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For as long as I can remember whenever I'm really sick with the flu or cold and I'm trying to sleep I usually end up having things that I can only call hallucinations or waking dreams. The most recent one happened during the 24 hour halo thing as I was going on 48 hours with maybe 4 hours of sleep.

I would "sleep" for 20 minutes at a time and I kept thinking that my room was actually a forest in a zombie apocalypse. I started off as a lone survivor, but I eventually came to think that someone else was in my room at the foot of my bed because I imagined hearing a sniper round that I assumed killed a zombie. It was all an assumption because during this whole scenario no actual zombies were seen, but I was convinced that was the world. I walked to the bathroom about 4 times during the night and each time I kept thinking about fortifying my fort made of branches, which in the real world consisted of me pulling the covers over my head.

At the time there was no way for me to separate this dream world from reality because I got pissed when my sister entered my room to get something. I believed that she had taken some of my branches and left me exposed to the zombies and the guy with the sniper. I literally had to turn on the computer and watch the halo stream again to snap myself out of it.

I've had similar experiences throughout the years where getting up and opening my eyes would not make the scenario go away. I'd continue to imagine things with my eyes open and closing them only made them more intense. Other people have to have experiences like this right? And in case anyone is wondering this post was brought up by the sleep deprivation talk on the tested octoberkast.

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I've had plenty of sleep paralysis in the past. It used to scare me, I'd be conscious yet unable to move, and sometimes 'dream' someone was coming into my room, or calling my name as I lay there unable to answer, and other times I'd feel like I was suffocating. I actually got used to it after awhile, and learned not to panic. It hasn't happened in months, though. I've lost a little weight, and that seems to have helped a lot. I know this is probably a totally different thing, it's never happened to me while sick.

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@TooWalrus: @golguin: I've had both, once each. First time I sleep walked ever actually was when I was just getting sick, the next day I woke up in my parent's bed, not sure how I got there, and then felt a bit ill, but not too bad. Of course I played it up to my mum and was really surprised when I was allowed to stay home from school (my mum's really tough with that stuff). She told me like a year later it was because I had sleep walked that night. Don't remember any of it though.

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I've experienced pretty much what @TooWalrus has and also not only when I'm sick. 
I just can't be sure what it is that makes it happen(weight is definitely(?) not a problem).  
A month ago I woke up suffocating, at least I think I woke up, I don't even know. The weird thing was that I felt like I couldn't move and my eyes wouldn't open. 
Can't even blame it on going to a party, falling asleep and having a fat chick roll on to me in bed. 
It's "freaky"(couldn't really find a word to really describe it) 

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@ZeForgotten: I did a little research to find out exactly what was going on, and reliable source wikipedia claims that sleep paralysis is sometimes linked with sleep apnea (which is common in fat-asses and used to happen to me occasionally). I'm over it now, lately I've been sleeping like a baby (except for these dreams where I'm dying, which is weird in a totally different way).
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I've had the same hallucinations every time (save once) I get sick. It's reached the point where I can remember it quite vividly as it never changes.

It always comes as I'm lying down. My spatial awareness gets all fucked up and the room I'm in just seems to get larger and larger. Eventually a darkness that acts (at first) like spilled ink just creeps into everything. It comes out of the walls and floors, and it's not scary (either I'm hardc4re or I'm so exhausted from fever I just can't bring myself to really care), just very strange. As it pools out it stops acting like liquid and starts spreading like cracks in ice. Reaching all throughout the room. It always stops within a foot or so of where I am.

Eventually it's just me in the dark. Sort of floating there on the bed/couch/whatever untouched by the black.

Once or twice it acted like fog instead of liquid.

The one time this didn't happen I instead had hallucinations about Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad. I was nine and I'm pretty sure it's what we were talking about in school.

So "I do" is the answer to your question.

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Yes, all the freaking time... Last time i was sick about a week ago i had a strange dream that I was donating bone marrow.... Now i sort of want to donate bone marrow.

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Not really. Unless it's like dreaming about taking a dump then waking up to realize that I'd shit the bed.

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@TooWalrus: Are you saying that the dreams in which you're dying are in fact not the best you've ever had? 
Curses, only-popular-for-boring-trailers Music has lied to me! 
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I hate dreams where you just can't seem to say anything, and then once you do, you actually say it out loud and it wakes you up.

And usually, they're good dreams too, and you just shattered it.

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Sleep paralysis all the time, fever dreams whenever I'm sick.

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According to my roommate I sleep undress.

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When I was sick last week, It would feel like being awake and I my head was full of thoughts But when I tried to think about what these thoughts were and I had no idea. Don't know if it is related was pretty weird though. On a side note I once dreamed my house was being attacked by Skunks

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When I am sleep deprived (>24 hours) I keep thinking I see spiders crawling around in my peripheral vision.

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I've never hallucinated or had a 'waking dream' (whatever that is) in my entire life. I've never had anything weird happen, ever.

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I'm sick right now and I've been having incredibly dense, uncontrollable dreams. Last night/today I was dreaming about having to rebuild everything on the planet after some mad meteor hit the earth. The cool part was that all the building was done with my mind and I could just place sections down as I needed them. Though when I woke up I laid there thinking "shit, I need to finish that bridge" for about 5 minutes before realising it was a dream.

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@ZeForgotten: ...I don't mind 'em.