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Like for each game, each sections contains an IMAGES people add there favorite game image.

How many should a person upload...

I don't wanna be spammy and upload 8k ahahahahaha

#2 Posted by Funkydupe (3445 posts) -

If they're relevant, why would they limit you?

#3 Posted by AjayRaz (12657 posts) -

i don't think there's a limit per day, but then again the most images i've uploaded at once was probably 100-ish

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You can upload 70 images at a time. I've uploaded 2795 images.

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You don't have to connect the images to the individual games. I have a backlog of like 5k screenshots, but I don't add it to game archives, I just upload it to my profile instead. If the game doesn't have images, or you feel you have something that would be relevant for it, go ahead and add to them.

As long as they don't look "practically the same" I think you'll be okay.