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Hey with school out for what I'd assume the majority of folks in here, I'm curious to know what yall have been doing this summer

I have been taking physics over the summer and living with my sister. My commute has me waking up at 5 in the morning and sleeping at 10! <____< Yeah this summer breaks sucks. Only 3 more weeks of summer classes then I have a 2 week breaking befre my junior year starts!!! Can't wait for my fall classes!!! I also have been shadowing at the hospital, watching these doctors/nurses work in the OP surgery is just awe aspiring.

So, how has your summer been? :)

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My summer has been constantly working 12 hour shifts where I do literally nothing, 6 hours into one right now.

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Awesome went camping a few times, saw a couple good concerts, and dropped some weight.

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Something like this.

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Same as my winters, because I work, in the real world.

Also your day sounds like my work week all year long. I get up at 5, and go to bed at 11.

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Nothing too exciting has happened yet. Went to some festivals and might be heading down to Niagara falls in August. Gaming has been pretty slow for me due to a lack of money to spend on them so when home I'm usually either reading or swimming.

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Bumming around my home town, kinda can't wait to get to school, kinda can't get myself to want to leave. I'm one of the last few of my friends still basically living this summer as a kid.

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Summer is pretty great. First Summer in my apartment after finally escaping my parent's. Been eating better, working out, going to the pool, reading like crazy, and playing lots of great games. Going to see Sigur Ros in concert tonight. It's been an awesome Summer.

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Not the worst, not the best.

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Been bumming around at home a bit but it's time to job hunt for me!

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Alright overall.

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Summer always sucks ass. Sweat and migraines mostly.

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@Dagbiker: Yeah, it has sucked. but I'm moving in to my apartment in a week :D

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Adequate. With only 2 days left of it, I can't imagine it will get much better.

I'm a Winter person, though, so it's all cool.

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If it hadn't been for Roskilde Festival, it would have been one of the worst yet. 

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My whole life is summer break so nothing new for me.

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I had to go to summer school so that was 7 weeks of possible awesomeness down the drain. Well some fun was to be had, could've been better though

@Video_Game_King said:

Something like this.

I think you just beat everyone else's summer holiday so far.

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Decent. My sleep schedule's been awful, but that'll improve in August. After orientation, I'm just really excited to leave this boring-ass suburb and go to college. All I've been doing is jogging, gaming, reading, and hanging out with friends/family. But I know I'm going to miss summers like this once school gets started and I get a job.

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Spending too much money on fucking old games. But at least I have a complete boxed edition of 7th Saga (with manual and map!).

Seriously though, like 600 dollars in the last month. Too much.

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Been trying to get my life on track. I'm trying to make up for my regrets and make a better future for myself. Its hard as shit but I'm willing to go through with it. Living life is never easy if its 1 problem its always another.

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Pretty good.  I spent the first 2 weeks writing a lot of lyrics but I just lost the inspiration and hunger to keep doing it so I stopped but I feel that hunger coming back again.  I always lose it whenever I accept that theres a good chance Ill just have a regular job and Ill be alright but then the hunger comes back when I see the success that some people have through music and it makes me want to reach that same success and recognition.   
Other than writing lyrics its been really fun.  Hanging out with friends and whatnot.  

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Bad. Weather has been shit, it rains all the time. Haven't found a job yet because I'm too lazy. Just hanging out at home or going out for like 2 hours with nothing to do. Doing some exercise every week which usually require running in the rain.

Bored as shit. Just want to get back into the university routine.

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could be worse, could be a lot better

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Hot. For some reason the portion of the office where I and another work gets really hot during the day. The rest of the office is cool from the air conditioning, but our area is a good 6 or 7 degrees hotter.

Also wet. It rains here practically every day in the summer.

Muggy (humid) from all that hot and wet.

Ah, livin' in "paradise" isn't easy sometimes.

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Good friends, good music, good drugs. Went to Camp Bisco for my very first music festival experience and had the greatest weekend of my life. It's been a fucking great summer thus far.

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I work exactly the same in the summer, so it's no different. Well actually it is a little bit, my sister and mother get the summer off, so I get to have the bathroom all to myself so I can get ready at my own pace.

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Huh? My summer break has been going on since late halfway through May and doesn't end until the latter third of August.

Anyway, it's a dream summer for a middle schooler but it kind of sucked as a college kid. My life is going nowhere and it seems like every time I try to push it somewhere, something comes crashing down on me to make it stop. I can persevere, I've had to look for things to be bright about often enough as a kid, but I won't pretend like it hasn't been hard to keep my spirits up.

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Pretty great so far, went to Italy for the first time in my life. Naples, Italy specifically. Home of the pizza, and it shows because HOT DAMN I can't go back to Dominos or Pizza Hut after having real Neopolitan pizza.

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It's life?

I enjoy the warm weather I suppose. Fuck, man...I miss when summer meant freedom.

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I stay up all night and wake up at 2 in the afternoon. Pretty good.

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@Mixwizzard: High School or college?

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Alright, just working mostly.

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It's been fine. Watching anime, playing videogames.

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I moved to LA in the beginning of the Summer. Ive just been chilling and exploring the city. It's amazing what you will find here if you look hard enough.

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Went to Coachella (i know that was spring but it felt like summer) then Bonaroo and finally Electric Forest music festival. So i'm still in the process of transitioning out of music / party mode and back into Video Game mode... This was my first year at Electric Forest though and i've already decided to make it an annual trip, i would highly recommend it to anyone even slightly interested in that sort of thing.

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It's been alright. I'm working at a walmart to try and make some cash for the upcoming college semesters. Luckily I still have time to play games, Picked up a lot of games that I've been wanting to play during the steam sale, so I'm working through that list at the moment. Starting with Bioshock and moving to Dead Space 2 next. Hopefully I'll have my library completed before Darksiders 2 and Borderlands 2 hit in September.

I'm really just looking forward to classes starting again even if it means summer being over. I like being college student a whole lot more than I like being stockboy. The amount of free time is about the same either way aside from a few big assignments during the college semesters, and I feel like I accomplish more for myself when I'm taking the classes I need for my major than when I'm filling a shelf of poptarts for the hundredth time. Oh well, just a few more weeks now.

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I meet my girlfriend this summer and got a new job making a lot more money than my last. My sleep schedule went from going to bed around 3 and getting up at 10 every day to going to bed at about 11 and getting up at 7, my eating has gotten back to being very health, and I recently went shopping (forced by my girlfriend) and pretty much bought an entire new wardrobe of not grey jeans and henleys which was all I previously wore. I'm almost finished with college now that I got some classes out of the way this summer, so it has pretty much been the best summer I can remember, if not the best summer of my life.

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Not one of the best, but nowhere near one of my worst either. I took a 6 week course in the beginning of the summer semester. Since that ended I've just been bumming around, hanging out with the few friends that are worth keeping in touch with from high school, and general housework stuff. I went down to Key West for a weekend, which I've started enjoying more as I've gotten older. 11 year old me was always bored to tears there, but I really appreciate the "Laid-back-ness" of it now. A bad side effect though is that my sleep schedule is fucked all to shit after going from getting up every morning for classes and the like to suddenly having absolutely no reason to get up before 2pm. I'm just about ready to start my second year of college, I'm taking some classes on a different campus so I'll get to meet some new people, hopefully, and be able to sleep like a normal person again.

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This is the first summer that makes me look forward to school. Finally got off my ass and got a job, been working ~50 hours a week, sometimes in temperatures up to 100 degrees.

Will probably quit soon to have a few weeks of vacation before school starts, and will hopefully move out of the house with some friends shortly.

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Work, Video games and sleep and once in a while friends. It's really hard to get together when you live 200 miles away from all your friends.

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Completely and utterly nocturnal. Like, genuinely. Getting up at 6pm and the like. I just love the night I suppose.

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It's winter down here, so I've been studying like usual, and working as well. Saving some money for the trip, except the last steam Sale, in which my economy felt threatened.

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My summer isn't too bad. I paint and weedeat around oil wells with my friend from high school for my dad's business. Now that I'm in college, summer is a lot more overrated than it used to be. Since most of my college friends live on the opposite side of Ohio as I do, I only get to see them a couple times all summer. I honestly wouldn't mind doing homework and stuff it it meant I could hang out with my college friends every day.

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@Video_Game_King said:

Something like this.

Ahhh, nostalgia.

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Boring as shit. Still not looking forwards to it ending, college is sounding like it's gonna be a pain in the ass.