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I have moved 6 times in 4 different states due to my father’s job transfers and lateral moves. This will be subject to change as my mom and I (sadly without my dad this time since he passed) are going to move to Tennessee by summer’s end and make a new start… making it a possible 7th time and the 5th state that I’ll live in.

Kentucky, West Virginia, Alabama, Virginia, and hopefully Tennessee!

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Many times. It's hard to imagine living a life without any form of movement, especially since a lot of our movements are voluntary.

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@Video_Game_King: You're such smartass. =-P Really, how many places/homes have you lived in?

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Not counting the boarding school of my youth, just my castle.

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Definitively in double digits...

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@xobballox: Well, it looks like I forgot a number! Dammit.

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once, last year. fuck that.

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@Video_Game_King: Do you have a big or a small castle?

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Louisiana > Florida > Texas > Germany > Florida > 10 months traveling around > California

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@hoossy: Why did you go to Germany?

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It's pretty large.

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I've moved twice and I was barely old enough to remember the second one pretty well.

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4 times for me.

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Six times, but all in Texas.

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@Tireyo643 said:


What a fake-ass name.

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@Video_Game_King said:

@Tireyo643 said:


What a fake-ass name.

I can agree with you on that.

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I've never moved, although I'm planning on getting an apartment closer to the city.

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@Video_Game_King said:

Many times. It's hard to imagine living a life without any form of movement, especially since a lot of our movements are voluntary.

This is why I still come to these forums. For stuff like this from The King.

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@Tireyo643 said:

@hoossy: Why did you go to Germany?

Stepfather was transferred there by the Air Force, for 5 years. Luckily I was old enough to really get something out of the experience. I am very grateful for it.

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@hoossy: Would you want to go back to Germany to live there, or are you happy with where you live now?

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My mom is basically a pile of human garbage and unfortunately I had to live with her my entire childhood so that meant we moved a lot, every year pretty much, so many step dads... One guy was a martial artist!

I have been sitting here counting for a while and I believe the final tally I came up with was 17, which ain't bad.

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I've moved once when I was 2 and been living in the same house since. Might be moving out sometime this year and moving in with my Dad.

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8. Portland,Gresham, Salem (two places there), Reno, Eugene (two places there), Las Vegas (two places here)

it sucks

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Never moved. Once I was about to, but didn't happen.

Good luck in Tenesse Tyreo.

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Earl Shilton, Leicestershire -> Barlby, North Yorkshire -> Selby, North Yorkshire -> Parksville, Vancouver Island. Best was Selby, which is surprising seeing as it's the shittiest place.

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3 times. Hung Hom->Mong Kok->Hung Hom again.

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Only 2 times for me but it is soon to be 3.

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Many. Across continents.

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Once, back in April when my house was foreclosed.
Worst day, I'm tellin' you.

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Shanghai to San Fran, San Fran to San Fran, San Fran to New York, New York to New York, New York to New York, New York to Madison.
I predict a seventh move once I get my masters, but that's a few years more off.

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Once when I was three. I quite like not having moved much as a kid.

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Moved before I was 1, then moved again three weeks ago.

That's sort of technically incorrect, as my fiancée and I lived together somewhere else for quite a while before we moved in with my parents for a year to save up, but that arrangement was never really formalised into a move.

I've only ever lived in Sydney, Australia, as well.

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I moved 5 times within California and now I'm in Colorado.

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Faro>Whitehorse>Aroostook>Lynn Lake>Wabush. I've lived in Wabush for about 12 years now. Lots of moving when I was young.

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3 times in 2 years

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My father is in the military, which has made us move around a quite a few times, but not nearly as much as the average military family.

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7 or 8 times over the course of my life.

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once but i don't really consider it as i was only a baby. the house that i live right now is really only place i know.

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I've moved a total of 3 times (once when I was about 2 so I don't know if that counts).

Born in Florida, moved to Oregon.

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None, but I've learned it sucks ass from helping other people move.

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7 times round 3 countries. Scotland, to Canada, to Norway, and back to Scotland

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19 times now.

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@RoyCampbell said:

Once, back in April when my house was foreclosed. Worst day, I'm tellin' you.

That happened to me on New Year's Day, only my parents jumped all over the county we live in trying to find a comparable living to the one they lost. This was not fun. They finally *seemed* to have learned their lesson when we were forced to live in a tiny house with what they suspected were drug deals going down across the street.

Anyway, let me try to tally it. The apartment I was born in, the house they moved into soon after, the next house that I spent most of my single-digit years in, then the house that got foreclosed on, then four more moves. So that's eight in total, all in the same little county in North Carolina.

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Never. I've had the same bedroom in the same house for all of my 29 years. Honestly the though of moving someplace else kind of frightens me.

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Technically once. When i was a few months old. I'll probably be moving out next year though.

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Central Israel -> London -> Central Israel -> San Jose -> San Jose -> Central Israel -> Central Israel -> North Israel

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I've moved only once so far, out of my father's home into my own appartment. I like it there, and I really don't like the thought of moving again.