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None. My head is frickin huge. I wish I had some hats because I hate having to shower before I go anywhere.

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I gel my hair so I don't wear hats, but in the winter I whip out some of my novelty hats. I have an owl one..

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I'm sure I own hats but I'll be damned if I ever leave the house wearing one.

From my desk I can see a beret, a cowboy hat, and a Santa hat so I guess I'm just made of hats.

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All kinds of them, but they're spread all over my house and are mostly free promotional baseball caps.

In terms of good hats, probably 2.

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@SoothsayerGB I think I have Sonic Earmuffs too..
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0. I find hats very uncomfortable to wear and offer no purpose beyond some pointless article of clothing like jewelry. Plus I hate the idea of needing to learn all these little un said rules on when it's ok to wear them and not.

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Uh, 3, but I rarely wear them. Even though I have to wear one every day at work, I don't really care for  the way they look or feel on me.

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shouldn't this be in the TF2 subforum?

serious answer: was thinking of trying to start rocking a bowler for the kitsch throwback look. it'd be like my signature or whatever.

and i could throw it @ people and cleave them in half!

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I think maybe 1? Obviously for the Winter.

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I prefer masks.

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None. I've never been one to wear hats for anything other than cold weather.

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In first I thought this is a TF2 thread.
I have none. I don't like wearing them, because they limit my hearing abilities.

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I own tons, i like hats.... but i never wear them....

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Can I count my crown?

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Not NEARLY enough, Benjamin. Not nearly enough.

I absolutely love hats. I want to start a collection at some point (and yes, with intent to wear... I want to bring the top hat back)

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I have probably 30+ baseball caps and a few winter hats. I wear one every day

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I think I still have three around here somewhere. I don't really wear hats anymore, I pretty much always wore a hat when I was younger though.

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I own a sick-ass replica of this cap:

But I never wear it and I own no other hats of any kind, because I hate wearing hats. They give me a headache.

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I have a lot of hats but I don't wear them since they mess up my hair.

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Fuck hats.

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@Demoskinos said:

Fuck hats.

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2. A fur hat for winter and a baseball cap for not-winter.

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I've got a baseball cap and a beanie for when it's cold.

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One, a nice woolly hat for cold weather, although sometimes it gets worn on really bad hair days as well. It's black with an ROH logo, which is a wrestling company I was into when I loved wrestling a few years ago. Don't know why I don't get a new one, but...whatever.

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I rock a sick-ass flat cap everyday. I love me some hats, mostly because I hate my hair.

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Two baseball caps, if I have to go out in the sun all day. I wouldn't wear hat otherwise.

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1 tuque.

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none, but i'd like to get some, maybe for x-mas

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About 8 or so, but I don't wear them much. But if we want to talk about shoes... oh man. My wife thinks that I have a problem.

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I've been thinking about donning a hat, but it's a pretty big life change. I don't really want to commit to being "hat guy" until I've considered the ramifications.

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I don't use hats, got one as a present earlier in the year though.

So 1.

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I brought about 11 baseball caps with me to college (most of them video game related, none are sports related), maybe 3 or so winter hats with me...but I have a ton back home as well, including fedoras, an ushanka, other winter hats, and other random hat types. I wear a baseball cap almost every day (I try to not wear a hat once in a while so I get comfortable not wearing hats, in case I get a job where I can't wear hats).

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One boater and one tuque. Seriously guys, get a fancy dress hat like a boater, bowler, panama, etc. It's amazing how people on the street treat you differently when you wear a fancy hat. People always treat you like you are important. It's kind of amazing just how different it is from not wearing anything fancy. Added bonus for my boater, keeps the sun out of my eyes and the rain off my face and hair.

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I have a pirate hat, but that's about it, I'm not really a hats guy.

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One Scottish cap with fake red hair sticking out the back/sides. I have no idea where it is though.

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shouldn't this be in the TF2 subforum?

serious answer: was thinking of trying to start rocking a bowler for the kitsch throwback look. it'd be like my signature or whatever.

and i could throw it @ people and cleave them in half!

And then the actor playing you would actually be a murderer. Just like Oddjob.
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And they've all become ugly-ass looking running hats.

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Do hats made of tin foil count?

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I never wear a hat cos I have nice hair.

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I think I have 7 but I never wear them.

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One. I'm a one hat at a time until it falls apart and I have to get another one kind of guy. The hat I have now is the Dark Sector hat you got for pre-ordering the game way back then. Still fits pretty well and doesn't really have any major signs of tear on it, so I'll stick with it.

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I don't know where they came from but, I got six hats. The oddest one being a formal, black amish hat. Very stylish.

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Zero, because my big head isn't very well suited for hats.


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I can't remember the last time I wore or owned a hat

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I own a bunch. Mostly sports. I'm not a flat brim kinda guy, I love New Era's 39Thirty hats though. I have a couple Nike and Taylormade golf hats which are super nice. I bought a couple from a redneck garage sale upnorth last Summer including a NASA HAT

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Also guys I know you think its fancy or old fashioned or something like that, but don't wear fedoras. Just don't do it.

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...Really? People are right. You do make some stupid polls.