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#1 Posted by Animasta (14848 posts) -

#2 Posted by Animasta (14848 posts) -

I've had 5, mostly due to me being 12 when I got heavy into the internet and then just random boredom, just like how I change my avatar every 3 weeks

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I used Condemned92 for my Playstation Network name and have on everything else since used Camoufrage. Thats all I can remember, really. Probably have had one or two others.

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Three, that I can remember. The other two are from when I was way younger (the first from when I was around 12) and were so fucking bad that I will never reveal them.

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Probably 6-8. Some are usernames that I make with the desire that no one could link them to me in any way. Like my twitter account. Because I know that clients will eventually google search my name and I would rather tell them who I am in person then rely on interpretations of my online behavior (which is so easy to misinterpret).

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2 from what I can remember.

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Five, I think. I like my current one the best.

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4-5 but I managed to cut down my prominent ones to 3.

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I've had some permutation of Turambar, when this one is taken. My real name is used in some cases, but those are all academic institutions.

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Just the one.

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I've lost track of how many names I've had back on GameTrailers alone... At least 15 names between getting banned and just changing names for funsies.

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I was thinking just three or four, but after actually counting I have 10+.

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6-8 easily, but I can only remember about four.

... Wow. I just looked up my first username, which linked me to some rather embarrassing attempts at humorous fiction I wrote eleven years ago. Glad I checked before I shared that name. Scary that it's the first hit for a rather common phrase.

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@Turambar: Turinbar? Mormegilbar? Glaurungisabitch?

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@Video_Game_King said:

Just the one.

how the hell have you been able to keep it? It seems like that would be a popular user name

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@Fredchuckdave said:

@Turambar: Turinbar? Mormegilbar? Glaurungisabitch?

TurinTurambar, or I just tack a number on the end, usually a 22.

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Just two- my first username which I used to use just about everywhere (including Giantbomb) was just my first name with a bunch of numbers. I was a total 'noob.' I changed it in 2008 to this one, though. I like it better, but if you did back deep enough, there's definitely some stuff I said when I was 18 that I'm ashamed or embarrassed about now. I've considered coming up with a new online persona for a fresh start, but I don't think it'd be worth it.

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Four or five, at least. Two changes were due to an ex who had told me he wasn't interested in me anymore, and then proceeded to stalk me from site to site. I just ended up mass-blocking him and he finally left me alone.

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2. I've used some variant of this name for 7ish years, prior to that, I went by another.

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One, for fifteen fucking years.

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I only use two now, but back when I was super into mIRC and Anime, I would probably change my name every other day.

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2 mostly. I usually do Lordgog for sites that have some degree of seriousness, like Politico, then FrankFartmouth for sites I don't intend to take seriously. Should have done it the other way around because the Politico community is a joke.

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I clicked one, and then immediately remembered a second one forever ago.

But other than that one it's been just this one or a variation of it.

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I am and always will be FluxWaveZ.

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Now that I'm thinking about it, Laketown, I've actually had a fair few; yeah, I know your deep dark secret :o that's right, I know you're not really a Corwid of the Free.

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@BeachThunder: thanks for reminding me, I couldn't remember if I used that or cityinthesea

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I had 5 in all of my years on online gaming. Some of those names took me hours to make one

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Two. Three, kinda.

I had my first persona back when I was fourteen and I changed it about five years ago to the one I use now.

But I use something special for in-game names. High scores, characters, saves, it doesn't matter; they're all named the same.

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  • Fred Goon.
  • Hizang.

Both are characters from The Sims that I made over 12 years ago.

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@mlarrabee: I should do a thread for in game names too, because I usually just pick random actual names. Lately I've just been using the culture file in Crusader Kings 2 f.e.

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Take a guess as to when I starting using them.

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Quite a lot. I don't want somebody to google me and find everything about me.

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I started using DemonMike when back when Quake came out but for some reason that became harder to get so I switched.

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On this site, 1.

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3 in total.. I have two right now (fucking Xbox live god damn stupid shit not letting me get my other account back) 
Now I mostly just use my real name as a username when I get the chance.  
Sure people can then look me up on facebook and see all my dirty little secrets. 
Like, I kiss girls and I have fun at parties. Oh also, I drive a car.. oooh, what dangerous things people will know! 

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habbyman (or Habby Man)


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2 or 3

One when I was younger, still use the email address with that one, but nothing else really.

GB username, which I think I only use here, and only because I thought the one I originally tried was taken, but it wasn't.

For everything else, for the past 5 or 6 years has been FuzzyLongcat, or Fuzzy if available

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Gaff (part of my surname) and Canteu. Mostly because Gaff would always be taken.

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Been using this one in every forum or game I ever joined.

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I had a few, but I've stuck with my current one (this name) since Warcraft III. When this one is taken, I have a fall back name that never seems to be taken.

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Three. This main one and two others for places where I don't want to use my main one, like MMOs. I'm starting to lean towards the use your real name idea though.

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I just use one username nowadays, but I used to have at least four. WasabiCurry is my only username though.

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Over the years, quite a few. But never more than one or two at any one time. I like to have the same name everywhere if possible.

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It used to be just mandude, but now I tend to go with UaSirideain.

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6 I think

darksword1123 (old gamespot username)

Unknown_Pleasures (old giantbomb username)

Guided_By_Tigers (current giantbomb username)

New Zer0 Kanada (Xbox Live gamertag)

Terror_Twilight (Twitch.tv username)

Karl_Boss (various sites)

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I don't know... I'm losing count. -_- Tireyo has stayed with me the longest, and plan to keep it that way.

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every handle i have usually has "marz" in it... but when it's not available i do have a few backups.

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I've stuck with with this one for about 9 year now. I can't really recall what I was using before it, but i'd say i've used no more than 2-3 usernames overall.