress. Mostly black, no sugar nor milk. Pure Arabica beans fits very well for the mocca, but I prefer Blue Java or french roast for a larger cup of coffee. I also work part time at a café, so I make mochas, cappuccinos and lattes (and more) all day long. I love coffee, but it makes me tired of it at times. Luckily there are chai lattes! That or I'll make a dirty chai latte (a shot espresso in a regular).


How do YOU like your coffee, and why?

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So, I don't usually drink coffee, but I've been staying up for OctoberKast and I felt I needed a little something something. I just want to say that Starbucks Breakfast Blend tastes like water squeezed from wads of trash. I'll never understand how people enjoy that stuff.

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From a cafe I just have a Latte, no sugars, lets me easily compare between coffee places, at home I have plunger coffee, black with 1 sugar, easiest way to do non-instant coffee at home.

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I use an Aeropress and take a black americano, no sugar etc. I'm not knowledgable enough to be overly picky about what beans I buy (I do grind them myself, though not sure how much of a difference it really makes) but more often than not I end up just buying Starbucks beans because its convenient and surprisingly affordable.

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PS a dirty chai latte sounds like an awesome idea, have to try that sometime.

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Just plain black coffee. Sometimes with some cream but that's it. :P

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Black, because it's fast.

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@ethanml: It's an awesome drink. You get the sweet, mellow taste of the chai latte with the added punch of an espresso. I tend to call it a chai latte bomb, which is what a friend of mine calls it. And to be clear, it's not my idea. You could probably just google it for some origin if you're interested.

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Black, from either a french press or Melitta brewer.

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Coffee-mate and two sugars.
It's like candy

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Black iced coffee or a dark roast (my local establishment uses Dean's Beans "Ring of Fire") as a red eye (with a shot of espresso). I tell people that I like coffee so much that the only thing I like in it is extra coffee. I spent a couple years working in coffee shops and developed an espresso habit but I never like to just order a shot, prefer to have something to walk around with for awhile.

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Black. Preferably from shitty diners.

I hate when people spend five minutes telling me some artisanal monkey shat out the beans just to make it taste better. I even have gotten weird looks when I go to little mom and pop cafes and I ask just for black coffee. I used to add loads of whipcream, caramel, the whole nine but my tastes have changed. And I was heavily influenced by Twin Peaks.

Also I do prefer some FK's in there.

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Black and as hot as possible and made from grind beans, not that sewage that comes out of company dispensers.

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It was fun trying chai lattes in every available coffee shop when I was in Australia a few months ago. Definitely the greatest joy of a drink known to humans.

Otherwise, it's just plain black if the bean quality is anything above decent. The way coffee was meant to be consumed. It was actually a habit formed from seeking a flavorful 0 calorie drink when I was trying to lose weight, but the snootiness of the coffee roast quality definitely stuck with me.

Oh, and I have an aeropress and it's fantastic for a good single cup, but I usually want more so I just make a pot in my french press.

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Mainly Aeropres, no sugar, no milk, Guatemala "Las Nubes" is the bean i'm liking most at the moment, i'm also looking to buy a Chemex to have a larger volume of coffe when i'm home. When i'm out i always take a single espresso .

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Perfect timing for this questions...just sat down to enjoy my first cup of the day. Hopefully I don't write too much...but there's more to coffee then just what's in your cup.

As for regular coffee, it has to be a dark roast for me. WAWA Dark Roast is one of my favorites. Then's there Peet's French blend, other French blends, and some various Italian blends. The Sumatra blends are a little too strong for me. I like a dark roasted smokey flavor. If it's a really good dark roast I'll drink it black. If I feel I need something else with the coffee, I'll add cream and sugar. Usually whole cream (or whatever its called) and I prefer Sugar in the Raw but white sugar is good too. On rare occasions I might add a sprinkle of cinnamon, splash of caramel, or a a sugar-chocolate-spice blend I have that comes in a hand grinder. We have free WAWA regular roast coffee at work. I won't drink it. If it was WAWA dark roast...I would never sleep.

When I'm at a Starbucks type of place, I'll go with a Grande Mocha or the Grande Latte 90% of the time. Starbucks seasonal Lattes get my attention. The Caramel Ribbon thing was pretty damn tasty.

I've tried several coffee makers. The typical coffee press makes some good coffee but I hated the clean up. It might not seem like a big deal but it's a pain to deal with the wet coffee grounds. My favorite coffee maker was the single cup Senseo. The thing was simple as hell to use, and you just threw out the biodegradable filter pod and emptied the water tank that held water for 4 to 6 cups. Unfortunately, Senseo has lost the battle to the Keurig single cup (in America that is), which leaves water in its water tank you have to flush out or have mold in your coffee maker. Plus the Keurig pods made of plastic are probably wonderful for adding to environmental waste. It might be biodegradable plastic but it takes a lot longer to breakdown compared to the filter pod form the Senseo. The Keurig coffee is just as good as the Senseo. Keurig did get the variety of k-cup brands right, where Senseo didn't allow enough brands to make pods. I had my own pod maker. Every so often my girlfriend and I would line up the empty pods and a new bag or ground coffee and just make pods. Then we'd vacuum seal them in batches and we were set for several weeks. Senseo also had much better prices on coffee pods compared to K-cups. You could get a small bag of 16 – 18 pods for $4.25, where the usual price for K-cups is $8 – $13.99 for 12 to 16 K-cups. I used to used the big 10 – 12 cup coffee makers, but the single cup makers are perfect for me. I have a 4 cup to fill up thermos or for having guests. I want to try a really good cone filter, but that brings me back to the coffee grounds clean up. Rinsing out a single cone should be less of a pain then dismantling a coffee press all the time.

Today it's Starbucks Tribute Blend. 5 heaping tablespoons in a 4 cup coffee maker. Just right.


So where's the Hot Chocolate discussion....

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Black, because I feel more cool when I drink it.

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I grew up on sugar and milk in tea and coffee. As a kid coffee was typically something I only drank after fancy dinners where we had company. Which means it was a dessert drink, hence the creamy & sweet taste. As I got into high school this after dinner coffee became Irish coffee.

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Small cup of coffee: one pack of sugar, one dollop of honey, and enough cream to give it a light brown color.

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Best coffee for me would be a latte with un homogenized milk and fresh ground Italian beans, you can keep that stuff they serve up at Starbucks and Tim Hortons in North America, yuck.. edit: and one heaped spoon of raw sugar because coffee is always bitter yeah I drink tea mostly ;)

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Coca-Cola flavored and also as Coca-Cola. Because coffee sucks and I am ten years old.

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Black and strong. Espresso is great. Dark roasts, stuff like that. I like the taste of coffee. It doesn't need anything extra to me. Cream is OK sometimes.

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I'm with you on the chai lattes.

That said, I usually end up drinking Folger's or something. But my coffee maker is broken, so I've taken the opportunity to just drink tea instead. I refuse to choke down instant coffee.

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A splash of half-and-half and no sugar. I want to taste the coffee but I don't want it super fucking hot and too acidic.

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Double Espresso with sugar.

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Mocha Frappuccinos. If we're talking about coffee straight out of our own coffee pots, it's nice to have something like coffee mate or delight, otherwise I don't drink any when some is made (which is every day); the thing I hate about those though is that it really makes my teeth scummy and simply has too much sugar. It'll me keep sucking on my teeth, if that makes any sense, until I brush them. I do love the coffee smell. I don't like cappuccinos due to all the foam, and dark coffee is dull; adding just sugar and milk doesn't help the taste, it just makes it different.

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I'm not a big coffee drinker (but can kill some cappuccino) but when I do get the rare craving for some I can do black, cream, or sugar. Anyway will do.

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@james_ex_machina: Great answer, it seems I'm not the only one on here with specific preferences for my cup of joe.

So far I see very few posters saying "why" they like their coffee this or that way. So tell! I want (need) to know...

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After working in a café you get bored of all the horse shit and just drink it black and strong.

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Coffee, hot water and milk. I don't really pay attention to the taste, I just sorta drink it while zoning out doing something else. :p

It doesn't really have an effect on me that I've noticed, I've never had a coffee and felt uplifted by it.

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I can handle black, but ideally, lots of cream. Less or more cream depending on how good the coffee is itself, but generally a lot of cream.

Also, cafe lattes.

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A nice cup of dark roast black coffee is all I want, no additives. I used to drink regular brewer coffee but now I use one of them capsule machines that serves one cup at a time.

When I was younger I had milk and sugar, then only sugar, and now nothing. I don't know what I was thinking really, coffee with sugar is just the worst... Perhaps my tastebuds matured, or got worse with age.

I don't understand why anyone would willingly drink instant coffee.äö-- --------------------------------**

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I like coffee with milk, but no sugar. One because I like the bitterness cut, but only slightly, and two, because I don't like the searing hot temperature black coffee is usually served at.

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Coffee, milk and sugar. Love it!
Plain old coffee with barely any sugar when I need to stay awake.

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I usually drink it black as night. Sometimes I'll throw in some cream or milk. I rarely add sugar, and if I do it's usually because the coffee I'm drinking at the time is not so good.

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I don't really drink coffee a lot, but when offered I take it black. Sugar layers on the teeth and ruins the taste and I'm kind of indifferent to milk.

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yes to the Bialetti, black. If I'm feeling fancy on the weekend I'll do some foamed milk.

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I have a pourover and an aeropress, but to be honest a decent french press makes the best cup of coffee you can have. As long as you're grinding right before you brew, and the beans are fresh.

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Sugar, cream and milk.

That's how I like my Coffee. Plain coffee tastes like shit to me. I just can't enjoy it that way I need the sweetness.

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I like it every which way. I prefer black coffee in the morning. A latte, espresso, or a cappuccino in the afternoon. Frappuccinos in the summertime. :-)

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Just some cream.

I like black coffee but i almost always use cream just because whenever i have black coffee when i first pour it, its far too hot and burns my mouth. So i have to awkwardly just sit there with my black coffee for awhile before its at a drinkable level.

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Lots of cream and sweetener. Can't fucking stand straight coffee.

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Depends. If I'm making it at home, just cream. But if drinking shitty work coffee, I load that shit up with cream and sugar.

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No coffee, only tea

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I gotta have lots and lots of sugar for any coffee and tea I drink. I've never had any from a cafe or anything, though, to know whether I'd like it black. Probably not.

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Not consumed by me

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Peet's Major Dickason black. My absolute favorite sipping through my night shift

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@jay_ray said:

No coffee, only tea

The same is true for me, except for a very occasional cup from Starbucks which is usually one that is sweet and creamy. I don't hate black coffee, but I don't love it either and the caffeine in coffee is a little too much for me.

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Coffee with Cream and plenty of sugar

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I like to drink my coffee black so that I can get the full taste of the coffee bean.