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I'm pretty sure all of us have other things to do than sit around all day and roam the interwebz, because as well all know: we need to make money to live.

Post your occupation here. If you rather not say the specific company you work for, simply state your position/job description/etc.

If you'd like to post your previous working experiences or places that you have interned, you can.

Finally, post any occupations that you legitimately see yourself doing in the future.

I'll start off to give you an example.


I'm currently working at Kroger as a courtesy clerk. It's a fancy way of saying "bagger" or "sacker". I make minimum wage there.

I"m also a staff writer for my college newspaper and I've interned at my city newspaper not too long ago. I might go for a second round during the fall, but I'm still contemplating it. These two are without pay.

In the future, I hope to work for a video game magazine or website, but I feel that I would have to tackle some more local newspapers and get some more bylines there first.


Post away.

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I'm 18, still in HS and have a part time job at a movie theater. It pays for my gas, food (not including groceries at home), clothes and more. It's my first real job, like one you get a paycheck for and not $20 under the table. When I'm not working there or at school, I'm usually playing games or paintball.

I'm not entirely sure what I see my self doing exactly in the future, but I am going to college end of August.

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I don't, and I don't know.

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Currently a Special Education teacher. Hoping to at some point work on a Masters and Doctorate. Would love to be a college professor at some point.

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I work for Aero Engine Controls and I make control systems for helicopter engines.

I have made controls systems in the past for yachts, cars, and at one point a Ferrari F1 race car.

In the near future (read moonlighting right now) I hope to be making interactive 3D environments and video games full time. (Wanted to make games since I was 12.)

I have a degree in Computer Engineering form Purdue and am 25.

Just put your mind to what you want to do and do not forget about it, an opportunity will show its head sometime.

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I'm 19 and the co-owner/founder of of a web hosting/design company that also specializes in software development and licensing. We've only been going for about 5 months, but we're about to have a big software launch. We've always stayed profitable, even during expansion.

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I'm a lifeguard during the summer and make $8.00 and hour, I would like to become some kind of graphic designer, or psychiatrist when I'm older though.

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@Tesuto: How close did you work with the Ferrari F1 team? Did you meet any of the drivers or team bosses?

I work for Wawa. For those of you who don't live on the east coast, think of it as a 7 eleven, but bigger and has a full deli. I enjoy working in hospitality and plan to work for a hotel or restaurant.

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I'm an F-22 Avionics Specialist in the United States Air Force. Work on all the systems on the plane, ECS, Radar, controls, wiring, everything. I love aircraft in general and love working on them, but I really want to fly. I hope to get my commission in the next 4 years and get into the pilot program.

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@grayfox1210: I did contractor work off site so I did not get to meet the team or check out the car in person. However, my boss at the time got to support them in person for the deliverable and got to see it all and talk to them, lucky guy.

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Occupation: Currently unemployed, looking. Sort of. I'm enjoying being unemployed.

I was working in my college's IT department. It was a good job but other students got the summer work. I got it last year.

I would like to win the lottery and make my money off of the interest from that. No, I would never have a shit job again. But no, I also would not dwindle my life away at an alcohol bottle, in front of the internet, or playing video games. The latter two I would definitely still use, but I would also make and do stuff. I would also never hire a maid or anything of that sort; need to have some real work to do at least. Still, the prospect of being able to buy whatever I wanted to, whenever, sounds great to me. Money won't buy happiness, but the presence (and responsible use) of it sure as hell doesn't cause any pain.

Failing that, I'd like to just be a lead designer on a video game project or write a successful book of my own or something of that sort. Considering that either of those are unlikely, I... don't know. Shit, this is depressing.

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I work at a grocery store.

I'd love to do something that allows me to work on my own schedule. I suppose for that to be possible I'd have to own my own business or something, which will never happen, so I guess I'm screwed.

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I am the assistant manager at Lansharx Network Gaming Center in Waco, TX. http://www.facebook.com/Lansharx

We have 40 PCs, 28 Xbox 360s, a pool table, an air hockey table, and a dedicated Rock Band/Guitar Hero station. Our website is a few years old and out of date at the moment, though much of the pricing information and such is still the same. I've been here for about six and a half years (the business has been open for eight years this December), with three months that I had left due to stress and general displeasure with the job. Luckily, that time off put a lot of things in perspective for me, and I was able to come back and eventually work my way to this managerial position (the first in my life).

I honestly have no further ambitions, as this job is cozy and provides me with enough money for what I need.

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I'd much rather be writer.

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I work in retail

I'm currently in school, I eventually want to be a lawyer

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I have student loans, I study Architectural drafting. (I owe 16k so far and by the time it’s over, I will owe 22k)

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Marine Biology/Marine Biology

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I'm a student right now but I plan to make money by working as Guitar teacher, or School Music Teacher.

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I'm 19

and i'm a subcontractor who currently works for a company that fixes up/cleans foreclosed and repossessed homes in Las Vegas.It's called REOs.

Shitty job, but the pay is pretty nice.

I want to go back to school one day and get myself a real career. That would be awesome. Worse comes to worse, there's always resorting to prostitution. Call me diamond.

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I work for an appliance installation company(Ovens, dishwashers, washers, dryers, microwaves, that type of stuff). I make slightly more than minimum wage.

I am currently going to school for a web development degree and that's how I want to make my millions when I am older!

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I'm 20 and have worked at a grocery store for the last four years. It's a shit job but considering the shit I get away with there it could be a lot worse. I want to write for a living, be it lyrics or scripts or short stories or other incredibly unlikely things to be paid for professionally. I dropped out of college in January and don't plan on going back. It sounds like career abortion, but in reality, wanting to be a writer to begin with is career abortion. Not to mention the fact that I was miserable in school. I've come to a point in my life where I really don't give a flying fuck about what everyone wants me to do anymore. Is moving out to pursue a career in screenwriting/music/other creative endeavors a "smart" idea? Hell fucking no. But nothing in my life thus far has been conventional by any means. It's about time I do what the fuck I want instead of letting other people live through me. I'd rather work a shit job with the knowledge that I tried to pursue what I wanted to do, than settle for something safe that I hated while wondering what could have been. My parents have been adamant about me going to college but ultimately they're bluffing and really couldn't do anything if they wanted to. I still owe around three grand for my last semester at school which I've yet to pay, not to mention the past financial aid deadlines, etc. Education, as far as what I want to do goes, is a money pit.

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I get stuff done for other people. Being a quick study and good with people balances my lack of ambition. If I ever work at your company, don't take a long leave, I'll probably be in your chair when you get back.

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I will start making money as a Mental Health Counselor shortly. It would be neat if I made money just by living. You know, if I made it to Sunday I'd get 2K dollars in my bank account. I'd be down with that.

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I work for a couple hours a week basically being a grounds keeper in the middle of nowhere. I've saved up enough money to move to the South Western U.S., where I have always wanted to go because of the weather mostly, so maybe something cool will happen there?

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I'm starting over. I've got some time to think about it, but I guess I gotta get paid someday. I'll do something.

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I currently work in tech support. I used to do consumer side (like supporting end users with their products directly), but about 7 months ago my buddy got me a job with him working as point of sale support for a chain of tireshops (so we support their printers and the point of sale computers and stuff like that). Way better because instead of having new clients pop up all the time (hey we support this companies routers now! when? now!) i get to work with store staff only (if I somehow end up with an actual end user I get to yell at the store to not do that again and if the shop employees are overly aggressive there is actually recourse, where as with the old job if customers were overly aggressive it usually just led to them getting free stuff).

I'd like to be making games in some capacity. right Right now I'm mainly working in Flash but I've specifically been going to object oriented route with AS3 so that I can at some point transition to other languages, and also a little bit of UDK (though it's been awhile and at this point I really need a refresher on it....not enough hours in the day ;_;

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Wall of text incoming:

Previously, I took what I thought to be a temp job, that ended up being 7 years long. Which was working for one of the Major Cable Companies as Tech Support, which then spread out to doing other side projects within the company like VIP Business IT by phone, and creating training documentation, which I enjoyed much more.

Sadly, last July some severe and unexpected health problems caused attendance issues that would have ended poorly, so I had to focus on getting better. (Unfortunately it was too sporatic to the point where FMLA would have covered me)

After that, I started doing self-employed contracted IT for a bunch of Doctor's offices in town (I had done it here and there over the years, and when my schedule opened up I ended up having a lot of people wanting my time). That was a ton of fun, was a ton of money, and I really enjoyed it. The problem was that it wasn't guaranteed work, there was no healthcare, and you have to file estimated taxes every quarter, which sucks.

I took a seasonal software support job with a company in town, which was actually very much like my contract IT gigs, as I was remoting into Customer's machines and troubleshooting their installs as well as network/server set ups. Way more fun than callcenter work at the Cable Company.

In march, the season ended, but I would have left anyway, as you don't get time off working for a placement company, I had some other health issues arising, (Too long of a story, but the original issue that caused problems at the cable company was apparently from misdiagnosis, and had caused some immune system problems that I needed to be resolved), and I was planning on surprise eloping with my long time equally nerd fiancee on a vacation to Vegas with our friends in late March. (Side note, we totally got married. Yay Gamer marriages.)

I had more than enough savings and occasional IT work again that I could survive about 7 months unemployed, covering all bills and having spare spending money monthly. I moved into her house and started covering half the bills, and started looking for stable work again.

Starting next week, I will be started a salary job that I was offered, a "Specialized Analyst" position. I will be the primarily technical contact for the company's front line IT group. Answering any questions they don't know so they don't have to bug the higher up IT departments. If I do not know the info, I'll contact said departments and find the info out. I will also be creating documentation for the groups. It sounds like a lot of fun, and pays quite well, so I'm really excited.

Now, ALL THAT SAID, once I finish my degree, which is for computer science/programming, my dream job is working in the games industry programming.

I would say that my dream job is to work for Konami Japan on a Castlevania game before I die. However, Konami doesn't make much stuff in house anymore, so that's kind of gone away. I wouldn't mind working for Mercury Steam for said job, but more realisticly, Double Fine, Irrational, Naughty Dog, and many other west coast companies do some awesome stuff. Hopefully there isn't another video game collapse before I get into the market.

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^^ no one asked for a god damn CV lol.

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i work as a truck driver for an organic foods distributor in SW washington.

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I design and layout advertisements, logos, flash banners & editorials for magazines and websites. My job title is 'Typesetter'.

Previously, I've worked admin, tech support, database development & slanging rock on the corner.

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@HorseFactory said:

slanging rock on the corner.

I'd love to know what this is.

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I am a CNC machine operator. I make parts for John Deere tractors. It pays well but I work third shift and that SUCKS!!! I wish I had more time to play games.

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@dudeglove: Hot goods. You feel me?

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I married a sugar momma. Life is easy...................

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I work at Target part time while I go to college. They don't give many hours at my Target, especially during the summer, so it kinda sucks. I'm planning on going into a government position, but I really have no idea.

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Previously, I made my money by scoring standardized tests and evaluating student's essays for said standardized tests. It's about as exciting as it sounds.

Currently, I make my money by being a residential counselor for a Methodist summer camp. I also have a hand in leading their sailing and rock climbing program.

Eventually (hopefully very soon), I would like to make my money by putting my degree to work--teaching high school history.

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I have a masters degree in mathematics and currently have a scholarship from my university to get my Ph.D. When I'm not doing research I help with teaching students. Pretty sweet gig if you're into math.

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I plan to rob a bank, but I can't tell you wich one.

Or maybe get a government job one day, it's practically the same thing.

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Current Job: Multimedia Developer. I draw and mechanize (program) electrical schematics for military vehicles (tanks, UAVs, subs, etc). Basically I make it where we can simulate different functions of the vehicle like opening and closing circuit breakers and switches and demonstrate how that would affect flow/meters. Some simulations are more complex like simulating controlling the grenade rotating and firing mechanism.

Future Job: Professional screenwriter. I'm working on several TV show pilots and features. The hard part is going to be selling my first script. :-)

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@HorseFactory said:

@dudeglove: Hot goods. You feel me?

You mean like meals on wheels?