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#1 Posted by Venatio (4491 posts) -
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It's about 3 languages for me, turkish, english and swedish.  English because it's important to know it, Swedish because I was born and raised in Sweden, and finally turkish because my parents are from there, how about you guys? 
Sorry if it's not the most original topic

#3 Posted by ahriman22 (2747 posts) -

English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
I rarely use French or Spanish because I hate them both.
English is my mother tongue and my whole family is Portuguese.

#4 Posted by ZeForgotten (10397 posts) -

Danish: Because I'm Danish 
English: Because I went to school... Not really.. Actually, because I watched a lot of movies and played games!!! 
Japanese: Because I lived there for a year and kinda had to learn to speak with the family I lived with. 
also know a little german, but not enough to count it as a spoken language. 
I can call germans morons and ask them for pizza

#5 Edited by Apathylad (3066 posts) -

American...er..I mean English. Also I'm pretty pretty fluent in Spanish because of my parents background. So, two languages from me.

#6 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19329 posts) -
  1. English
  2. French
I'm fluent in both of those.  I would include Spanish, but I'm not really good in that.
#7 Posted by Suicidal_SNiper (949 posts) -

English and French. They're both my mother tongue.

#8 Posted by Cerza (1653 posts) -

3 for me. English, Spanish, and Japanese.

#9 Posted by Dylabaloo (1549 posts) -

Wow you guys are lucky all i know is English i should know Irish because i'm from Ireland but i'm too lazy to learn it plus nobody speaks it...

#10 Posted by Robitt (350 posts) -

Swedish (native language) and English (since I spent my childhood on battle.net).

#11 Posted by Gargantuan (1882 posts) -

Swedish and English

#12 Posted by Allprox (540 posts) -

French (I'm terrible at it though)

#13 Edited by LeadNinja (308 posts) -

 Clarify "speak" (fluently?).  I can get by OK in France and say a few phrases (including "I don't speak Welsh") in Welsh.
Also:  English.

#14 Posted by Domar_DK (36 posts) -

Danish and English.  Also a little bit German but not much.

#15 Posted by ryoma122 (699 posts) -

english and little tiny bit of japanese so 1 and a quarter

#16 Posted by GunnBjorn (2911 posts) -

About three, maybe four if i put in the effort to speak French. 
The other, 

Dutch: I'm from the Netherlands. 
English: Pretty much selfthought thanks to the power of the internet. 
It surely isn't Shakespeare or Wilde, but i get by. 
German: My grandmother is from Germany and she learned me a great deal. 
French: As i said before, i don't speak it well enough, so it doesn't count. 
I'd really, really love to speak Japanese, but i don't know where to start. 
Order in a course, learn to properly eat with the ohashi, Take a trip to Tokyo...? 
I don't know.
#17 Posted by asian_pride (1654 posts) -

I'm both fluent in English and Tagalog (native Filipino language). I also speak some basic Spanish, and can understand a tiny bit of Japanese.

#18 Posted by CaptainObvious (2996 posts) -

Polish and English.

#19 Posted by ArchScabby (5809 posts) -

Hey thanks for making me feel dumb everybody.  I speak 1, english.

#20 Posted by D0tti (786 posts) -

Norwegian: Cause I lived in Norway for 17-18 years now.
Macedonian: Since i'm born there and still have a family there.
Serbian: Since my family speaks serbian(originally from Balkan area where there were mostly Serbians and Bosnians)
English: School, movies, music etc.

#21 Posted by Everyones_A_Critic (6296 posts) -

English, and I know a good deal of Spanish. I'm not entirely fluent in Spanish but I have a decent handle on the language. I began taking German this year for an easy A, but I don't think I'll pursue it in college. I want to go back to Spanish and become fluent.

#22 Posted by GunnBjorn (2911 posts) -
@ArchScabby said:
"Hey thanks for making me feel dumb everybody.  I speak 1, english. "

Maybe you excel in math and physics? 
I totally suck at those. ;)
#23 Posted by TheGreatGuero (9130 posts) -
@ArchScabby said:
" Hey thanks for making me feel dumb everybody.  I speak 1, english. "
Well then, perhaps you should make an effort to learn a second.
Technically I'm only fluent in English, but I'm pretty good with spanish. I've only taken like 6 college-level spanish classes...
#24 Posted by Lilja (128 posts) -

Swedish (I live in Sweden)  
Norwegian (yea.. going from swedish to norwegian was REALLY hard..(not))
Finnish (wierd grammar, check!)  
And I speak a little french too. Enough to have a normal conversation. So 6 languages, thus I can't vote /brag

#25 Posted by Meteora (5787 posts) -

English and Cantonense (I'm ethnically Chinese).

#26 Posted by Binman88 (3686 posts) -

Fluent English.
A moderate amount of Irish.
A decent amount of German, though I'd have trouble holding a conversation in the language, despite 6 years of it in high school.

#27 Posted by Dogma (946 posts) -

I have to go with the boring one. Two. 
I'm from Sweden so I speak swedish.... and english of course. How else would I be able to write here? ^_^ 
Oh wait! I worked in Denmark for over three years so I have a very good understanding of that too even if it's boderlining on swedish (however....ask swedes further up i the country and they don't understand a thing the danish are saying). I also understand norwegian but I would not say that I can handle it with great expertise. Understand yes, speak? No.

#28 Posted by Video_Game_King (36272 posts) -

4: English, French, about 30 random nouns in Japanese, and Lunarian.

#29 Posted by Computerplayer1 (991 posts) -

I speak galactic basic.

#30 Posted by thehexeditor (1404 posts) -

English, Japanese, and Korean. Born and living in the US, raised in a korean household, took 4 years of japanese in high school (the final year was AP, very tough).

#31 Edited by Magresda (205 posts) -

Norwegian because I live there, English because that's what I use 90% of the time, understand a fair bit of Portuguese because my father is Brazilian, and I can read and understand a lot of Japanese - though I'm far from fluent. In addition, Scandinavian languages are so similar that if you know one you can easily communicate with all of them. 

#32 Posted by Meowayne (6084 posts) -

German (mother tongue)
English (school, media, interest, university, internet)
Two years of french and three years of spanish in school (all completely gone)
I also get along in 7331.

#33 Posted by HandsomeDead (11863 posts) -

1, but I'm hoping to start teaching myself German in a few weeks.

#34 Posted by CharkeeFarlee (896 posts) -
@ZeForgotten said:
" I can call germans morons and ask them for pizza "
what else do you need? :D
#35 Posted by mano521 (1223 posts) -

english and greek

#36 Posted by AjayRaz (12424 posts) -

English because i be living in Canada 
and French because well, we're forced to learn it. still pretty cool.  
i had the chance to learn Italian this year, but class was full. I'm planning to learn spanish, italian, japanese or greek in the future.

#37 Posted by Vinchenzo (6192 posts) -
  • English (Native)
  • Japanese (Learning, Beginner)
Just to throw a question out there for all the natives to English, do you feel thankful knowing English as your first language? From what I hear, it's a very difficult language. Anybody that had to learn English second-hand, I'd like to know how that experience went, and how long it took.
#38 Posted by CitizenJP (1016 posts) -

- English 
- Spanish 
Born and raised in FL, USA but my folks are from South America. I learned English first but also knew Spanish when I was a wee n00b.

#39 Posted by Meowayne (6084 posts) -

English a difficult language? Its one of the easiest languages to learn. The absolutely only thing somewhat irritating about english is that in many cases, pronunciation cannot be deduced from the words and generally doesn't follow any rules that make sense. Everything else about English is very simple.  
In this day and age, learning English happens automatically for those willing to expose themselves to the language.

#40 Posted by VIGGO123 (552 posts) -

I speak
Norwegian (native language)
English (fluent)
Some French , and a little German

#41 Posted by moelarrycurly (668 posts) -

Yo solo hablo ingles.

#42 Posted by ThatFrood (3375 posts) -

English, French, Russian and German. Born in Russia, spent high school and college in the States, spent two years in France.

#43 Posted by Qorious (847 posts) -

I only speak two: Vietnamese and English. 

#44 Posted by Bruce (5264 posts) -

Tried to get fluent in French, couldn't really do it. I took it first semester of College and ended up dating someone and pretty much dropping the class. :/

#45 Posted by billyhoush (1192 posts) -

English, Farsi, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian)

#46 Posted by habster3 (3595 posts) -

English, Latin, and Spanish, but I'm not great at Spanish, and it's been so long since I took Latin that it's getting a little fuzzy.

#47 Posted by mracoon (4967 posts) -

2 - English and Urdu. I learnt Spanish in school although I can barely speak a word of it now.

#48 Posted by clubsandwich (3795 posts) -

1. Spanish
2. English
3. French
4. Italian

#49 Posted by jorojoserojas (258 posts) -

Two for me. Born in a Spanish-speaking family (my mom refused to speak to us in English, forcing us to learn Spanish) and English because, well, I was born and raised in Houston, TX.  
I will say, I'm much better at English than Spanish at this point. I'm still iffy in Spanish grammar and writing, but I can hold a conversation no problem.

#50 Posted by YakuzaIII (12 posts) -

Swedish and some english,spanish,italian and ofc noreweigen & danish.